Porcelite Kit

Porcelite Kit:

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Porcelite Kit

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Porcelain polishing compound
(4 gm jar + wheel & brush)

Porcelite is a fine grain diamond polishing paste that is applied chair side to restore the original glaze of PORCELAI Nocclusal and  contact adjustments have been made. It is also used to polish COMPOSITES a natural glaze finish.

  • Eliminates the possibility of porcelain cracking during re-firing at the laboratory.
  • Avoid additional chair time and patient rescheduling.
  • Four-gram jar polishes hundreds of restorations.

Directions for Use
1.   Rubber wheel the are where the glaze has been ground.
2.   Place a small amount of Porcelite on the rubber wheeled area. Use sparingly as the amount of paste in the jar goes a long way.
3.   Polish the unglazed area with a bristle brush at a very low speed, not exceeding 1500 RPM to obtain the desired smoothness and gloss.

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