Rabia Ali Third Edition Errata of FCPS Part 1

errata of rabia ali2

Errata are the corrections of different MCQs Books of FCPS Part 1. As there are many mistakes while making MCQs Book. So whenever you people read or learn MCQs from a specific Book, try not to follow blindly the keys of all Books. Try to solve each and every MCQs by yourself. Whenever you feel any sort of doubt, try to solve it through the text Book of that specific subjects. So in short you have to be careful when you solve the MCQs. Many students try to solve all those mistakes and make a file which is known by the name of Errata. Below is the Errata of Rabia Ali 3rd Edition. When you will read Rabia Ali 3rd edition, kindly check this Errata as it will solve all mistakes. Hopefully it will help you guys.

Anatomy.. General—->31—C
Thorax—–>21—E(Add the option of 4th intercostal space refrence RJ last)
58——>Add in statement on Xray right border of heart
115—->Add option of spinous process of T3 to T6 which is correct Rj last anatomy page222
Upper Limb 101—>D
Lower Limb 87—->b
Abdomen 128-A
Urethra 55–>C
Uterus.. 72—>A(cpsp key)
Fellopian Tube.. 108—C(correct it Fellopian tube length is 10 cm RJlast)
Head and Neck. 9–>D
18–>its subarachinoid space not layer..
40–>B(Rj last page343)
Back and vertebral column.. 17..The best site for lumber puncture according to neurosnell anatomy and maximum books is L3,L4 so consider this point..(in neurosnell anatomy figure LP needle is introduced in L3,L4) Neuroanatomy.. 64–>B
Embryology 80—>B
PHYSIOLOGY Nerve and muscles 29–A.(refrence Neurosnell anatomy see detail there u will gain good concept of RMP)
Blood.. 7—>D ganong BCQ key is DD
CVS.. 1.Add option of slow ejection phase which is right option refrence goljan pathology 4th edition
cardiac cycle graph in chapter of heart..also this is BCQ of BRS physio CVS bcq numbr 36 ans is slow ejection phase..so ans is slow ejection.
130—>A..(CNS iscehmic response if Systolic BP is less than 50)
Neurophysiology 81–>A
Endocrinology 18–C..Guyton page 887
127–>Ganong 22nd edition BCQ key is B
Reproduction 42–>D Guyton
GIT.. 42—>Correct in ans glycine is bound to taurine
Large intestine 64–>add option E of “Jejunum” maximum water is absorbed in jejunum refrence ganong..
Respiration… 46–>B
62—>C(confirmed it)
Kidney and body fluids 13–>B+C(best is B)
108–>D..(Cpsp key)
Metabolism,Temperature… 20–>B..(Guyton page891)
15–>Correct the statement”Appetite is stimulated by which erase Except from statement ans is neuro peptide Y PATHOLOGY 52–D..(cpsp key)
53–D..(Cpsp key)
49–>A Inflamation
16–>A.(robins basis)
Hemodynamic Disorders 2–B
15–wrong Bcq
61–>B refrence ganong physiology
Immune System 121–>A
Enviromental and Nutrition 13–>A
Neoplasia 47–>E

Special Pathology..
Blood..Page 280 12–>B..(if in option there is serum iron+ increse TIBC then select it..alone TIBC is not significant..otherwise go with serum ferritin maximum books say it is gold standard)
85–>A+D(D some new edtiions of books says nodular sclerosis confirmed it)
132—>AA..(Add best initial in statement)
CVS 20–>A (cpsp key)
22–>Correct the staement lead 2,3 AVF for inferior wall MI..
Respiration 18–>B..(goljan)
Renal 20–>A 45–>A
Skin 8–D 9–B 10–A 11–A 12–A 13–b 14–c 15–B 16–A 17–A
Endocrinology 23–C 42–D..Goljan..A robins and ganong marzi apki
Reproduction 60–>A
Microbilogy 5–A 31–B 73–C 95–C 129–C 208–A 209–A 68–A 185–C
Pharmacology 45–>A 98—>A+B(also correct word antihypertensive in statement0 105–>A 141–>D 247–>A 301—>add except in statement Ans is DDD 288—>A+B
Biochemistry 8–A 25–B
Biostatics 50–>A..(First Aid) 2–>B 5–>B

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