Download (FREE) Osmosis Histology Exclusive Complete Videos Series 2021

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Download (FREE) Osmosis Histology Exclusive Complete Videos Series 2021

 Go beyond medical lectures. Learn by Osmosis to become a better clinician.
– Clear, concise medical videos: Comprehensive coverage of pathology, physiology, pharmacology, and clinical reasoning videos you won’t find anywhere else.
– Comprehensive medical video library

In this post we will share you the links where you will be able to download USMLE Osmosis PRIME Videos 2018 (875 Videos) Free.

Histology is one of the most challenging topics to figure out in medical school. Many students we’ve spoken to have compared histology to Where’s Waldo?, as it challenges you to identify the most minute details in a sea of tissue that, at first glance, looks pretty similar across the board. Histology also regarded as a very dry topic—but Osmosis is here to change that perception and show you that learning histology can be fun!

The Osmosis Histology series currently contains 20 videos, with 17 more to be added by early October to complete the series. Creation was led by three physicians on the Osmosis team: Dr. Justin Ling, who’s a video animator and scriptwriter on the Osmosis team,  Dr. Ghassan Tranesh, an Osmosis Faculty Reviewer and Histologist who teaches at the University of Arizona’s Department of Pathology, and Dr. Rishi Desai, our Chief Medical Officer.

Features of Osmosis Histology Videos 2021

Following are the features of Osmosis Histology Videos 2021:

  • Identify important landmarks, common artifacts, typical staining patterns, and common alternate stains used
  • Take note of distinguishing features between similar structures
  • Connect histologic structures to their function/physiology
  • Learn key findings or characteristics that would be seen in certain pathology/diseases
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The Osmosis Histology series is really unlike any group of videos we’ve made before. While it still includes the helpful illustrations our learners know and love, the majority of the visuals are well-curated histology slides. Histology is a notoriously difficult subject and looking at tissue samples can be very confusing when you’re first starting. The way Justin has gone about colorizing, outlining and labeling these slides makes identifying key features a breeze. He has made order out of chaos and I think our users are going to love learning from his videos. I certainly wish I had them at my disposal when I was taking histology.

Download (FREE) Osmosis PRIME Videos 2018 (875 Videos)

Download (FREE) Osmosis Histology Exclusive Complete Videos Series 2021


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