Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine Online 20 April 2015

Past Papers are those papers which are shared by all those students who appear in the exam of FCPS Part 1. This paper was shared and compiled by Dr.Muhammad Shaheen. We are thankful to him for his kind efforts. late  pregnancy placenta consist of –  Synctiotrophoblast+fetal endothelium

  1. ADH is inhibited by – Alcohal

3.compression of optic chiasma will cause – bitemporal hemianopia

4.patient presented with Left homonomous hemianopia where is lesion -right optic tract

5.serum osmolarity will decrease when -incease ADH

6.what id sensory  supply to dura of midle cranial fossa – trigeminal nerve

7.spinal shock will cause – loss of vasomotor tone

8.parasympathetic action – pupil constrictn

9.RTA case what will you give first – I/V fluids.

10.insulin secretion is stimulated by – GIP

11.which drug causes Increse LES tone and increase Gut motility –  metoclopramide.

12.P falciparum –  Blackwater fever.

  1. Barrbody diagnostic for – klinefilter.

14.bioavailability is for drugs that are taken – orally

 15.worm coming from nose of child – ascaris.

  1. Stomch fundus consist of – 3 layer
  2. Adrenalectomy will lead to taste pref – Na.

 18 typical von willibrand disease scenario

  1. Sensory loss in dermatone will occur – in compresion of sp. Nerve or post root
  2. Grave ophthalmopathy which nerve involved – optic nerve
  3. muscle that cause Eversion – perones löngus
  4. renal arteries are at – L2.
  5. which drug decreases the risk of hypercholestrolemia – Statins

 24.patient taking warfarin how to monitor –  PT APTT INR.

  1. Not in intrnsc pathway – factr 7 .

26 rochlear nrv lesio cause

(a)uniocular nystagmus and diplopia

(b)impaird downward gaze on adduction

(c)impaired downward gaze on abduction

27 vagus nerve on – rite sid of trachea

 28.true statement regarding blood supply of heart – LCA gve Lad+LEFT CIRCMFLEX

29.renal ven is in front of aorta and renl arty

 30.bicep origin, – supraglenoid tubercle

31.infection in front of pretrachial gos to ant. Mediastinum

  1. Barbiturates-, enzyme inhibitors
  2. Severe Mg defeciency cause hyocalcemia
  3. Aldostron is stimulated by – hyperkalemia
  4. U wave is sue to hypokalemia

 36 aspirin toxicty treatment – H2co3.

 37Typical snario of SIADH.


 38 Definition of metaplasia

  1. Definition of hemosiderin
  2. Liquefactive necrosis occurs – brain
  3. poor prognostic signs of acute transplant reject – vasculitis nd thrombosis.
  4. Bruton agammaglobulinemia causes – pyogenic infectns
  5. Glucagn causes – gluconeogenesis

 44 scenario of leukemia what will be Investigatn of choice ,

(a)bone marow biopsy

(b)ctogenetic testing

(c) CBC

45 CML genetics  – chr 9,22

46.immunoglobulin involve in Erythroblastosis fetalis – IgG

 47.Mode of transmission of HIV- transmits from mother to baby. 48.typical scenario of measle

49.fisherman presented with pallor—diphylobothrium latum

50.which cells first present antigen from GIT – M cells

51.Maximum h2o and Na is absorbed in  – jejunum

  1. Sickle cell genetics- point mutation
  2. Asthma test- FEV1/FVC
  3. True about carotid sinus- it detects rapidly changing pressure

55.End arteries are present in vital organ

56.Polyarteritis nodosa pathology- fibrinoid necrosis

  1. At end of Marathone race—increase glucagon decrease insulin

58.hormone which inhibit ganodotropins release-prolactin

59.typical scenario of cushing disease

60.slow growing thyroid tumor-papillary

61.cotton wool exudates are present in _DM

62.h.pylori affects which organ-stomach

63.a quack prescribes drug to a patient which cause liver necrosis which enzyme will be raised- ALT

64.which structure separated mouth from pharynx in embryo-buccopharyngeal membrane

  1. ANA will be positive in –Mixed CT dieseae(SLE was not in option)

66.most common cause of metaplasia – chronic irritation

67.infarct of broca area which artery involved—MCA

  1. step of cardiac cycle b/w S1and S2 — ventricle systole

69.cause of high output cardiac failure – beriberi

70.peritoneum is a double layered structure

71.drug to be given in status epilepticus – lorazepm(diazepam was not in option

  1. short transient action of AT2 – vasoconstriction

73.increase delivery on NaCl to macula densa will inhibit – renin release

74.which drug will be appropriate for ureteric stones – hydrochlorothiazide

75.derivative of second arch – styloid process

76.dfinitioin of vitall capacity

77.person working in construction company which lung disease he will develop – asbestosis

78.obstruction of IVC will lead to – decreade cardiac output

79.which cause right shift of O2_HB dissociation curve – decreade pH

80.pregnant lady presents with jaundice which test to be performed – GGT

81.dopamine and epinephrine are deried from which amino acid – tyrosine

82.scant barr body present in – turner syndrome

83.Most common nerve damage in thyroidectomy- recurrent laryngeal nerve( confirm it from book other option was external laryngeal nerve)

84.Fragile X syndrome is which type of disorder – trinucleotide repeat

85.angina like pain occur in – aortic stenosis

86.local cause of edema – allergy

  1. 5yr old child presented with generalized edema which test to be done – urine albumin

88.maximum wol of blood is present in – veins and venules

89.diabetic patient present with gangrenous foot cause is -angiopathy+neuropathy

90.cause of death in gas gangrene – toxemia

91.QRS complex represent- ventricular depolarization

92.HLA B27 genetics is associated with – ankylosing spondylitis

93.memory is stored in – temporal lobe

94.Drug absorbed from GIT depends upon its – Lipid solubility

95.Blood flow to Heart is controlled by – Local metabolites

96.Muscle involved in normal resting breathing – diaphragm

97.transverse diameter of chest is increased by – External I/C muscles

98.confirmation of TB- detection of AFB

99.hormone inhibit gastric emptying – CCK

100.Type 2 DM drug of first choice – Metformin

101.which structure damages in eversion of foot – deltoid ligament

102.structure not palpable on DRE – ureters

  1. in case of diaphragm irritation refered pain will be feel at which site – head and neck

104.which artery is present along phrenic nerve – pericardiophrenic artery

105.apex beat location – 8cm from midline

106.scenario of compensated metabolic acidosis

107.function of dead space – humidifies and warms inspired air

108.which is requied for collagen synthesin – vit c

109.thirst will decrease when – ECF vol increase

110.characteristic feature of malignancy – metastasis

  1. the characteristic microscopic feature of malignancy is — pleomorphism

112.most common source of Hep B and C are – contaminated needles

113.patient presented with protienurea which structure is damaged – basement membrane

114.chewning betal nuts will cause – submucous fibrosis

115.complication of OCP – thromboembolism

116.dfinition of incidence – no.of new cases per unit time

117.dfiniton of prevelance – mass affectd by diseseae

118.most common reaction of parents in peadiatric ward after hearing morbid illness – denial

119.function of SER – Detoxefication

120.DNA is present in – mitochondria

121.true statement regarding pituitary – pituitary gland sends its venous drainage to dura space

  1. Echo viruse causes – meningoencepahalitis

123.correct combination of CSF finding – TBM leads to decrease glucose

  1. most potent chemotactic factor – C5a

125.Dobutamine stimulates which receptors – B1+B2

126.finding in hyperthyroidism – decrease TSH

127.apical mitochondria are present in which structure – cilia

128.feature that promotes blood clotting – rough endothelial surface

  1. fatty acid enters kreb cycle as a – kreb cycle molecule
  2. thyroid is enclosed in pretracheal fascia
  3. hormone of slow wave sleep – serotonin
  4. staging described – extent of tumor

133.true statement regarding circle of villus – posterion communicating artery connects PCA with ICA beneath oculomotor nerve

  1. counseling is to help people themselves
  2. cause of carcinoma – benzidine

136.true statement regarding erythroblastosis fetalis – immunoglobulins are produced in RH- mother with RH+ baby

  1. patient presents with proteinurea and nose lesion diagnosis – Wegener granulomatosi

138.athetosis – slow writhing movements which organ changes occur in sequence of metaplasia to anaplasia to dyslpsia to carcinoma in situ – cervix

  1. ultraviolet radiation causes –

(a) cataract 

(b) teratogenic , (confirm it from book which option is right)


  1. prostatic secretion contains – acid phosphatse
  2. true statement regarding antibiotics – metronidazole can readily crosses blood brain barrier.

143.patient presented with loss of pain and temp sensation below T9 where is lesion – spinothalamic tract at T8 bitemporal hemianopia which part of optic chiasma is involved – middle part of optic chiasma

  1. urine osmolarity is controlled by – ADH
  2. muscle blood during exercise is controlled by – local metabolites

147 CD4+ cells are which type of cells – helper T cells

  1. which system is affected in bomb blast – hematopoietic system

149.findig in sever diarrhea – acidosis with normal anion gap

150.administration of which of the following will incease blood flow to Muscle –

(a)alpha 1 antagonists

(b) norepinephrine

151.a patient after stroke presents motivation which lobe is involved –


(b) temporal


152.function of basal ganglia – initiation of voluntary movements

153.concentration of which hormone does not change in pregnancy –

(a) cortisol



(d) PTH

154.characteristic finding of megaloblastic anemia – oval macrocytsa

155.ECG of a patient shows absent P wave normal QRS complex where is pacemaker located.

(a)SA node

(b)AV node

(c)bundle of HIS


156.6yr male child presented with hirsutism and adult size external genitalia.urinary 17-ketosterods are elevated.what is diagnosis

(a) adrenogenital syndrome

(b) congenital adrenal hyperplasia

  1. a breat fed baby after 2 days of birth develops jaundice, direct=1 indirect=9 diagnosis – physiological jaundice

158.radiation injury depends upon

(a) type of radiation

(b) dose of radiation

(c) type of tissue exposed

(d) dose with shot duration 

158.patient presented with rectal propse finding revealed an organism in recal mucose which will be this organism – trichura

159.what is the most effective way of to prevent DVT in hospitalized patients

(a)pneumatic compression

(b) warfarin


160.patient presented with erythematous swelling of back side of hand what will be drug of first choice.

(a) pencillin G

(b) cloxacillin

161.which cells are present in atherosclerotic plaque which are derived from circulation

(a) macrophages

(b) monocytes early leprosy investigation of – nasal scraping of lepra bacilli

163.ashoff bodies contain

(a) Giant cells

(b)necrotic substance

164.propranolo block which receptors – B2 ( non selective was not in option)

165.biopsy from 80yr old man shows re wear and tear pigment – lipofuscin hyaline cartilage

(a) collagen fibers are visible

(b) fibers are absent

(c) elastic fibers are present

167.true statement regarding helper T cells.(forgot options)

  1. a neutropenic patient with fever admitted in oncology ward with fever what will be mediator of this – TNF
  2. Max steatorrhea will occur in

(a)ileum resection

(b) jejunum resection

(c)total pancreatectomy

(d) gall bladder resection

  1. what is correct pairing of reflexes with root value

(a) biceps- C6

(b)knee – L4 L5

171.injury to ulnar nerve will cause

(a) compete claw hand

(b)atrophy of hypothenar

172.patient presented with swelling on face on examination axillary lymph nodes are enlarge what will be cause – sunlight

173.A lobourer while working in hot sunny day collapsed down investigation revealed Na=120 what will be cause – excessive sweation

174.175. there were two stupid questions from muscles spindles and stretch reflex that are not rememembered.

176.a man during exercise keeps balace this is due to activation of which receptors

(a) proprioceptors



177.pectoralis major flap will get its blood supply from

(a)intercostal arteries

(b)thoracoacromial arteries

  1. during phonation

(a)vocal cards adducts

(b)vocal card abducts

(c)occurs only during inspiration

(d)occurs only during expiration

(e) occurs during inspiration and expiration

179.allele are – identical genes on same locus

180.true regarding posterior frontanelle- area is smaller than anterior frontanelle

  1. during an outbreak 150 out 200 students get infected with S.aureus. among 150 only 50 shows signs of clinical illness. This is due to which property of pathogen




(d) something else

182.cephalohematoma is located at



(c) epicrnium

(d) something else

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