Post Graduation Program of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University

M.Phil, Ph.D in the disciplines of basic medical scenes.
5-6 Years Residency Training Programs
Faculty of Surgery & Allied Disciplines Faculty of Medicine & Allied Disciplines me-(Critical Care Medicine)■ MD (internal Medicine)
■ MS (Accident & Emergency)
■ MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) • MD
■ MD (Cardiology)
■ MD (Nephrology)
■ MS (Anaethesia)
■ MS (Orthopedics)
■ MD (Dermatology)
■ MD (Neonatology)
■ MS (Burn Surgery)
■ MS (Ophthalmology)
■ MD (Endocrinology)
■ MD (Paediatric Medicine)
■ MS (Cardiac Surgery)
■ MS (Plastic Surgery)
■ MD (Gastroenterology)
■ MD (Psychiatry)

■ MS (ENT)
■ MS (Paediatric Surgery)
■ MD (Histopathology)
■ MD (Pulmonology)
■ MS (General Surgery)
■ MS (Urology)
■ MD (Neurology)
■ MD (Pediatric Oncology)
■ MS (Neuro Surgery)
■ MD (Rheumatology)
■ MD (Radiology)
Requirement: GAT (Medicine & Allied)

Faculty of Dentistry & Allied Disciplines
■ MDS (Maxillofacial Surgery)
■ MDS (Operative Dentistry)
■ MDS (Pediatric Dentistry)
Requirement: GAT (Dentistry & Allied)
Requirement: GAT (Surgery & Allied)
■ M.Phil (Biochemistry)
■ M.Phil (Chemical Pathology)
■ M.Phil (Histopathology)
■ M.Phil (Haematology)
■ M.Phil (Microbiology)
■ M.Phil (Physiology)
■ M.Phil (Medical Lab Techonology)
■ M.Phil (Pharmacology) Requirement GAT (General)
■ Ph.D (Bio Chemistry
Requirement: M.Phil + GAT (Bio Chemist )
■ Ph.D (Chemical Pathology)
Requirement: M.Phil + GAT (Chemica Pat oh • )
• Ph.D (Haematology)
Requirement: M. Phil + GAT (Haemat• • I )
■ Ph.D (Molecular Biology)
Requirement: MPhil + GAT (Bio Chemist )
Candidates interested in the above mentioned Programmes will have to appear appear in the tests of GAT (MecreCine &Nlied ) .GAT (Strgeny OAT ( Dentistry & Abed ), GAT(Chemical Pathology).GAT (Haematology). GAT (Bio Chemistry) and GAT (General)

2.Those Candidates who has Passed the above mentioned GAT tests will be eligible for Admissions in Sheheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University and its affiliated matrons viz FGPC. HSA etc.

3: Non Medical Graduate can apply in M.Phil & Ph.D Programmes if twry have guabicaton in the relevant6440m( h case *DIM PM sixteen gars of education & iar PhD. M.PM in relevant *sore).

1. Pakistani NaticnalsincludirgiUK. Foreigners can alsoaPPN. 2. Candidates must possess118139/130S or equivalent degree regsteredby PMCC. 3.Perrnanent yard Registration wei PMCC. 4. Must posses one year house job from a PMOC recognized insbtution. 5. Candidateswho are completing that housdpb fill 31st August. 2015 can *so apay.
6. hi case of Weep candidatesvaid registration catifrate of their ovin couneYs coma shal berequired. 7.Ttcse already in possession of FCPS1AD (Medicine or Surgery). MRCP or US bard in internal (Jerkins a General Surgery can also applyof Sub speciality training Po:grams. Ihey wil be exempted br upto 2-3 Years period ard we have to urdergoa further 3Yearstraining city. 8.Thase canidates who appeared iv the lest on 17th May, 2015 and could not qualify avant spiny:ore !het score canalso appeed for These above minion tests.

1. Application form and ovine deposit sip can be obtained fran National Testing Service 3
xebsite: winvnts.orgsik 4
Applications must be received by NTS not later than 31st,July 2015.
Applications received on or after 1st August, 2015 will be rejected.
2. Please deposit testlee of Fts20001.vath each apPfiCaben hough to presorted deposit s19 5.Candidates are no:a:wedto aingceaPhone n theeramnatonoenters, in ttecruine branches dABL.I.181. .HBL or MC8. and semi the same lo NTS Headquarters: 6. Test fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. 1-E. Street No.46142.1slamabadatonpvith We %xi up applicabonfomi. 7.Applicatorssanded n person wit not be entertaiied
7t–set„, National Testing Service-Pakistan N I 0 Headquarters: 1-E Street No. 46, 1-8 2 Islamabad
lot further Intmanoa please contact
UAN (051) 844-444-1
last Date to Appry:31st, July 2015 NTS Test date: 23rd, August 2015



Source: Dailly jang Newspaper

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