Test of FCPS Part 1 For September 2016


Welcome to your Practice Test of FCPS Part 1 for September 2016 Candidates

1) What is the nerve supply of skeletal muscle?
2) which of the following does not pass through superior orbital fissure?
3) If there's loss of sensation of quinine drops on posterior 1/3rd of tongue, then which Nerve is likely to be damaged?
4) An imaginary line on posterior wall of rectus sheath midway between umblicus and pubic crest is called?
5) The median forhead is supplied by?
6) Jugular pulse is different from carotid pulse in?
7) Cervical vertebrae is previously found from?
8) A 55 years old man has weakness of arm with improper speech, he speaks slurred words, intelligence is normal. The lesion is likely to be in?
9) Optic tract ends at?
10) Regarding parasympathetic system?
11) What is true about Corticospinal tract?
12) Slowly adapting fibers are?
13) Primary Fastest conducting fibres?
14) Patient complained of dry eyes on examination there is no lacrimal secretion which is damage?
15) Vomiting center located?
16) Inhalation vapours pass from lung to brain because of?
17) Regarding BMR?
18) After infusion of large amount of dextrose water, which hormone will be inhibited?
19) Regarding Nerve conduction, which of the following is true?
20) Defecation is carried out by?
21) Regarding salivary secretions which statement is true?
22) Scenario of chain smoker having hematuria and passing black urine?
23) Which of the following Cells are present in allergic Nasal Polyp? 
24) What is the difference between Benign tumor and Hyperplasia?
25) An alcoholic woman gives birth to a child, who's diagnosed to have fetal alcohol syndrome. What are the main characteristic features of fetal alcohol syndrome?
26) Left 5th aortic arch has?
27) Thyroid gland arises from?
28) Oropharyngeal mucosa is derived from?
29) True about Triglycerides?
30) Which of the following contains more total glycogen?
31) Which of the following is an Essential fatty acid?
32) BCG vaccines are example of ?
33) What is the mechanism of action of Co-Trimoxazole?
34) Infusion of antibidy in blood will indicate which type of immunity?
35) What is an absolute contraindication of Propofol?
36) Which of the following drugs excrete with out any Biotransformation?
37) Anti anxiety drugs are?
38) Mesiolingual cusp of upper 2nd Molar occludes with ?
39) 13 years old patient comes to dentist with palataly erupting tooth,on examination 63 retained, palataly erupting tooth should be?
40) Limited mouth opening due to infection caused by carious third molar, which space is inlvolved
41) Which gland contains Numerous mucous cells and with serous demilunes?
42) Mother uses medication for acne problem, Child develops staining of teeth, which structure is involved?
43) Gemination/fusion of tooth occurs in which stage of tooth development ?
44) If there's breaking of solder joint, which flux is deficient in?
45) After taking an impression from impression plaster, what separating media should be used?
46) Which of the drug effects Cox 2 more than cox1?
47) The treatment of Salicylate Toxicity includes?
48) what is the Corneal epithelial abrasion healing time?
49) In Carpel Tunnel syndrome the nerve most likely to be involved?
50) 9 months old suffers from recurrent upper respiratory tract infections and diarrhea, immunological test will reveal?
51) On histo slide a Lymphoid organ partially covered by stratified squamous epithelium, what is this?
52) Deglutition phases?
53) The firing temperature of high fusing porcelain lies in the range of:
54) The Highest percentage of essential Fatty Acids are present in?
55) The left vagus nerve crosses the anterior surface of the?
56) Complexs involved in graft rejection are?
57) Linear co-efficient of thermal expension is highest for?
58) A patient has been taking anti-tuberculous therapy for MDR-TB. His drugs regimen contains 6 drugs. The patient eventually develops difficulty in distinguishing red & green colours. Which of the following drugs is responsible for this effect?
59) Stored Blood has following charcteristics ?
60) Shortest acting Benzodiazipines?
61) . A young Farmer was spraying pesticides in field. After some time he left semi unconsciousness had excessive salivation and constriction of the pupils. Which one of the following drug should be given to patient?

62) Which of the following is necessary for Protein Synthesis?
63) Which of the following organelles have their own DNA?
64) Tyrosine kinase receptors are present?
65) Long ridge on maxillary cuspid tooth is present on which surface?
66) How many Point Angles are present in all teeth?
67) . A 22 years old boy presented with high grade fever and productive cough for last five days. His total wbc count is 21× 10^9/L with 95% neutrophils. A clinical diagnosis of pneumonia is suspected. Which one of the following test will be most helpful to confirm his diagnosis?

68) A 65 years old male with end stage of renal disease had profuse vomiting in critical condition
PH 7.33
Pco2 35
Hc03 22
Diagnosis is ??
69) During the swallowing which muscle closes larynx?
70) What is more in venous blood than in arterial blood ?
71) Cartilages of Larynx are derived from?
72) Respiratory alkalosis is caused by?
73) Important nerve of pterygopalatine fossa
74) After giving blood transfusion, a patient develops hypersensitivity reaction. Which type of hypersensitivity reaction is this?
75) Regarding nasal septum which is more appropriate?
76) A patient had a road accident and came to emergency, there was no external injury. Findings were ph 7.6 , pco2 20mmhg, pco3 47mg/dl. What should be the diagnosis?

77) Which of the following is Neural crest derivative?
78) Question about branchial plexus artery, artery passed in branchial plexus below or above trunk.?
79) Most common glial cells in grey matter of Brain are?
80) Regarding the penicillin which one is correct?

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