Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Surgery & Allied 4 February 2015

This paper of FCPS Part 1 Surgery & Allied is shared by Dr Khalid Khan. Hopefully it will be of great help for you people.

1. Gas gangrene. Cause of death?
A. Septecemia
B. Bacteremia
C. Toxemia

2. Extent to which a tissue gets disturbed by occlusion of its blood supply depends on
A. Velocity of blood in tissue
B. anatomical pattern of vascular supply
C. General state of blood
D. Don’t remember other options
E. Rate of development of thrombosis

3. Not a feature of malnutrition in adults?
A. Thrombocytopenia
B. Leukoplakia

4. Apex of the heart:
A. 8 cm from median plane
B. 3RD intercostal space


5. True about Osteogenesis
A. All cartilage changes to bone
B. Clavicle ossifies in cartilage
C. Intramembranous bones ossify from cartilage

6. A 15 years old girl with fixed dilated pupils. Lesion is at?
A. Oculomotor nerve
B. Trochlear nerve
C. Facial nerve

7. A tumor with all germ layers:
A. Teratoma
B. Mixed mesodermal tumor
C. Cysts

8. Following has high clearance value:
A. Inulin
C. Glucose
D. Na

9. Scanty bar bodies:
A. Klienfelter
B. Downs
C. Turner

10. Organelle have microtubules in its structure:
A. Golgi apparatus
B . Mitochondia
C. Centriole

11. S1 nerve root lesion:
A. Ankle jerk
B. Loss of sensation of sole and medial side of foot
C. Trophic ulcer of dorsum of foot
D. Babnisk positive
E. Plantar flexion

12. Mucus not secreted by:
A. Larynx
B. Trachea
C. Terminal bronchioles
D. Nasopharynx

13. A man of 70 has recurrent UTI cause (No clue was mentioned regarding bedridden):
A. Instrumentation
B. Outflow Obstruction
C. Diverticulum
D. Cathetrization

14. Plasma Protein Binds With All Except:
A. Oxygen
B. CO2
C. Iron
D. Bilirubin E. Thyroxin

15. Patient presented in emergency ,deeply comatosed,not responding to nalaxone:
A. Heroin
B. Morphine
C. Methadon
D. Phenobarbital
E. Pethidine

16. Highest bioavailability of anti emetics:
A. Metacloprmide
B. Qdansetron

17. X.ray of elbow of 12 yr girl, which Secondary ossification center will appear last on x.ray:
A. Trochlea
B. Lateral Epicondyle
C. Capitulum
D. Medial Epicondyle

18. Pregnant lady anaemic, Best lab investigation:
B. S. ferritin

D. Chylomicrons

20. Open wound healing includes:
A. Contraction of myofibroblasts
B. Fibroblast
C. Macrophages
D. Lymphocyyes

21. Most common S/E of use of histamine 1 blocker:
A. Blurred vision
B. Blindness
C. Sedation

22. Decrease Insulin will:
A. Ketogenesis in Liver
B. Increase activity of Lipoprotein Lipase

23. An obese man with h/o atherosclerosis underwent laparotomy due bleeding in abd n during surgery his small gut was purple n sup mesenteric vein was ok so what is dx
A. Wet gangrene
B. Dry gangrene
C. Thrombosis
D. Volvulous

24. First heard sound:
a) Atrial systole
b) Isovlumic contraction
c) Isovolumic relaxation
d) Rapid ejection

25. A patient came with c/o Homonymus hemianopia so a blockage was seen at:
A. Optic nerve
B. Upper part of optic chiasma
C. Lower part of optic chiasma
D. Post medulla Oblangata

26. Man With Weakness And Dysphagia, Blood Profile With Target Cells:
A. Iron Deficiency Anemia

27. Tetanic Contractions….cause?
A. Hypocalcemia

28. Antioxidant Vitamin:
A. A
B. E
C. C

29. Which of the following does not increase in stress for surgery:
A. Insulin
C. Glucagon

30. Patient with Gastrectomy presents with Anemia after One and half year, what will you give:
A. Vit B12
B. Vit C
C. Iron
D. Blood transfusion

31. Data is collected for some clinical trial based on presence or absence of Vomiting. What type of data it is:
A. Nominal
B. Ordinal
C. Parametric

32. Aphasia (Non-fluent) after stroke or Trauma which area of Brain is involved:
A. Brocas
B. Wernickes (if fluent aphasia was in stem)
C. Temporal region
D. Pyrimidal gyrus

33. What cytoskeletal structure connects Extracellular matrix to Intracellular:
A. Cadherins
B. Integrins
C. Intermediate Filaments
D. Microtubules

34. Wich Antiemetic has high bioavailability:
A. Metoclopramide
B. Prochlorthiazide
C. Ordansetron
D. Droperidol

35. Cardiac defects in fetus of mother suffering from rubella infection will occur if:
A. 3 rd month
B. 4 th month
C. 5 th to 10th week
D. 7 th month.

36. Downs Syndrome:
A. Increase incidence with increasing mother age
B. Extra chromosome

37. Pulmonary vasoconstruction occurs due to:
A. Raised PCO2
B. Reduced systemic PO2
C. Reduced pH

38. Most imp buffer in blood:
A. HCO3 (most imp is HCO3 anywhere)
B. Hb

39. Which vitamin act as cofactor in oxidation of fatty acids:
A. Biotin
B. Vit B1
C. Vit C

40. Oxytocin and vasopressin originated from:
A. Neurohypophysis
B. Adrenal medulla
C. Hypothalamus

41. Lesion of the optic tract produces
A. bitemporal hemianopia
B. homonymous hemi anopia

42. Cricoid cartilage
A. Forms incomplete circle
B. Attached to laryngeal folds
C. Attached to Thyroid gland

43. About thyroid gland?
A. recurrent laryngeal nerve lies anterior to thyroid isthmus
B. it moves with deglutition due to attachment with prevertebral fascia
C. Drains into deep cervical L Nodes

44. Sympathetic have which neurotransmitters at all postganglionic ends?
A. acetylcholine
B. Norepinephrine
C. Adrenaline

45. Parasympathetic stimulation causes
A. decreased heart rate
B. Viscous saliva in mouth

46. Which tumour is least invasive
A. seminoma
B. basal cell carcinoma

47. Scenario of Down’s syndrome
A. Trisomy 21
B. Trisomy 23
C. Trisomy 18
D. Trisomy 13

48. Ankylosing spondylitis is associated with

49. HLA B27 associated disease?
A. Reiter’s Syndrome

50. Essential fatty acid?
A. Linoleic Acid

51. In emergency situations
A. Doctor should provide psychological support to patient and the family
B. Family should not be allowed inside

52. Pregnant lady with bile duct obstruction. Diagnostic investigation?
D. Alkaline phosphatase

53. Female with fever for 10 days and chest pain that aggravates on lying down. Pain is originated at?
A. Myocardium
B. Pericardium
C. Pleura

54. A patient has nodule on vocal cord. The most likely mechanism? A. Hyperplasia
B. Atrophy

55. Edema of acute infection. Feature
A. Transudate
B. Specific gravity of 1020
C. Proteins >3gm

56. 6 years old patient presents with rhinitis, edema and urticaria on external surfaces
A. Type I hypersensitivity
B. Type II hypersensitivity
C. Type III hypersensitivity
D. Type IV hypersensitivity

57. Resting membrane potential is achieved by: (it was not maintained by)
A. Diffusion of potassium outside the cell
B.Na K pump
C. is same for all types of cell

58. Immediate effects of severe hypotension?
B. Cerebral hemorrhage
C. Oligouria

59. Vein not draining to great cerebral vein?
A. Basal
B. Occipital
C. Middle cerebral
D. Posterior colossal

60. The specific feature of Apoptosis
A. cell shrinking
B. karyolysis
C. hyperchromasia
D. cell swelling

61. Occulomotor nerve supplies
A. all exta ocular muscles
B cilliary ganglion
C cilliary muscle only

62. Muscle is stretched. Relaxation will occur due to:
A. muscle spindle
B. golgi tendon organ

63. Tension in muscle
A. muscle spindle
B. golgi tendon organ

64. Cardiac out put depends on
A: venous return
B: exercie
C: stroke vol

65. FRC is sum of
A. vital capacity plus tidal vol
B. vital capacity plus exp reserve vol
C. residual vol plus resp capacity
D. can b measured on spiromrtry
E. Gases in lungs after tidal volume

66. GFR
A. increases with vasoconstriction of afferent arterioles
B. increases with vasoconstriction of efferent arterioles

67. Quadrate lobe?
A. functionally part of right lobe
B. drains into left hepatic duct
C. lies between inferior vena cava and ligamentum venosum.

68. Intrinsic pathway is activated by
A. contact of tissue collagen when it comes in contact
B. factor X

69. Which is not a ‘basic tissue of body’?
A: nerves
B: muscles
C: blood
D: epithiliuem
E: connective tissue

70. Transfusion reaction will occur if we transfuse a person with A+ve blood group, the following group
A. A-ve
B. AB-ve
C. O-ve
D. O+ve

71. Epidural space is widest at?
A. T12
B. L2
C. Just below foramen Magnum

73. Commonest cause of hepatocellular carcinoma in developing countries?
A. Aflatoxin
B. Hepatitis B
C. Hepatitis C
D. Both Hepatitis B & C

74. Connections that connect cells; with movement of ions across
A. Gap junctions
B. Tight junctions

75. At high altitudes, O2 is delivered to tissues because of?
A. Decreased temperature
B. Alkalosis
C. High pH
D. Right shift of O2 hemoglobin dissociation curve

76. Patient is pregnant and suddenly faints due to loss of blood. She’ll be positioned in left lateral and not right lateral to avoid compression to which abdominal structure:
C. Liver

77. What is median if values are 20 20 25 30 35 40 25 30:
A. 28.1
B. 27.5
C. 25
D. 30

78. About Pitutary gland?
A. Foregut derivative
B. Lies posterior to Optic chiasma
C. Venous drainage into cavernous sinus

79. Which spreads via orofaecal route?
A. Hepatits C
B. Hepatitis E

80. ADH is inhibited by:
A. Alcohol
B. Aldosterone
C. Renin
D. Anxiety

81. Post op wound having greenish pus discharge organism involved:
A. Staph Aureus
B. Pseudomonas
C. Streptoccocus Viridans
D. Kliebsella

82. Recurrent Oral ulcers
A. Stomatitis
B. C.

83. Steroids drug action on cells:
A. Act on Genes
B. Adenyl cyclase
C. CGmp D. Ip3

84. Intestinal flora synthesize a vitamin which takes part in coagulation. Vitamin?
A. Vitamin C
B. Vitamin K
C. Vitamin D

85. Broder classification of tumor depends on?
A. Differentiation and mitosis

86. Lymphocyes
A. Actively involved in phagocytosis
B. Come in and out of vessels

87. C3b is involved in?
A. Early leucocyte action

88. Main regulator of coronary blood flow?
A. Ventricle systole
B. Cardiac output
C. Local metabolites

89. Anterior relations of left kidney; except?
A. Spleen
B. Pancreas
C. Splenic flexure
D. Diaphragm

90. End product of purine metabolism?
A. Urea
B. Uric acid
C. Ammonia

91. Plasmodium falciparum causes?
A. Black water fever

92. Regarding realtions of Basal ganglia
A. Internal capsule lies medial to globus pallidus

93. Size of head of embryo is about ½ of the CRL at the intraembryonic age of?
A. 3 months
B. 5 months C.
7 months
D. 9 months

Regards DrKhalid Khalid

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