Post Graduation Residency Program at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad

Post Graduation Residency Program at PIMS Islamabad.


Applications on prescribed forms are invited for admission in the following residency training at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. Islamabad.
4-6 years Residency Program leading to Level III Qualifications viz MD/MS
a) Faculty of Medicine MD Critical Care Medicine & Allied Disciplines: ix. MD Endocrinology) b) Faculty of Surgery & Allied Disciplines: Discipline S.# Discipline MS ENT viii. MS (Accident &Emergency) MD (Dermatology) MD (Gastroenterology) MD Histopathology) xi. MD Neurology) MS (General Surgery) MS (Neuro Surgery) ix. MS Anesthesia) x. MS (Bum Surgery) iv. MD (Internal Medicine) xii. MD(Psychiatry) iv. MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) MS (Cardiac Surgery) v. MD (Nephrology) vi. MD (Neonatology) xiii. MD Pulmonology) xiv. MD Paediatric Oncology) v. vi. MS (Ophthalmology) MS (Plastic Surgery) xii. MS (Orthopedic Surgery) xiii. MS (Urology) vii. MD (Cardiology) MD Radiology) vii. MS (Paediatric Surgery) “GAT viii. MD (Paediatric Medicine) GAT Medicine% Allie d Requiredi__< Surgery & Allied Required
Ell MDS Operative Dentistry
c) Faculty of Dentistry & Allied Disciplines:
S.# Discipline
ii. I MDS Paediatric Dentistry I iii. I MDS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery GAT Dentistry & Allied Required_
FOUR YEARS FCPS TRAINING LEVEL III (Candidate who have passed FCPS-1 in or after January 2015 are eligible only to apply)
i. Obstetrics & Gynaecology ii. E.N.T. iii. Ophthalmology
iv. Anaesthesiology v. General Surgery d. Paediatric Medicine
vii. General Medicine di. Psychiatry ix. Radiology
x. Histopathology xi. Operative Dentistry. xii. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
THREE YEARS FCPS TRAINING LEVEL III (Candidates who have already completed two year mandatory training in General Medicine/General Surgery are eligible to apply those who passed IMM will be preferred)
NNeeuurrooloSguyrgery ivii.°PrtaheTiaateridcicSuSrugregryerY ovi CUarordlogic)YIN° pNueipmhoronlooigoygy Plastic Surgery xi. Gastroenterology
TWO- YEARS FCPS TRAINING LEVEL III (Candidates who have passed FCPS General Medicine, Pediatric Medicine Respectively are eligible to apply)
Critical Care Medicine.
iii. Neonatal Pediatric Medicine.
2 Year Programme Level Ilb
I DA (Diploma in Anesthiology) c MCCM (Master in Critical Care Medicine)
Requirements: GAT Subject
d) Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences ■ M.Phil (Bio-Chemistry) v. M.Phil (Pharmacology) i. PhD (Bio-Chemistry)
M.Phil (Histopathology)
M.Phil (Microbiology)
iv. M.Phil (Physiology)
M.Phil Chemical Pathology) ii. PhD (Chemical Pathology) M.Phil (Hematology) iii. PhD (Hematology) viii. MSPH from PMDC) iv. PhD (Histopathology) 71LOIet Tm1ireM.Phil + GAT (Subject)
meets: GAT General
e) Faculty of Nursing and Allied Sciences:
i. PhD (Molecular Biology)
Mirrigrrjuir in tits: M.Phil + GAT (Subject)
“M.Phil (Medical Lab Technology) M.Phil (Molecular Biology) , Requirements: 16 years (Speech Language Pathology of education GAT General


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