Preparaion for FCPS Part 1 By Dr Maryam Malik

FCPS Part 1 is so confusing Exam, there are so many questions which come in mind. There are Text Books available for different Exams, but here in FCPS Part 1 there are no Text Books mentioned in the course outline. So it is usually so much confusing to select the Books. In any exam proper selection of Books is the key to success. Without proper selection of Books you can not clear any Exam. So i thought to make an article so that my juniors who are starting their preparation of FCPS Part 1 can be benefited. Here are some books which many students usually ask their seniors. I am compiling it or you guys. Check them and select according to your own choice because what I believe every person is different and best in their own way 🙂


SNELL REVIEW or BRS or BD (for hide line and making notes on  Snell Review)

Revise from Snell Review and NBDE

Snell / High yield/ Kaplan Neuroanatomy

Laiq Hussain/ NBDE/ High yield Histology

Langman/ NBDE/ High yield Embryology

Handy Points of Rabia Ali


BRS Main book

Mini Guyton for guide line

Big Guyton/ Firdous/ NBDE (for Haematology only)

USMLE 1ST AID for general Review

Handy Points of Rabia Ali


BRS/Goljan(best for concept)

USMLE 1ST AID for special pathology of heart, liver, lung, kidney and a general pathology Review.

Handy Points of Rabia Ali


Main book Kaplan/BRS  (Addition from Lippincott/katzung)

USMLE 1ST AID/NBDE part 2 Pharma for general Review

Tooth morphology

NBDE Part 1

Oral anatomy

Tencate’s/ NBDE Part 1

Oral pathology


Dental material







Dental Section Of Muraad, Rabia Ali, Dentogist

Read My Notes on Different Topics at Dr Jahangir’s Blog

So these are the Main Books for FCPS Part 1. Do select the Books that suits you the most, that are easier for you to understand and learn.


5 thoughts on “Preparaion for FCPS Part 1 By Dr Maryam Malik”

  1. assalmualaikum,
    Dear Maram, I am GP, I am planing to appear in FCPS part 1 exam, I did MBBS, cound you confirm me that I can also take help from above mentioned syllabus or the only dental doctor can get benifit from it for his preparation.

    1. You can follow this syllabus but you have to exclude dental subjects from it. You have to include your specialty in syllabus. One thing there is syllabus for Medicine as well,that can give you better idea. just search it in the search bar. thanks.

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