Rabia Ali 3rd Edition New Errata for FCPS Part 1

errata of rabia ali3

For the preparation of FCPS Part 1, there are too many MCQs Books available in the market by different names. All these Books are made on the Basis of MCQs shared by the candidates who appear in the exam of FCPS Part 1. So it is a long process of collecting all those MCQs and after compilling them Keys are made with hard work. So it is a difficult task indeed. All MCQs are collected through different groups in Face Book, in which there are many students who prepare their test there. After the Prep when they take the exam, they share all those MCQs remembered by them.

As it is the process of knowledge and memory of all those candidates, so it is not compulsory that all shared MCQs should be the same as that in the real exam of FCPS Part 1. There may be some changes in the statements or options. As remembering the same 200 questions is too much difficult. So keep in mind that whenever you enter the exam center, do not get confused if the statement is a bit different or options are not the same.

Making of these Books of MCQs can have errors in it. Sometimes few questions can be wrong, sometimes few options ca be wrong and some times few keys. So any Human Error can be there which you people can face.

Errata are the corrections of different MCQs Books of FCPS Part 1. As there are many mistakes while making MCQs Book. So whenever you people read or learn MCQs from a specific Book, try not to follow blindly the keys of all Books. Try to solve each and every MCQs by yourself. Whenever you feel any sort of doubt, try to solve it through the text Book of that specific subjects. So in short you have to be careful when you solve the MCQs. Many students try to solve all those mistakes and make a file which is known by the name of Errata. Below is the Errata of Rabia Ali 3rd Edition but it is new errata. When you will read Rabia Ali 3rd edition, kindly check this Errata as it will solve all mistakes. Hopefully it will help you guys.

31 d
17 A (cpsp key) although itz not correct accordng to my theory.but itz in
demo tst of cpsp site so follow dat
21 (edit c option..itz 4th intrcostal space accordng to last anat)
27 c
58 a
115 edit option d t3-t6
144 c
148 a
164 B (cpsp key also in demo tst)
176 b
Upper limb
83 d
118 a
Lower limb
86 b
68 b
112 b and c both correct follow key
125 a
22 a
29 a
44 b is ryt itz branch of pudendal nerve
55 c
72 a (cpsp key)
108 a
Head n neck
9 c
92 b
128 e
137 d
9 b
27 c
71 c
65 c
71 c
182 d
80 b
7 d(ganong)
39 e
77 b
80 c
95 a n e correct follow key
4 c
38 b
81 a
116 d
155 b
18 c
127 b
42 d
31 b
64 add jejunum itz the ans .. Itz ganong mcq
67 b
46 b
62 c
69 add option ventilation perfusion mismatch that iz ans
28 d
50 c
67 c
71 d
108 d (cpsp key)
109 e (cpsp key)
123 C
130 c
Metabolism temp
20 b
31 A
3 a d both correct follow key
49 a
52 d (cpsp key )
53 d
94 c
16 a
28 c
2 b
25 d
60 a
61 b
Immune sys
121 a
122 b
7 d
32 b
24 d
29 c
54 a
64 a
Tissue n wound repair
12 a
14 c is ryt… Collagen 3 Increases wound healng.n 1 type increases
strength After wound healing
Special patho
46 a
72 b
92 a
132 a
138 a
163 d
20 A
31 b
34 e
48 c
103 d
7 b
20 a
8 d
9 b
10 a
11 a
12 a
13 b
14 c
15 b
16 a
23 c
42 a
60 a
72 b
2 d
5 a
10 a
21 c
31 c
73 c
95 C
116 a
129 c
176 b (cpsp key)
208 a
209 a
45 a
61 b
75 a
102 a
105 a
106 a
129 c
141 d
158 c
162 a
247 a
251 b
266 a
272 c
301 a
8 a
16 c
25 d
27 c
34 e
2 b
5 b
25 c
50 a

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