Download Biochemistry and Physiology Nuggets for NBDE Part 1 Exam PDF Free

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Download Biochemistry and Physiology Nuggets for NBDE Part 1 Exam PDF Free

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 Circulatory System
 Stretch receptors in carotid sinus
 Most important for short term BP reg
 High BP activates the Carotid Sinus nerve
 Activation of parasympathetic nervous system and inhibition of sympathetic to drop BP
 Stimulation leads to decreased heart rate, decreased arterial blood pressure and decreased venous return
 Increased pressure in the carotid sinus increases the discharge of efferent fibers that travel in the 9th CN
 Then through local medullary circuitry, descending fibers are activated that inhibit sympathetic neurons
associated with the heart
 Respond to actual stretching, not chemicals
 Stretch receptors in the atria
 Elicit Bainbridge reflex — Think Bridging the gap from the heart to the Lungs
 Initiated by excess blood volume in R atrium
 Sensitive to both Pressure and stretch
 Goal is to get heart to pump harder to transfer excess blood from pulm circ to systemic circ
 A sudden increased inflow into the R atrium will cause an increased blood flow to the lungs in 2-3 heart beats.

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Download Biochemistry and Physiology Nuggets for NBDE Part 1 Exam PDF Free


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