What Diet should be used after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?


After wisdom Tooth extraction, crunchy, spicy, or difficult-to-chew foods should not be used as these can cause increased pain or prevent healing. People who only eat milkshakes and/or ice cream for a long period of time after having their wisdom teeth extracted may find the excess sugar unpleasant and be less likely to eat them in the future.

Below is the list of foods that can be used for the first 1-2 weeks after your wisdom teeth removal.

1: Milkshakes:

Milkshakes can easily be used after tooth removal. You can ad a meal replacement powder or packet (GNC protein mix, Carnation Instant Breakfast, etc.). Yes while using shakes try to avoid drinking through straws as straw will create negative pressure in mouth which can lead to dislodgement of blood clot and ultimately delayed healing. So better to avoid any thing that can lead to negative pressure in mouth.

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2: Fruit Smoothies:

Fresh or frozen fruit, mixed with some yogurt and ice make a healthy, cold, and nutritious drink. So you can use that as well.

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3: Mashed Potatoes:

Well-mashed potatoes  is one of the easiest foods to eat after wisdom teeth extraction. It can alternately be topped with gravy, sour cream, or butter for more variety.

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4: Ice cream:

Ice cream should be used after tooth extraction as it is softer and easier to eat plus it can prevent dislodgement of blood clot which is necessary for healing of extraction site.

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5: Drinks: 

Most beverages are acceptable, but your prescribed pain reliever may prohibit the use of alcohol. Very cold water should also be avoided, as it may increase pain.

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6: Instant Pudding:

This is another very easy to eat food which is available in a number of flavors. If you are tired of eating sweet foods and drinks, you may want to use lemon-flavored pudding, as it is not quite as sweet-tasting.

Image Source: www.foodnetwork.com

7: Soup:

You can use soup as well but it should contain very small pieces of vegetables or meat. You can use two preferable soups that are chicken noodle and cream of celery.


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