Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine March 2008


Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine March 2008

Medicine March 2008


1] Which one of the following is COX-II INHIBITOR?

A} Aspirin

B} Ibuprofen

C} Indomethacin

D} Meloxicam

E} Piroxicam


2] Which one of the following vitamin deficiency causes HOMOCYSTENURIA?

A} Vitamin B1

B} Vitamin B2

C} Vitamin B6

D} Vitamin B12

E} Biotin


3] Which one of the following structures is present at free edge of LESSER OMENTUM?

A} Bile duct, cystic artery, portal vein

B} Bile duct, hepatic artery, portal vein

C} Hepatic vein, hepatic artery, portal vein


4] A 16 year old boy was given CO-TRIMAXAZOLE for fever, after few hours he developed red color urine, likely abnormality is in

A} Glucose-6-Phosphate deficiency

B} Immune hemolysis

C} Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria

D} Malaria

E} Sickle cell disease


5] Thiamine deficiency causes

A} Peripheral Neuropathy

B} Pellagra

C} Chelosis

D} Dermatitis


6] Milk is notoriously deficient in

A} Vitamin C

B} Iron

C} Riboflavin

D} Pantothenic acid

E} Vitamin A


7] Dry heat kills the bacteria by

A} Coagulation of proteins

B} Cell lysis

C} Free radical formation

D} Direct killing

E} Oxidation


8] Virus damage the cell by

A} Making the pores in cell membrane

B} Forming free radicals

C} Altering the formation of proteins

D} Nuclear damage

E} using energy for their own metabolism


9] Which one of the following lipoprotein has highest protein content?







10] All are related to PLATELET FUNCTION EXCEPT

A} Capillary resilience test


C} Clot retraction


11] ALLELLE is:

A} Fragmented genes

B} Non-identical genes

C} Structural genes

D} Regulatory gene

E} Autosomal Dominant gene


12] D.I.C is stimulated by:

A} Factor X

B} Factor XII

C} Thromboplastin

D} Factor IX

E} Fibrinogen


13] In parenchymal cells Iron is deposited in the form of

A} Tranferrin

B} Ferritin

C} Heamatin

D} Heamoglobin

E} Lipifuscin


14] a mother is having blood group A+(Ao, DD), father is having blood group B+(Bo, Dd). Which of the following blood group cannot be inherited by their children?

A} A+

B} B+

C} AB+

D} AB-

E} O+


15] The person has suffered the injury to spinal cord leading to HEMISECTION of the cord, the IPSILATERAL sign will be

A} Loss of pain

B} Loss of temperature

C} Loss of sensation of touch and vibration

D} Lower motor neuron paralysis

E} Upper motor neuron paralysis


16] Valve less vessel is

A} Aorta

B} Pulmonary artery

C} Coronary Sinus

D} Pulmonary Trunk



17] A lady has undergone colostomy is now on the TPN. She is prone to develop:

A} Hyperglycemia

B} Hypocalcaemia

C} Hypophosphatemia

D} Hyperviscosity

E} Hypoglycemia


18] Turner syndrome


B} 45XO

C} 46XY


E} 69XX


19] Regarding Von Willbrand disease

A} Autosomal Dominant

B} Autosomal Recessive

C} Some family members have low level of Factor IX

D} Some family members have abnormal level of Factor IX

E} has positive family history


20] Which of the following condition is related to lymphatics?

A} Angiosarcoma

B} Rhabdomyosarcoma

C} Cystic hygroma


21] The condition in which pulmonary trunk fails to divide leading to



B} Truncusarteriosus



22] Basal Cell Carcinoma is located at

A} Lower lip

B} Upper lip

C} Tongue

D} Hard palate

E} Soft palate


23] All are branches of Vagus Nerve except

A} Auricular Nerve

B} Lacrimal Nerve

C} Recurrent Larengeal Nerve

D} Internal Larengeal Nerve


24] Permanent Atrophy is caused by

A} Loss of Innervation

B} Hormonal Deficiency

C} Immobilization

D} Nutritional deficiency

E} blockage of arterial supply


25] Which of the following is not Carcinogen?

A} Alcohol

B} Benzathracine

C} Cyclophosphamide

D} Benzidine

E} Dimethylsulfate


26] The Initial step in APOPTOSIS is

A} Inhibition of P53 genes

B} Activation of BCL-2

C} Activation of Caspases

D} pores formed by lymphocytes


27] Which of the following is content of Cavernous Sinus?

A} Oculomotor

B} Trochelear

C} Abducent

D} Trigeminal (V3)


28] Which part of kidney produces ERYTROPOITEN

A} Macula Densa

B} Peritubular Capillary





29] A patient with signs and symptoms of megaloblassticanemia. The likely cause is

A Decreased GIT motility

B} Deficiency of intrinsic factor

C} Malabsorption


30] Stimulation to increase Serum Calcium is

A} Hypo-phosphatemia

B} Paratharmone

C} Decreased ECF


31] Malnutrition causes all of the following EXCEPT

A} Pitting Edema.

B} Loss of subcutaneous fat.

C} Failure to thrive.

D} Skin pigmentation

E} Thrombocytopenia


32] Liver biopsy from a patient shows a lesion which comprises of central collection of structure less material surrounded by epitheliod cells and lymphocytes. One large cell with multiple nuclei arranged close to membrane is also seen. The most likely change in central area would be:

A} Caseous necrosis

B} Coagulation necrosis

C} Fatty changes

D} Hydropic changes

E} Liquefective necrosis


33] A 28 year fisherman presented with slowly developing lethargy, easy fatigue and palpitations. His diet comprises of fish and rice only. Physical examination: Pallor, Loss of touch sense in both feet and legs Hb: 7.5 gm/dl, Platelet count: 110 x 10 9/L. Reticulocyte count: 0.5%. Stool DR: Ova of Intestinal parasite. The most likely causative parasite is

A} AnkylostomataDuodenale

B} AscrisLumbricoidis

C} DiphylobothriumLatum

D} StrangyloidsStercoralis

E} TaeniaSaginata


34] A 40 year old male after road traffic accident had received massive blood transfusion. He is expected to have all EXCEPT

A} Hypocalcaemia

B} Hypokalemia

C} Hypothermia

D} Left shift of Oxyheamoglobin dissociation curve

E} Metabolic acidosis


35] The endothelial molecules ICAM-1 & VCAM-1 are responsible for

A} Direct endothelial injury

B} Endothelial cell contraction

C} Junctional retraction

D} Leukocyte adhesion

E} Leukocyte margination


36] Eating raw or under cooked meat can cause infestation by

A} DracunculousMedinensis

B} EchinecoccusGranulosis

C} Liver Fluke

D} Schistosomiasis

E} Tape Worm


37] A pt: has sustained burn that is very painful with blisters. Healing of this burn will take place from which of the following layers of the skin

A} Basal layer of epidermis

B} Keratinized layer

C} Layer of upper dermis

D} Lower dermis

E} Subcutaneous layer


38] A 40 year old male presented with jaundice and generalized itching. His LFT shows Direct Billirubin 11 mg/100 ml, SGPT 75U/L, Alkaline Phosphate 2300 IU/L 500IU/L. The most likely cause is

A} Drug induced jaundice

B} Extra hepatic Cholestasis

C} Autoimmune Hepatitis

D} Alcoholic Hepatitis

E} Intrahepatic Cholestasis


39] The tissue damage by Ionization Radiation is due to

A} Damage to Golgi bodies

B} Formation of free radicals

C} Hydropic degeneration

D} Metaplasia of cell

E} Swelling of cells


40] Formation of free radicals cause by

A} Ionization Radiation


41] Edema of renal origin is most likely due to

Albuminuria & sodium retention

B} Decreased water excretion

C} Hypertension

D} Renal stone

E} Sodium retention by the kidney


42] Increase in Light Chain Immunoglobulins Is the characteristic feature of

A} Endocrine type Amyloidosis

B} Hereditary Amyloidosis

C} Localized type Amyloidosis

D} Reactive Amyloidosis

E} Systemic type Amyloidosis


43] Chemotaxis is caused by

A} C5a

B} C5b

C} Lymphokines

D} Leucotriene B3

E} Opsonins


44] Following are the actions of Archidonic acid metabolites in inflammation EXCEPT

A} Chemotaxis

B} Increased vascular permeability

C} Thrombosis

D} Vasoconstriction

E} Vasodilatation


45] A 65 year old male pt: presented with chest pain for last 30 mins. And has ST segment elevation in LEADS V1 to V4. He is most likely to have

A} Anterior infarction

B} Anterolateral infarction

C} Anteroseptal infarction

D} Inferior Infarction

E} True Posterior infarction


46] A female at 30 wks of gestation has Hb: 9.0 g/dl with normocytic normochromic picture. The blood condition is most likely due to

A} Iron deficiency

B} Decreased bone marrow activity

C} Folic acid deficiency

D} Increased placenta size

E} Plasma Volume Expansion


47] The Sensations of Anterior Triangle of the neck is mediated through

A} C1, C2, C3

B} C1, C2, C3, C4

C} C2, C3, C4

D} C2, C3s

E} C1, C2


48] All are features of IRREVERSIBLE cell injury EXCEPT

A} Karyolysis

B} Karyorhexis

C} Autolysis

D} Shrinkage of mitochondria

E} Appearance of myelin figure


49] A young athlete has difficulty in flexion of knee and extension of hip. Which of the following muscle is likely paralyzed

A} Rectus femoris

B} Sartorius

C} Semitendinosus

D} Vastaslateralis

E} Popliteus


50] In the Aortic opening I the Diaphragm is constricted, which of the following structure will be compressed along with Aorta

A} Azygous vein and Vagus nerve

B} Thoracic duct and Vagus nerve

C} Thoracic duct and Azygos vein

D} Azygos vein and both phrenic nerves

E} Inferior vena cava


51] When the bulbur urethra wil injure, urine will leak into

A} Deep Perineal Pouch

B} Superficial Perineal Pouch

C} Fascia lata

D} Scrotum

E} Ischiorectal fossa


52] The most common site of fertilization in humans is

A} Ovary

B} Uterus

C} Fallopian tube

D} Cervix

E} Peritoneal cavity


53] The initial event in the transfer of RBC to site of inflammation

A} Margination

B} Emigration

C} Pavementation

D} Diapedesis

E} Phagocytosis


54] A semiconscious patient is brought to the emergency room. He has history of taking some unknown drug. NaHCO3 reverses the action of the drug. Which drug the pt. has likely taken:

A} Phenobarbital

B} Phenothiazine

C} Morphine

D} Diazepam

E} Alcohol


55] Within 1 hr of the Acute M.I, which of the following enzyme will be raised?



C} Alkaline Phosphatase


E} Troponin T


56] Which organelle is not present at axon hillock

A} Microtubules

B} microfilaments

C} Mitochondria




57] Which is not related to embolus?

A} Liquid

B} Gas

C} Thrombus

D} Amniotic fluid

E} Fat


58] Which of the following muscle compensate for supinator?

A} Biceps Brachi

B} Brachialis

C} Brachioradialis


59] A patient presented with anterior wall M.I Artery involved is




60] Which of the following molecule easily crosses Blood Brain Barrier?

A} CO2

B} H2O


61] Hypervitaminosis A cause


A} Ataxia

B} Anemia

C} Scaly Dermatitis


62] Hypertrophy indicates

A} Increase in size of cell

B} Increase in no. of cell

C} Decrease in no. of cell

D} Decrease in size of cell


63] Diabetic patient using Roziglitazone and metformin. Which investigation for follow up

A} Lipid profile + Renal profile

B} Renal profile + Hepatic profile

C} Renal profile + Hepatic profile + Cardiac

64] If the whole movement of Abduction of arm is lost the likely damage is in the Brachial Plexus

A} Upper trunk + Posterior cord

B} Upper trunk + Medial cord

C} Lower trunk + Posterior cord

D} Lower trunk + Medial cord


65] Cords of Brachial Plexus are named according to Relation with

A} Axillary artery

B} Subclavian artery


66] Myelination in CNS is done by

A} Schwann cells

B} Oligodendrocytes

C} Astrocytes

D} Microglia cells


67] Captopril

A} can be given in large doses in hypertensive crisis


68] Which of the nucleus is NOT related to Facial Nerve?


A} Main Dorsal Nucleus

B} Nucleus of TractusSolitarius

C} Nucleus Ambiguas

D} Sensory nucleus


69] Platelets

A} Are formed from precursor cells in the bone marrow

B} Has no nucleus


70] Primary auditory cortex is present in

A} Occipital lobe

B} Superior Temporal Gyrus

C} Frontal lobe

D} Prefrontal lobe


71] Patient is suffering from factor VIII deficiency

A} Genetically Engineered Factor VIII is available


72] Most Common cause of Thyrotoxicosis


A} Graves disease

B} Solitary nodule

C} Toxic nodular goiter

D} Diffuse goiter


73] Which of the following is involved in maintaining RESTING MEMBRANE POTENTIAL?

A} Outward Potassium current

B} Outward Sodium current

C} Inward Sodium current

D} Inward Chlorine current

E} Sodium/potassium ATPase Pump


74] Heart sound produced by rapid ventricular filling is

A} 1st heart sound

B} 2nd heart sound

C} 3rd heart sound

D} 4th heart sound

E} 5th heart sound


75] A patient presented with vertical diplopic, head tilting, and also difficulty coming downstairs the likely nerve damaged is

A} Oculomoter nerve

B} Trochlear nerve

C} Trigeminal nerve

D} Optic nerve

E} Abducent nerve


76] Substance has to cross semi permeable membrane in simple diffusion

A} Is not saturable

B} Require carriers

C} Require energy


77] Carcinoma prostate drain into

A} Para-aortic nodes

B} External iliac nodes

C} Internal iliac nodes

D} External and internal iliac nodes


78] Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure is so

A} Catheter used is wedge shaped

B} Is direct measurement of left atrial pressure

C} Is direct measurement of Right atrial pressure





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