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Manual of Local Anesthesia in Dentistry was first published in 2005, and it provides with essential guidelines for practice of pain-free, safe and effective local anesthesia, in the field of dentistry. It included the basic concepts of Nerve Conduction and Impulse Propagation, proper Care and Handling of Armamentarium and the various Specific Local Anesthetic Agents and Vasoconstrictors. It emphasized on various types of Injection Techniques for Maxillary and Mandibular Divisions of Trigeminal Nerve; Safety knowledge to avoid complications which may result from using wrong injection techniques, and their management. Authored by an experienced and eminent teacher and a clinician in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. SECTION 1: HUMAN RACE AND PAIN RELIEF, 1. History of Anesthesia, SECTION 2: APPLIED ANATOMY OF MAXILLA AND MANDIBLE, NEUROPHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY, 2. Osteology of Maxilla and Mandible, 3. Neuroanatomy, 4. Fundamentals of Nerve Impulse Generation and Transmission, 5. Theories of Pain Perception, 6. Mode of Action of Local Anesthetic Agents, 7. Local Anesthetic Agents, 8. Vasoconstrictors, 9. Local Anesthetic Cartridges and Vials, SECTION 3: LOCAL ANESTHESIA IN DENTISTRY, 10. Indications, Contraindications, Advantages and Disadvantages, 11. Methods of Pain Control, SECTION 4: ARMAMENTARIUM, 12. Syringes, Cartridges and Needles, SECTION 5: PRACTICE OF LOCAL ANESTHESIA, 13. Medical Evaluation, 14. Infection Control, 15. Preanesthetic Medications, 16. Basic Techniques of Local Anesthesia, 17. Injection Techniques for Maxillary Nerve and its Branches, 18. Injection Techniques for Mandibular Nerve and its Branches, 19. Newer Injection Techniques, 20. Management of Dental Clinic Waste, SECTION 6: COMPLICATIONS OF LOCAL ANESTHESIA AND THEIR MANAGEMENT, 21. Local Complications, 22. Systemic Complications of Anesthesia and their Management, 23. National AIDS Control Organization (NACO).

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