Past Papers of FCPS Part 1 (Renal System)

GFR increases with? A) Inc pressure on bowmans capsule B) Inc afferent arteriolar constriction C) Dec plasma protein D) Blockage at the level of urethra


Clinically gfr best measured by 1.inulin 2.creatinine 3.PAH


when GFR increases , absorption of Na and Water increases also thru tubuloglomerular mechanism. how ? A..Due to Increase tubular blood flow B..Increase pericapillary blood flow C..Due to decreased sodium in peritubular capillaries D..due to increase sodium in peritubular capillaries

A young boy in RTA lost 1.5liter blood,thers much dec urinary output ngfr,which part of the renal tubule will bring bck the GFR n urinary output to normal? a-Descendng loop b-PCT c-DCT



which of the following test is best described for GFR kidney a. serum urea b. inulin clearance c. creatinine clearance


GFR and RPF both increase in a) afferent dilation b) efferent dilation


Gfr can be best estimated by Cretinin clearance Serum inulin level.


Best way to “measure” gfr is inulin clearance. best way to “estimate” gfr is creatinine clearance. best way to “clincally” measure gfr is creatinine clearance. best way to measure renal plasma / blood flow is PAH . best test for renal falilure is creatinine clearance.

Increased GFR is caused by A. Decreased arterial pressure B. Increase thickness of glomerular membrane C. Aldosterone D. Decreased Oncotic pressure. E. decreased glomerular pressure


18 AuGUST 2015

A drug causing INCREASE GFR will do it by following mechanism….??????

a. Deresing blood flow b. Incrwsing hydostatic pressure c Affrent artriole vasocntriction d. By incresing Kf


inc plasma urea level in renal failure due to Dec GFR Dec reabsorption in kidny tubules Inc production by liver


if a 70 kg healthy adult loses one litre of blood within 5 minutes, there would be decreased TPR elevated GFR increased venous tone reduced diastolic pressure splanchnic vasodilatation


Which of the following would cause an increase in both GFR and RPF?

(A) Hyperproteinemia (B) A ureteral stone (C) Dilation of afferent arteriole (D) Dilation of efferent arteriole (E) Constriction of the efferent arteriole.


Patient with pyuria but has negative urine culture for organisms. This happens in all conditions except A. Acute post streptococcal glomerulonephritis B. Polycystic kidneys C. Urine stored at room temperature for long D. Appendicitis E. Vesical Cancer


patient has hemoptysis and glomerulonephritis. diagnosis is

good pasture syndrome wegeners granulomatosis


If patient have Persistant pyuria all can be cause except?? A.polycystic kidney disease B.long standing alkaline urine at room temp streptococcus glomerulonephritis


Jan 2015….

. ElM granular appearance …..

a. post streptococcal glomerulonephritis.

b. membranous.


diagnostic test for streptococcuss is. a)ASO titer b)blood culture c)urine culture d)gram staining e)none of abov


2nd Jnuary Exam

Whch of the following causes renal lesion? Wegner granulomatomis Buerger disease


Most common type of glomerulonephritis??? IgA nephropathy Poststreptococcal Minimal change


Which one is responsible for net reabsorption of sodium in kidney:

-aldosterone -aldosterone and ANP -renin angiotensin system


net reabs=ANP+Aldo, reabs only=Aldo, secr=ANP

Conditions that stimulates secretion of renin may include:

A)body fluid excess



D) sodium excess

E) vasopression secretion


Most potent stimuli for renin release?? A sympathetic outflow B aldosterone

C hypotension D dec sodium delivery to macula densa


Renin is increased by

A beta blockers B ACE inhibitors C decrease ECF volume D aortic constriction


Thirst Is decreasd by?? a. Adh b. Aldostrn c. Ag 2 d. Barorecptr afferent

Aldosterone is stimulated by rise in:

-plasma K conc. -renin release frm kidney


15 aug Renin is incresed by

Increased K Increse plasma osmolarity


Thirst stimulated by activation of renin angiotensin system due to 1- renin 2- angiotensin 2


Which of the following substance cause hyperaldosteronism in congestive cardiac failure A. Renin B. ACTH C. Cortisol D. Angiotensin2


Not a feature of hyperaldosteronism? Hypernatremia Dec renin

Muscle wealnes Metabolic acidosis Hypertension


which receptor increase renin secretion? 1.alpha 1 2.alpha 2 3.beta 1 4.beta 2


A patient with acute blood loss, the mechanism triggered immediately would be:

a) Baroreceptor Reflex

b) Renin-angiotensin System

c) Chemoreceptor

d) CNS ischemic response


ADH inhibited by a. alcohol b. renin c. aldosterone


Volume depletion which mechanism Is activated Renin angiotensin ADH


the most likely cause of sec hyperaldosteronism in a 33 year old alcoholic with cirrhosis is acth angiotensin 2 renin cortisol


Bc thr x sequstration of blood on venous side …dec cardc output ………..renin rlease

Most potent stimuli fr aldosterone releas a.ACTH b.renin

c.hyperkalemia d.hyponatremia


Macula densa sensitive to Renin Na k


in a Road trafic Accident patient loss 3L of blood over 10mint.He likly have? A.Decreased distolic volume. B.Decrease Venous tone C.Splanchic Vasodilataion D.Incread Cardiac output Blood Renin Level


Which of the following hormone in not secreted by kidney? a- Renin b- Angiotensin I c- 1,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol d- Erythropoietin


.following r th chrctrstc featrs of aldstrn secrtng tumr excpt a.dec.renin actvty b.hypernatremia c.hypertnsn d.metblc alkalosis e.muscle weaknes.


Macula densa is related to

Renin osmolar load deliver to DCT Endothelein


Which of the following will cause decrease in renin?? A.standing from upright B.ADH C.dehydration D.aldosterone


Secondary hyper aldosteronism can occur due to

A..increase renin B increase potassium


erythropoitene secreted by

mesengial cells jg cells macula densa pct tubular epithelial cells


the release of aldosterone is triggered by

a) Renin b) Angiotensin c) Angiotensin III


J.G cells are most A.countr current systm. B renin prodction


Captopril decreases plasma conc f Angiotensin 1 Aldosterone Renin Bradykinin


Erythropoietin is secreted by

A. cells in the macula densa. B. cells in the proximal tubules. C. cells in the distal tubules. D. granular cells in the juxtaglomerular apparatus. E. cells in the peritubular capillary bed.


main action of angiotensin 2: a. vasoconstriction b. stimulate adh c. vasodilation d. stimulate aldosterone


decreased angiotensin level is due to: a. Inc renin b. Inc Na delivery to DCT c. Inc Extracellular volume d. Dec extracellular volume


ADH is inhibited by A Alcohol B aldosteron C rennin


dialysis fluid. a. has less hco3 than plasma b. has more glucose than plasma


Renal dialysis make the patient prone to A. Hypertension B. Hepatitis B C. Bone disease D. Polycythemia E. Hyperkalemia


Atonic bladder etiology is a. Parasympathetic efferent cut b. Sympathetic efferent cut c. Somatic efferent cut


A. Parasympathetic nerves cause contraction of bladder (thus emptying the bladder). So, cutting the parasympaththetic efferent will result in loss of contraction of bladder; the tone of bladder is lost and the bladder will become atonic (flaccid). Instead of emptying periodically, the bladder fills to its capacity, and overflows a few drops at a time through urethra (called overflow dribbling/overflow incontinence)


Young female developed acute renal failure after post partum hemorrhage, which part of the kidney is most likely

damaged a. Proximal convuluted tubules b. Loop of horde c. Collecting tubules

d. Dital convuluted tubules

A. PCT is the most active part and energy-demanding part of nephrons. So, PCT is most prone to ischemia.

Diagnosed case of CRF is on dialysis. Labs report shows anemia. What should be given a. Erythropoietin b. Whole blood c. FFP d. Red blood cells Acid base balance


in the presence of adh , water is maximally reabsorbed from a.pct b cct c.medullary ct d.loop of henle e.early distal tubule


A pt was given 5%dextrose water this wil inhibit A)Adh B)aldosterone C)vasopresin D)cortisol E)insulin


Adh acts at

Distal convoluted tubule

Collecting tubules


concentrating the urne is function of a. pct b. dct c,vasa recta d. CCD


Thirst is dec by ADH Barorecptor afferent


In summer a fasting man has conc urine bcz

Inc Sweating Water depletion Relase pf adh


Which of following has greatest effect on Na excretion? Anp Aldosterone Cortisol Adh


Patient with severe diarrhea A.. Metabolic acidosis with normal anion gap B.. M.A with inc anion gap


Central nervous system manifestations in CRF are result of all of the following except? A hyper osmolarity B Hypocalcemia C acidosis D hyponatremia


The anion gap is decreased in Hypoalbuminaemia Keto acidosis Metabolic alkalosis Salicylate poisoning



man with severe diarrhea a. metabolic acidosis with normal anion gap b. metabolic acidosis with inc anion gap c.mtabolic alkalosis with inc anion gap d. metabolic acidosi with dec anion gap


14 August 2015

Patient with PH 7.4 , Po2 8Kpa , Pco2 4Kpa… diagnosis??

a, resident ay high altitude b, compensated resp: alklosis C, metabolic acidosis d, resp: alklosis


Tetany may occur as a comlication of A.Osteoporosis B.Hypercapnia C.Respiratory acidosis D.Peripheral neuropathy E.Untreated hyperparathyroidisim


A 3 month old infant brought 2 emrgncy in ill condition. Blood gases nd electrolytes show, ph 7.22, pco2 32, hco3 14, Na 142, k 2.6. Most likely diagnosis A. Addison disease B. Compensated resp acidosis C. DKA D. Lactic acidosis E. Renal tubular acidosis


pt wid pO2 60mmHg,pH 7.4,pcO2 40 Dx?

a.compensated metabolic acidosis


c.Copd at high altitude

.a plumber has history of dyspnea and cough now PH 7.4 bicarb 19 PCO2 31 PO2 62. wats diagnosis A.compensated met acidosis B.compensated resp alkalosis C.mixed resp alkalosis and met alkalosis D.met acidosis E.uncompensated resp alkalosis



Aspirin toxicity??? Alkalosis Acidosis


A boy was born with condition of polycystic kidney disease. It is A. Autosomal dominant disorder B. Autosomal ressecive disorder C. X-linked disorder D. Mitochondrial disorder


Urothelial Carcinoma associated with? A. Bladder exstrophy B. Horse shoe shaped kidney C. Duplication of bladder D. Polycystic Kidney


10 june Ureteric bud does not grow towards metanephric cap causes

A absent ureter B absent kidney C polycystic kidney D pancake kidney


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