Study plan of FCPS Part 1 September 2016 by Dr Shahzad Hussain

Assalam o alaikum:


I would like to share all of u my experience about going through all this time to clear part one in September attempt after completing house job in may 2016 I had been in this group and other group from start of house job, having a how know of mcq n going through experience of people here passing in each attempt, after end of house job i started with Dr arslan (we both passed ) About 75 days we had to go through all, started with anatomy snell review and mcq from rabia Ali chapter wise, completed anatomy in first 15 days, general from laiq Histo from nbde Embryo from nbde (first 2 chapter from high yield also).

Almost all nbde we did after that, but during all this we remained in regular with rabia Ali mcqs and just after that we covered jahangir khan once, complete, in a week, then we started paper 2 subjects from brs patho and special patho from nbde we already had done, so revised it, and then i used experience of this group to go through tanveer notes and asim shoaib dentistry, n regular discussion from the group, at the end of the day before going to sleep salahuddin bhai’s posts helped a lot to refresh a lot of things. Revised nbde again in almost a week this time I did pharma from kaplan but couldn’t complete it but i would like to say, everyone should,.

i was much scared of pharma as i didn’t had a grip on it and same with dental meterials as i had done 11 chapter only from mcabe Now let come to last 15 days, the true defining days, Focused on mcq books(remember errratas are very important to mark but the most important is to check those ).

Most important book for us is Jahangir bhai’s book, before going through this book going for exam is not a good idea at all, along with it we revised tanveer notes (there are many questions which are not related to us, just mark them in the beginning n everytime you go through,save a lot of time at the end) rabia Ali (leave anatomy’s limb,thorax,abdomen,pelvis, and special patho is ur choice, i did) I also did asim shoaib dentistry and i could recognize few questions which were exact statement from that also, but remember jahangir khan book se jitne questions ae utne kahi or se ni aen ge hmari speciality main) last 2 days it was all jahangir khan n tanveer notes (basically one is our past papers on tanveer notes is medicine surgery past papers of 2015-16)

Wish you All the best, have a good faith, Allah almighty has best plans for us, n remember sb ka kch na kch reh jata h syllabus main, important is to have a good devotion, rest is upon Allah Almighty

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