Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine March 2012


Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine March 2012



  1. Tumor spread by:
    a. Migration of tumor cells
    b. Breakdown of e-cadherin
    c. sepeation of tumor cells from one another
    d. Damaging extracellular matrix

    2. What is most common cause of congenital hypothyroidism:
    a. Maternal iodide deficiency
    b. Inborn error of metabolism
    c. Defective embryogenesis
    d. Antibodies against thyroid hormone crossing placenta

    3. Diabetic pat taking oral hypoglycemic drugs complain of abdominal fullness, which drug can b given to decrease gastropresis
    a. Omeprazol
    b. Cimetidine
    c. Antacids
    d. Metclopramide

    4. On motor bike accident fracture of neck of humerus n can,t abduct his arm.due to
    a. Axillary nerve
    b. Long thoracic nerve
    c. Musculocutaneous nerve

    5. Regarding trachea
    a. Gap in the C shape cartilages are lying anteriorly
    b. 15 cm in length
    c. Recurrent laryngeal nerve pases anteriorly
    d. Isthmus of thyroid lying in front of 4rt or 5th tracheal ring
    e. Starts at the lower border of cricoid cartilage

    6. Release of acid from stomach is mediated through
    a. H1 receptor
    b. H2 receptor
    c. food in stomach

    7. Diaphragm is supplied by
    a. C3
    b. C3,4,5
    c. C4,5
    d. C4,5,6

    8. A female at 36weeks gestation cmwith bili;20mg/dl raised SGPT & SGOT.she has returned from remote village. What can b the cause of infection?
    a. HAV
    b. HBV
    c. HCV
    d. HEV

    9. What is the structure arches around the root of left lung
    a. Azygus vein
    b. Arch of aorta
    c. Left phrenic nerve
    d. Left vagus nerve
    e. Left recurrent laryngeal nerve

    10. Regarding ESR decreased by increase in which of the following
    a. Increase plasma globulin
    b. Increase fibrinogen
    c. Increase plasma Albumin
    d. Increase globulin and albumin ratio
    e. Temperature

    11. Best example of pharmaco kinetics drug drug interaction:
    a. Iincrease action of procain by epinephrine
    b. Increase action of……….. by Calcium
    c. Toxicity of lithium with thiazide diuretics
    d. Reverse the action of aspirin by NaHCO3
    e. Reverse the action of Morphine by Naloxone

    12. Following veins drain into coronay sinus, which vein continues as coronary sinus
    a. Middle cardiac vein
    b. Great cardiac vein
    c. Anterior cardiac vein
    d. Oblique vein

    13. Notochord arises from
    a. Ectoderm
    b. Mesoderm
    c. Endoderm

    14. Thyroid is derived from
    a. Ectoderm
    b. Mesoderm
    c. Endoderm

    15. Which one of the following is a chemical carcinogen
    a. Alpha 1 antitrypsin
    b. Benzidine
    c. Ethyl alcohol
    d. Propyl alcohol

    16. Contractile unit in skeletal muscle is between
    a. h discs
    b. z lines
    c. t tubules

    17. A/P radiograph of chest which structure forms right border of heart
    a. SVC
    b. IVC
    c. Right ventricle
    d. Arch of aorta
    e. Left Atrium

    18. 60 percent of work of breathing
    a. is to overcome elastic recoil of lungs
    b. Counteract chest wall compliance
    c. Resistance offered by small size bronchi
    d. Resistance by large bronchi

    19. Regarding nerve supply to skeletal muscle contains
    a. 60%motor 40%sensory fibers
    b. 40%motor 60%sensory
    c. 60%motor 40%sensory and few postganglionic sympathetic fibers

    20. Thirst stimulated by
    a. ECF volume depletion
    b. ICF volume depletion
    c. Salt depletion

    21. Regeneration least effected by
    a. Diabetes
    b. Infection
    c. Uv light
    d. corticosteroid

    22. In downs syndrome at 40 years of age
    a. Alzhiemers disease
    b. Stroke due to essential hypertension
    c. Upper motor neuron lesion
    d. Lower motor neuron lesion

    23. Primary cartilaginous joint
    a. Costochondral
    b. Teeth and jaw
    c. Inferior tibiofibular joint
    d. Symphysis Pubis

    24. Epinephrine reuptake by
    a. Diffusion and reuptake
    b. Diffusion, reuptake and enzyme catalysis
    c. Diffusion
    d. Reuptake
    e. Enzyme catalysis

    25. 2 yr old child presented with anemia and has hyper segmented neutrophil, MCV raised, how will you confirm your diagnosis
    a. Intrinsic factor antibodies
    b. Vit b12 level
    c. Transcobalamin

    26. Thrombus formation triad
    a. Endothelial damage, slow blood flow, altered blood constituents
    b. Endothelial damage; high blood flow, fibrin
    c. Endo damage eddy blood flow
    d. Plasma high blood flow

    27. After 6 hours of myocardial infarction which enzyme level most raised
    a. CPK
    b. LDH
    c. ALT
    d. AST

    28. In adult female breast atrophy is commonly due to decrease
    a. Estrogen
    b. Estrogen and progesterone
    c. Progesterone
    d. Prolactin

    29. Patient taking MAO inhibitors, taking which of the following could cause hypertensive crisis?
    a. Coffee
    b. Chocolate
    c. Cola
    d. Pine apple
    e. String beans

    30. Left kidney is not related anteriorly to which of the following structures?
    a. Diaphragm
    b. Stomach
    c. Pancrease
    d. Spleen and splenic vessels
    e. Splenic flexure of transverse colon

    31. A 30 year man participated in marathon race the most common hormone changes you will find
    a. Low Insulin, High Glucagon
    b. Low Insulin, Low Glucagon
    c. High Insulin, High Glucagon
    d. High Insulin, Low Glucagon

    32. 2×2 table in biostats?
    a. T-Test
    b. Chi Square Test

    33. Which of the following lymphoid structure does NOT contain lymph nodules:
    a. Spleen
    b. Lymph node
    c. Thymus
    d. Payer’s patches
    e. Tonsils

    34. A person has pH 7.48, CO2 66 and HCO3 27 . What is the diagnosis
    a. Acute respiratory acidosis
    b. Acute metabolic acidosis
    c. Partially compensated respiratory acidosis
    d. Partially compensated metabolic acidosis
    e. Partially compensated metabolic alkalosis

    35. A patient suffers from appendicitis. Peripheral blood shows leukocytosis. Pain will be mediated by
    a. IL 1 and TNF alpha
    b. Bradykinin and prostaglandin E
    c. Serotonin
    d. IL 6
    e. enkephalin

    36. In myocardial infarction, which earliest change occurs in formation of aschoff bodies
    a. Fibrinoid necrosis
    b. Inflamaton
    c. Giant cell
    d. Eosinophilia

    37. Regarding movements of foot:
    a. Inversion n eversion occur at subtalar joint
    b. Tibialis anterior n tibialis posterior cause inversion
    c. Peronei cause eversion
    d. Aschli tendon plays imp role when we r standing on toes

    38. 45y lady comes with vaginal bleeding doc advise her for hysterectomy due to premalignant condition which is it?
    a. Atypical endometrial hyperplasia
    b. Complex endometrial…..
    c. Simple endometrial…
    d. Squamous metaplasia

    39. Child with generalized edema and proteinurea 6g per day which part of the kidney involved
    a. Interstitium
    b. Basement membrane
    c. Collecting tubules
    d. Proximal convulated tubules
    e. Distal tubules

    40. Young female developed acute renal failure after post partum hemorrhage. which part of the kidney is most likely damaged
    a. Proximal convuluted tubules
    b. Loop of henle
    c. Collecting tubules
    d. Dital convuluted tubules

    41. Regarding neutrophil correct
    a. Migrate into and out of blood stream
    b. More phagocytic in bloodstream
    c. Decrease in infective conditions
    d. Decrease when corticosteroid given

    42. Initial response to tissue injury is:
    a. Vasoconstriction
    b. Clot formation
    c. Platelet adherence

    43. Hypoxia causes vasoconstriction in
    a. Pulmonary vasculature
    b. Heart
    c. Brain
    d. Kidney

    44. High levels of protein associated with
    a. Chylomicrons
    b. HDL
    c. VLDL
    d. LDL

    45. After 6 hours of myocardial infarction which enzyme level most raised
    a. CPK
    b. LDH
    c. ALT
    d. AST

    46. Blood supply of motor cerebral cortex
    a. Anterior and middle cerebral artery
    b. Anterior and posterior cerebral artery
    c. Basillar artery

    47. Most common cause of liver cirrhosis in an adult male?
    a. Alcoholism
    b. Hepatitis B
    c. Hepatitis C
    d. Hepatitis A
    e. Hepatitis D

    48. What is most characteristic of cerebral motor cortex
    a. is present in frontal lobe
    b. Doesn’t receive any sensory input
    c. is essential to carry out voluntary movements
    d. essential for stretch reflex

    49. 3rd ventricle, what is most inappropriate
    a. choroid plexus is present in its floor
    b. choroid plexus is supplied by internal carotid and basillary artery
    c. is connected to lateral ventricles via interventricular formina
    d. is connected to 4th ventricle via cerebral acqueduct
    e. present in midbrain

    50. Diff b/w first n second heart sounds…
    a. Frequency
    b. Duration
    c. With carotid pulse

    51. Distribution of drug enhanced by?
    a. Ionized state
    b. Lipid solubility
    c. Electric equivalence

    52. Right bronchus
    a. Is shorter
    b. Is vertical
    c. is infront of pulm artey
    d. is infront of pulm vein

    53. Fasting blood sugar of patient is 6.8 mol(122mg/dl) after 1 hour of gtt its 10.9 mol and later after 2 hours post prandial it was 10.7 mol(194 mg/dl) what is the diagnosis..
    a. Diabetes mellitus
    b. Impaired gluc tolerance
    c. long lag phase
    d. Secondary diabetes mellitus

    54. Ischemia in Diabetes mellitus commonly results from
    a. Dry gangrene
    b. Gas gangrene
    c. Endarteritis obliterans
    d. Wet gangrene

    55. Rods and cones wid excitatory potentials to ganglion and bipolar cells…which neurotransmitter?
    a. GABA
    b. Glycine
    c. Glutamate

    56. Which structure doesn’t lie deep to the parotid gland?
    a. Internal jugular vein
    b. Internal carotid artery
    c. Pharynx
    d. Parotid duct
    e. x, xi nerves in the carotid sheath

    57. Bad news, when delivered to patient, should ideally be
    a. At bedside
    b. All the staff involved in patient’s care should be present
    c. In front of all family members
    d. In doctor’s office, in a formal session, in environment of exclusivity

    58. Regarding counseling, when done to pts, is good for
    a. Their friends
    b. Family members
    c. Other pts
    d. Themselves

    59. Which of the following tumors doesn’t cause distant metastases?
    a. basal cell Ca
    b. dysgerminoma
    c. verucous carcinoma
    d. Squamous cell carcinoma

    60. cx shows mild dysplasia with squamous vacuoles:
    a. CIN 1
    b. CIN II
    c. CIN III
    d. Ca in situ
    e. HPV

    61. Which one of the following organ is present inside the peritoneal cavity?
    a. fallopian tubes
    b. ovary
    c. gonads
    d. first part of the duodenum
    e. round ligament of uterus

    62. What is the most common cause of increased vascular permeability?
    a. Inflammation
    b. Trauma
    c. Immunological
    d. Allergy

    63. Regarding Vitamin K
    a. is a water soluble vitamin
    b. produced by intestinal bacteria
    c. present in large amount in human and cow’s milk
    d. When given in neonatal hemorrhage, prevents coagulation

    64. Psoas muscle
    a. originate from all lumbar vertebra
    b. present b/w lumber plexus
    c. passes in front of inguinal ligament

    65. Half life of carboxyhaemaglobin.
    a. 5 min
    b. 2hr
    c. 6 hr

    66. Regarding icf
    a. 2/3 of tbw
    b. 1/3 of tbw

    67. Which of the following non hairy regions does not have sebacous glands?
    a. glans and prepuce of penis
    b. labia minora
    c. margins of lips
    d. palms and soles of feet
    e. nipple

    68. ESR decreases with increase in:
    a. cholesterol in blood
    b. inc. globulin
    c. plasma albumin
    d. fibrinogen
    e. temperature

    69. Hypokalemia causes which of the following…
    a. Hyperpolarization
    b. Hyperexcitability
    c. decrease in height of action potential

    70. An alcoholic patient comes with wernikes korasakoff syndrome. It could be due to def of which of the following vitamins
    a. B1
    b. A
    c. D
    d. K
    e. C

    71. In 90 percent of anthrax infections
    a. Hemorrhagic pneumonia
    b. gatrointestinal hemorrhage
    c. skin lesions
    d. bacteremia

    72. Not related to spinal cord
    a. ant gray horn
    b. latearl lemniscus
    c. posterolateal sulcus
    d. gray commisure

    73. Patient presented with painless heamaturia along with fever, night sweats for 2 months, ultrasound abdomen plain is normal, diagnosis is
    a. Renal Cell Carcinoma
    b. Acute Pyelonephritis
    c. Renal tuberculosis
    d. Acute tubular Necrosis

    74. A patient with cervical lymphadenopathy, CXR shows Bilateral Hilar Lymphadenopathy. Biopsy shows caseating granulomaous pattern, diagnosis is
    a. Sarcoidosis
    b. Tuberculosis

    75. A 21 year old having severe Ulcerative Colitis,which of the following is indicated
    a. Azathioprine
    b. IV Corticosteroides
    c. Sulfasalazine

    76. In which of the following conditions,atrial repolarization is evident on ECG
    a. 1st degree heart block
    b. 3rd degree heart block
    c. MI
    d. Deep inspiraion

    77. Which of the following suppress GH release?
    a. Puberty
    b. Sleep
    c. Somatomedin
    d. Starvation
    e. Stress

    78. Which organ has a highest arteriovenous shunts
    a. liver
    b. lungs
    c. heart
    d. kidneys

    79. If ejection fraction is increased there will be
    a. dec end-systolic volume
    b. dec end-diastolic volume

    80. Amoebic liver abscess spread to lungs by
    a. Direct
    b. Lymphatics
    c. Haematogenous
    d. through diaphragm

    81. A pregnant lady has mitral stenosis,, to prevent atrial fibrillaton treatment is
    a. im heparin
    b. iv heparin
    c. heparin and oral anticoagulant
    d. oral anticoagulant

    82. There was some question from biostats that which is most inappropriate?
    a. something was abt variance
    b. experimental p<0.05
    c. exploratory p<0.01
    d. analysis of variance that it can be done by one thing

    83. Root value of knee jerk
    a. L3 L4
    b. s1
    c. L1,2

    84. A boy engulfs peanut and it got stuck in the air way where would it occlude?
    a. right main bronchus
    b. right middle broncus
    c. right lower bronchus
    d. left lower bronchus

    85. Which of the following is a tumour supressor gene?
    a. Ras
    b. bcl2
    c. ABL

    86. Acidophillic cytoplasm with basophilic granules, structure less material in center, outline irregular
    a. karyolysis
    b. hydrops degeneration
    c. apoptosis
    d. hydrolysis

    87. Cyclosporin acts by
    a. stimulating production of NK cells
    b. modifying maturation of T cells
    c. inhibiting NK cells

    88. How many ATPs are produced after complete metabolism of one molecule of Glucose?
    a. 30
    b. 32
    c. 38
    d. 40
    e. 44

    89. Female child born then sent home. 15 hours later she presented with cyanosis + weak pulse & diagnosis?
    a. VSD
    b. TRANSPOSITION OF GREAT VESSELS with no communication like VSD/ASD
    c. hypoplastic Left ventricle
    d. TOF
    e. PDA

    90. most powerful stimulus for rennin
    a. dec NA Cocent to tbules
    b. hypotention
    c. sympathetic stimulation

    91. Dietary fibers
    a. Collagens
    b. Peptidoglycans
    c. Pectin
    d. Starc

    92. Lymph flow from the foot is
    a. increased when an individual rises from the supine to the standing position
    b. increased by massaging the foot
    c. increased when capillary permeability is decreased
    d. decreased when the valves of the leg veins are incompetent
    e. decreased by exercise

    93. Which of the following is not synthesized in both endocrine glands and the brain?
    a. Somatostatin
    b. Cortisol
    c. Dopamine
    d. ACTH
    e. Oxytocin

    94. Regular rhythmic fluctuations in electrical activity are observed in the cerebral cortex and thalamus. In addition, they are seen in the
    a. mediobasal portion of the hypothalamus
    b. cerebellar cortex
    c. midbrain reticular formation
    d. amygdale
    e. pons

    95. In a healthy, alert adult sitting with the eyes closed, the dominant EEG rhythm observed with electrodes over the occipital lobes is
    a. delta (0.5-4 Hz)
    b. theta (4-7 Hz)
    c. alpha (8-13 Hz)
    d. beta (18-30 Hz)
    e. fast, irregular low-voltage activity

    96. A person cannot differentiate between red n green colour while making presentation on computer, what is the most likely defect in this patient ?
    a. Absent rods.
    b. Absent cones.
    c. macula lutea

    97. What will be the symptoms if there is leison in left optic radiation?
    a. Blind left eye.
    b. rt.homonymous hemianopia.
    c. bitemporal hemianopia.
    d. binasal hemianopia.
    e. lt.homonymous hemianopia

    98. In right shift of oxygen dissc. curve the most likely value of T50 would b?
    a. 20
    b. 18
    c. 26
    d. 35

    99. The part of basal nuclei is………?
    a. putamen.
    b. amygdolid.
    c. Subthalamus
    d. Hypothalamus

    100. Isoelectric segment of ECG during which the complete ventricular depolirization occurs
    a. QRS
    b. QT SEG
    c. ST seg

    101. 2nd part of duodenum is crossed anteriorly by ……
    a. mesocolon attachment
    b. left renal vein
    c. sup mesenteric artery
    d. portal vein

    102. adult polycystic kidney disease
    a. autisomoal dominant
    b. aut.ressecive
    c. x linked

    103. A male 60 yr Generalized lymphadenopathy, on peri, smear lymphocytes looks mature cell ………
    a. CLL
    b. CML
    c. ALL

    104. Damage to median nerve……
    a. loss of abduction of thumb
    b. loss of adduction of thumb
    c. loss off sensattion on lateral side of hand

    105. CSF composition approprate is ………
    a. 20_40mg/protein
    b. Sodium 130 meq/ml
    c. Glucose 120mg/dl

    106. Internal capsule inapprorate is……..
    a. ant, and post. limb contains cortiospinal n corticocerbellar fiber
    b. sensory fibers pass thru ant limb
    c. corona radiate transmit impulses to cortex

    107. Primordial germ cells deriveted from..
    a. wall of yolk sac.
    b. Amnion
    c. Trophoblast
    d. Deciduas

    108. during sleep hormone level is more than awake time
    a. cortisol
    b. ADH
    c. epinephrine

    109. anarobes infectionall all true execpt…….
    a. granuloma formation
    b. gangrene
    c. food poisoning
    d. necrosis
    e. lock jaw

    110. male 40 yr,15kg overwt with 20mmol blood sugar i treatment in addition to diet and excirse is
    a. biguanides
    b. glybenclamide
    c. acarbose

    111. Myasthenia garvis diz is……
    a. type 2 H.S reaction
    b. type 1
    c. type 3
    d. type 4

    112. poststreptococcal G.N is,,,,
    a. type 2 H.S reaction
    b. type 1
    c. type 3
    d. type 4

    113. Water flow from plasma to interstial fluid
    a. filtration.
    b. with sodium
    c. active process
    d. facilitated transport

    114. lymph filtration in spleen occurs in
    a. penicillus arteries
    b. trabicular
    c. centre
    d. peripheral

    115. Venous blood from the leg is increased during exercise,,
    a. muscle contration of leg
    b. valve in veins may be
    c. intra thoracic pressure

    116. Optic chiasma lesion causes..
    a. bitemporal hemianopia
    b. rt homonymeous hemianopia
    c. lt..homonymeous hemianopia

    117. father A ,,mother AB ,,fetus will never have blood group ……….
    a. O
    b. B
    c. AB
    d. A

    118. Mother –ve , father +ve 1st child with hepatospleenomegaly now 2nd child (erythroblastosis fetalesis),, baby has blood group….
    a. O+ve
    b. O-ve
    c. B-ve

    119. Pituitary gland not related with…..
    a. facial nerve
    b. sphenoid sinus
    c. cavvernous sinuus
    d. optic chiasma

    120. lady with PPH can not lactate her baby inspite of willing for lactation due to
    a. sheehans synd..
    b. anemia
    c. fibroid
    d. endometrial hyperplasia

    121. Female patient having ch, renal failure ,,best donor for transplatation ..
    a. twin
    b. husband
    c. step sister
    d. step brother

    122. In saliva bactriocidal agent is ……..
    a. lysozymes
    b. lysosome
    c. acid
    d. amylin
    e. IgA

    123. Rationale treatment of essenial HTN
    a. alpha blkers
    b. aldosterone
    c. Angiotensin receptor blocker

    124. Antibiotic given with serum conc, mointering ..
    a. vancomycin
    b. cyclosporine
    c. omeprazole

    125. Gardeners spraying inscticieds become sunconseous, salivation. drug to be given to antagonize symptoms ….
    a. Pralidoxime
    b. Atropine
    c. Epinephrine

    126. Adrenal glands blood supply most inappropriately..
    a. all branches of arteries from aorta.
    b. 1 branch from renal art
    c. 1 br from phrenic

    127. Nephrotic synd, with Generalized .edema due to….
    a. dec, colloidal osmotic pressure
    b. dec hydrostatic pressure
    c. dec salt retention

    128. ADH dec. by ……
    a. Alcohol
    b. Aldosterone
    c. inc salt
    d. decrease body water
    e. starvation

    129. PPI’s drug is …
    a. omeprazole.
    b. Cimetidine
    c. Metoclopramide

    130. H2 blockers …
    a. dec HCL secretion
    b. delay gastric emptying
    c. inc hcl

    131. Which is not immunosuprresnt…?
    a. anticholerngic agent
    b. corticosteroid
    c. methotrexate

    132. Which is not malignant lesion
    a. Osteomlytis
    b. Ulcerative colitis
    c. Erythroplakia
    d. sarcoidosis

    133. Swallowing stage…
    a. Palantopharngeus muscles moves laterally
    b. Larynx moves down
    c. Palate move downwards

    134. Basophilia of cell due to…
    a. RER
    b. golgi bodies
    c. nnucleus

    135. CIN of cervix most easy cheaper and valuable tst ..
    a. pap smear
    b. ultrasound
    c. D n C

    136. Correct about ureter………
    a. enter rt angle in blabber
    b. lies above utrine artery
    c. is not close to cervix
    d. present in broad ligament
    e. posteriorly external ilaic vessels

    137. regarding posteror mediastinum,,,,
    a. aorta gives 9 post intercostal br
    b. all intercostals veins drain into azygous vein
    c. Thoracic duct turn to left side

    138. 3rd part of subclavian artery anyersum swelling present in…
    a. ant triangle
    b. post triangle
    c. axilla

    139. Ventilation is very high at ….
    a. apex of lung
    b. base of lung
    c. middlle zone

    140. Pacemaker for cerebral cortex which show changes on EEG ….
    a. Thalamus
    b. reticular formation
    c. hypothalamus

    141. Nigrostratail fibers secrete neurotransmitter …
    a. dopamine
    b. Ach
    c. Seotonin

    142. Hormone causing Gluconeogenesis …
    a. glucogan.
    b. GH
    c. ADH
    d. Insulin

    143. Patient with fever ,joint pain ,chest infection, anemia,, HB type present will be
    a. HB ss
    b. HBsc
    c. HB A2

    144. Ac ventricular failure, resp distress, drug of choice is…
    a. i/v frisemide
    b. dopamine
    c. streptokinase
    d. oxygen

    145. Thyroid gland ..
    a. Histological active follicles contain more colloid
    b. start at uppper border of thyroid cartilage
    c. isthamus at c123

    146. Sympathetic block to urinary baldder, which will result??
    a. pain n filling sensation lost
    b. unable to empty bladder
    c. inc tone of int.bladder sphincter
    d. dec tone of ext.bladder sphincter
    e. inc male fertility

    147. Vagal stimulation result in..
    a. inc gasticc emptying
    b. dec gasticc emptying
    c. block acid secretion

    148. Tumor with least likely metastasis
    a. BCC
    b. SCC
    c. lymphoma

    149. Which of the following drug irreversibly blocks platelet action…
    a. asprin
    b. naproxen
    c. diclofenac

    150. patient wth BT prolong ,normal CT ,normal Aptt with clott retriction problem
    a. afibrinogenmia
    b. thrompocytopenia
    c. hemophilia

    151. FEMALE hyperthoriodism with palpitaion and tachycardia, pulse rate 110, all these findings are due to…
    a. beta adrenergic response
    b. Alpha adrenergic
    c. vagus stimulation

    152. Pul.O2 toxicity result from
    a. prolong o2 therapy
    b. inc PCO2
    c. at high altitude
    d. in under water

    153. Clinically, GFR is measured by
    a. creatine
    b. inulin
    c. PAH

    154. About ansa cervicalis……..all are correct except
    a. supply to carotid body
    b. c1,2,3
    c. joins hypoglossal
    d. supply thyrohyoid muscle

    155. Inappropriate for type 2 Hyper.Sensitivity..
    a. mast basophiles ,platelates degranulation play major role
    b. antibody antigen complex
    c. circulating complex

    156. Which one of the following is correct
    a.csf production is 500ml/day
    b. hyperkalemia occurs in sever diabetes mellitus
    c. 98 % potassium is present intra cellularly

    157. Heparin prevent thrombus
    a. propagation
    b. embolization
    c. formation
    d. organization

    158. Anti thrombin 3 is activated by
    a. heparin
    b. warferine

    159. Which of the following organism produce hemorrhagic fever when person is infected for the 2nd time
    c. dengue
    d. rubella

    160. Which of the following is inappropriate
    a. hyperplasia is inc in number of cell
    b. hypertophy is inc in size
    c. hyperplasia n hypertrophy can not occur in the same tissue

    161. Regarding parasympathetic stimulation
    a. increase PR interval
    b. decrease PR interval
    c. decrease QRS interval

    162. In case of hyperthyroidism, which is inappropriate
    a. increase bone demineralization
    b. calciuria
    c. hyper phosphatemia
    d. hypercalcemia

    163. At alveolar level, microbicidal function is done by
    a. alveolar macrophages
    b. IgA
    c. mucus

    164. A patient has bone sarcoma, radiations were given,, after some days patient developed skin ulcer at site of radiation, which is not healing. This is most likely due to
    a. endartritus obliterans
    b. infection
    c. malignancy
    d. venous thrombosis

    165. O2 n H2O2 is produced in neutrophil from
    a. peroxisome
    b. mitochondria
    c. lysosome
    e. nucleus

    166. Respiratory center in brain is sensitive to changes in
    c. pH
    d. H ion concentration

    167. Regarding Opiods
    a. can be safely given with mono amine oxidase inhibitor
    b. can be given in increased intra cranial pressure
    c. older persons are less sensitive to it, so increase dose should be given

    168. In which of the following vein venous PaO2 n PaCO2 is appropriate with arterial blood
    a. femoral vein
    b. anticubetal vein
    c. intenal juglar vein
    d. subclavian vein
    e. veins on dorsum of a warm hand

    169. External carotid artey is differentiated from internal carotid artery
    a. more pulsatile
    b. branches in neck
    c. deep

    170. A person after some kind of thermal stress, was found to be unconscious, on examination he has cold clamy extremities, core body temperature 99 F, n has hypotension,, which of the following phenonmenon occurred
    a. heat exhaustion
    b. heat stroke
    c. hypoyhermia

    171. A patient has pituitary tumor, in addition to blindness from compression of optic chiasma, it has also eroded lower part of hypo thalamus. Which of the following will result from hypothalamus lesion
    a. hyperphagia
    b. hyperthermia
    c. hypothermia

    172. Most common congenital heart disease
    a. ASD
    b. VSD
    c. TOF

    173. Which of the following autoimmune disease involves only single organ
    a. SLE
    b. RA
    c. cystic fibrosis

    174. EBV causes which malignancy
    a. nasopharyngeal carcinoma
    b. kaposi sarcoma
    c. burkitt’s lymphoma

    175. About chalamydia
    a. cause choriorretinitis
    b. cause trachoma
    c. is aerobic organism
    d. is club shaped

    176. When loop diuretic given, which one of the following is correct
    a. dec interstitium osmolality,so dilute uurine is produced
    b. dec osmolality of tubular fluid
    c. dec calcium in urine
    d. dec urea secreted in urine

    177. Central artey of retina is related to
    a. superior orbital fissure
    b. inferior orbital fissure
    c. optic canal
    d. cavernous sinus
    e. facial vein

    178. Turbulence in vessel is increased by increase in
    a. diameter
    b. velocity
    c. radius
    d. viscosity

    179. About broncho pulmonary segment
    a. supplied by tertiary bronchiole
    b. is independent of each other
    c. artey is anterior to bronchus
    d. vein is posterior to bronchus

    180. Osmlarity increase with increase in
    a. number of solute particles
    b. size of solute particles
    c. molecular weight of solute particles

    181. Blood supply of stomach
    a. right gastric artery supply lesser curvature
    b. right gastroepiploic artey is branch of gastrodudenal artery
    c. short gastric artery is branch of hepatic artery

    182. What is true regarding fibroadenoma of the breast ?
    a. posterior acoustic enhancement in less than 50%
    b. is likely to be tender to palpation
    c. macro calcifications are usually seen
    d. regresses after menopause
    e. the presence of a halo is an ominous sign

    183. Medullary branch of vertebral artery is damaged on right side, which of the following will result
    a. loss of hypoglossal nerve function on same side
    b. loss of hypoglossal function on opposite side
    c. loss of all sensation on opposite side
    d. loss of voluntary movement on opposite side

    184. Insulin secretion is decreased by
    a. glucagon secretion
    b. food intake
    c. somatostatin release
    d. pituitary gland

    185. Connective tissue in all body except head n neck, is derived from
    a. ectoderm
    b. endoderm
    c. mesoderm
    d. ecto + meso
    e. meso +endo



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