Surface Landmarks of Oral Cavity

The oral cavity can be subdivided broadly into three areas consisting of the vestibule, oral cavity proper, and oropharynx. 

The vestibule: it is the space that is present between the lips or cheeks laterally and the dentition medially.

Oral cavity proper: It lies inside the dental arches and is bounded
posteriorly by the anterior pillar of the fauces, or palatoglossal arch.

Oropharynx: It lies posterior to the palatoglossal arch, and includes the posterior one-third of the tongue, palatine tonsils, soft palate, and visible posterior wall.

oralMajor areas of oral cavity: oral cavity proper, oropharynx, and vestibule. The vestibule is referred to as “buccal” posteriorly and “labial” anteriorly where it contacts the cheek and lip, respectively.


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