Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied November 2014

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  1. Diabetic pt develops sensory abnormalities of left leg & ulcer of big toe…
    A. Angiopathy with Neuropathy.

2.Pt has pain in region of auricle wch bcums worse on chewing.nerve involved?
a.auriculotemporal nerve
b.glossopharangeal nerve
c.infraorbital nerve
d.ant sup alveolar nerve

3.Rh agglutinin presnt on surface of RBCs presnt in Rh +ve blood grps produced in Rh-ve mother when she conceives as Rh+ve baby
d.Rh-ve individual has D antigen

4: Which of the f/w is not a tumor marker:
a.Alpha 1 antitrypsin

5.the main cause of increased blood flow to exercising muscles
a.raised b.p
b.vasodilatation due to local metabolites sympathetic discharge to peripheral vessels heart rate

6.Fight n flight response results in
a.dec airway resistance resistance of airway
c.pupil constrction
d.none of above

7.Growth hormone secretion is increased by
d.REM sleep

8: Thirst is reduced by…
A: Increase Extracellular volume
b: .inc rennin
c: Dec extra cellular volume

9: Another function of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum:
b.protein synthesis

  1. An old women presented with weakness, palpitation & Breathlessness on exertion, tingling of feet, Hb low Tlc & platelet level given, Diagnosis:
    a: Vitamin B12 deficiency
    b.folic acid deficiency
    d.cobalamine def


  1. Involved in Hydroxyproline & hydroxylysin during collagen synthesis…
    a.Ascorbic Acid
    b.vit D
    c.vit B12
    d.vit B6
  1. Male pt with facial nerve palsy along with intension tremors on same side, site of lesion…
    A.Cerebello pontine angle
    c.internal capsule
    e.cerebral cortex
  1. Pharmacological block of HCL by H2 antagonist…
    A.Inhibits both gastrin induced & vagally mediated secretion of acid.
    b.inhibits gastrin induced secretion of acid only
    c.inhibits vagally mediated secretion only
  1. Cardiac valve lesion, Angina common in…
    A.Aortic stenosis
    b.aortic regurgitation
    c.mitral stenosis
    d.mitral regurgitation

15.Stimulation by Injection of Parasympathetic, dec in…
A.Size of pupil
b.intestinal motility

  1. Aldosterone secretion greatly stimulated by Rise in..
    A.Plasma K” level
    b.renin level
    c.acth level
  1. In menopause…
    A. Dec Estrogen Increase in FSH & LH.
    b.dec estrogen decrease Fsh n Lh estrogen decrease in FSH & LH
  1. After Inability to void urine…
    A. S2,3,4
  1. Pt present with pain & inability to abduct shoulder joint, tenderness over greater tuberosty, after initial abduction of 40°, he is able to abduct his shoulder…
    a.Supraspinatus injury
    b.deltoid injury
    c.teres major
    d.serratus ant
  1. Hydrocephalus most commonly due to obst of…
    a.Aqueduct of sylvius.
    b.foramen of monro
    c.foramen of luschka
    d.foramen of megendie
  1. Loss of visual acuity & field in thyrotoxic opthalmopathy…
    A.Optic nerve compression
    b.muscles trapping
  2. Compression of optic chiasma…
    A, Bitemporal hemianopia
    b.rt homonymous hemianopia homonynomous hemianopia
  1. Pt with Bitemporal hemianopia lession is at…
    A. Optic chiasma
    b.optic tract
    c.optic nerve
  1. Wasting of thenar eminence & weakness of abduction & oposition of thumb…
    A. Median nerve
    b.musculocutaneous nerve
    c.ulnar nerve
  1. Pregnant lady suffered frm measels, anomely expected in baby…
    A. Congenital catarct
  1. Male develop jaundice aftr use of drug given by quake, enz raised…
    A. Alanine transaminase
  1. Pt of DKA not respond to therapy & died, fungal infection, most likely orgnsm…
  2. Granuloma with caseating necrosis, most commonly found in…
    A. TB
  1. Splenectomy done chance of infection…
    A. Strep: Pneumoniae

  2. Fisherman develops lethrgy, fatigue & palpitation,
    Taking fish in diet, O/E Pallor, loss of touch……
    A.Diphylobothrium latum
  3. Pregnant lady present with jaundice, total bilirubin 11, direct 9, indirect 2, has Gall stones, which enzyme ll be raised…
    b.Alkaline phosphatase.
  4. A boy presented with skin rash, fever, joint pain, group of localized lymph node enlargment after the 7 days of IVG injection…
    A: Type-3
    b.Type 2
    c.type 1
    d.type 4
  1. Old female has Necrotic lession in nose, urine exam revealed proteinurea, biopsy shows granuloma with necrosis & vasculitis, diagnosis…
    A.Wegners Granulomats

34. Old male presented with sore throat & cervical lymphadenopathy. Blood picture shows Atypical lymphocytes, useful initial test would be…
a. Monospot test

  1. A lady frm village hx of dificult labour, presented in ER with bleeding P/V & Oozing frm gums fr last 7 hrs.
  1. Chronic hemolysis, endogenous pigment…
    A. Haemosiderin
  1. Most potent chemotactic agent…
    A. C5a
  1. Parasite associated with cholangio-carcinoma…
    A. Clonorchis sinensis
  1. Most reliable microscopic finding of Chronic hepatitis…
    A.Fibrosis leukocytes
  1. A child presented with rashes started around ears then spreads over face then trunk & limbs, posible diagnosis…
    b.chicken pox
  1. Most reliable Investigation/finding in the diagnosis of TB…
    a. Caseating granuloma
    b.demonstration of AFB
  2. Diagnostic feature of plasmodium falciparum…
    A. Black water fever
  3. Cereberal malaria…
    a.Plasmodium Falciparium
  1. Gas gangrene cause of death…
    A. Toxemic shock
    c.septic shock
  1. Most common cause of Metaplasia…
    b:Chronic irritation
  1. Most common route of infection of HBV & HCV…
    a.Blood transfusion
    b.contaminated needles
  1. Most common promoting factor for the development of liver cirrhosis in Adult male.
    b.hep B
    c.Hep C
    d.Hep A
    e.hep D
  1. Young pt with generalized edema & proteinurea 6gm/day, defect at which area..
    A. Basement membrane
  1. Most useful parameter for diagnosis of SLE…
    A.Antibodies against Ds DNA
  1. Old farmer while doing sterneous working in very hot sunny day suddenly colapsed
    Plasma Na level was low, cause…
    A. Excessive sweating
    b.dec sodium
    c.dec osmolarity
  1. Boy brought by his mother with complain of loss of apitite, vomiting & yellow sclera, inv of choice…
    A. Bilirubin+ALT
  1. Type 3 hypersensitivity reaction…
    A. Post streptococal glomerulonephritis
    b.hemolytic anemia dermatitis
  1. Cause of localized edema.
    A. Allergic condition
    c.nephrotic syndrome
  1. Most likely complication in mouth due to chewing Betal nut & pan…
    A. Submucous fibrosis
    b.mouth CA
  1. Alleles are…
    A. Non-identical genes at same locus.
    b.identical genes at diff locus
  1. OT technician has acute eczematous dermatitis on hands & wrist in the area covered by latex gloves…
    A. Type-4
    b.type 1
    c.type 2
    d.type 3
  1. Hemolytic disease of newborn caused by RH blood group incompatibility…
    The mediater of disease…
    A. IgG antibody
    b.IgM antibody
    c.IgA antibody
  1. Loss of which one of the f/w class of molecules on the surface of a tumor cell target would result in lossof susxeptibility to killing by host immune cells…
    A. MHC-Class 1
    b.MHC-Class 2
  1. Oral contraceptive pills
    Common complication…
    A.Breast Ca
    b: Thromboembolism
  2. K/c of Tuberculosis on ATT therapy develops Big toe swelling with pain, drug culprit…
  1. Pyrazinamide61. Anticoagulants contraindication…
  2. Barr body test diagnostic for
    a: KlineFelter syndrome
    b.Turner Syndrome
  3. Epigastric pain due to Gastric ulcer, nerve involved?.
    A. Greater splaanchic
    b.lesser splanchnic
  4. Monitoring of Blood level for Antibiotic, routenly indicated fr…
    A. Vancomycin
  1. Staphylococus aureus infection DOC…
    b: Cloxacillin
  2. Source of infection lies infront Neck anterior to Pre-tracheal fascia, infection can spread upto…
    A. Anterior mediastenium
    b.superior mediastinum
  3. Regarding Kallman Syndrome…
    c.arcuate nucleus involved
    d.kall gene on y chromosome
  1. Barrier seprates blood of mother from fetus etc…
    a.syncitiotrophoblast & fetus endothelium
    b.cyto & fetus endothelium
  1. Secretion of ADH is inhibited by…
    A. Alcohol osmolarity
  2. During exercise venous blood return frm legs by…
    A. Contraction of muscles
  3. Blood vessels contain most of the systemic blood…
    A. Veins & veinules
  1. Regarding Post: fontanelle…
    A. Area is smaller as compared to anterior fontanella.
    b.can b felt in occipito post position
  1. Basal Ganglia
    a. initiate movements
  2. Diagnostic microscopic criteria of malignant tumor…
    A. Invasion

75: difference b/w Malignant n premalignant lession
a. Pleomorphism

  1. Regarding Pituatry gland..
    a.Send venous drainage to Dura.
    b.ant develops from oral ectoderm
  1. Damage to tissue by Radiations mostly depends on…
    A. Duration of exposure.
    b.type of radiation
  2. Trauma case pelvic fracture with fracture of femor & tibia, pulse 110, BP 60/40mmHg, immediate management…
    A. IV Fluids.. airway
  1. Heparin given to pt of DVT it will prevent..
    A. Propagation
  2. Major cause of Atrophy..
    A. Loss of innervation
  1. Early Stage of Aschoff body shows…
    a. Eosinophils.. Fibrinoid necrosis82. Secondry Hyperaldosternism…
    A. Renin
  1. At the end of Merathon race…
    A. Dec insulin, increase Glucagon. insulin dec glucagon
    c.both inc
    d: both dec
  1. Vasoconstriction caused by…
    A. Angiotensin
  1. Left ventricular hypertrophy…
    a.Aortic valvular disease
    b.pulmonry valvular disease
  2. Most common position of Appendix…
  1. +Ve tendnbrg test…
    A. Superior gluteal nerve
    b.inf gluteal nerve
  2. A pt comes after 4 hrs with allergic reaction after bee stung…
    a. IM Adrenaline
    b.iv cortisone
  3. Alpha fetobprotein rise in..
    A. Testicular carcinoma
    b.embryonal ca
  4. Hypocampus region damage…
    A. Unable to convert short term memory into long term memories
  5. 91. Proteinurea, basement membrane disruption…
    a.AG ratio
    b. Albuminurea
  6.  Multiple sclerosis case
    Boy has complain of bed wetting, treatment…
    a. oxybutyrin
  7. . Prozone:
    a.high titer Antibodies 
  8. . Indirect psyco-physiologic brain activity…
    a.sweat gland activity…
    b. Pupillary size or Reaction
  9. Ashmatic + IHD pt on OT BP should be manage with…
    a.iv nitroproside
    b. iv nitroglycerine
  10. Regarding pain? extreme temprature pain receptors stimulated
  1. Wide spread pulmonary infarction, dyspnea, shock…
  1. Bioavailability taken for
    a. Oral route
    b.iv route route
  1. Inidence…
    a.New cases plus old cases
  2. Prevelence… cases no of cases except sudden outbreak cases
  1. Diarrhea…
    A.Metabolic acidosis with normal anion gap.
    b.metabolic acidosis with increased anion gap
  1. Hyline cartilage what is visible…
    a.collagen & elastic fibers (dnt know correct ans)
    b.collagen fibers only
    c.elastic fibers only
  1. After accident of young boy 55% lung collapsed…
    a.atmospheric pressure equal to intrapleural pressure
    b. High V/Q ratio104. DIC initiated by…
    a.Thromboplastin105. Most sensetive test fr Diabetic nephropathy…
    a.urine albumin
    b.urine for proteins
  2. Artery accompany phrenic nerve may be at risk during surgery…
  3. Regarding apex of heart..
    A. 8cm away frm mid sternum108. 6cm mass infrnt thigh
    Biopsy most commonly shows…
  4. A man stand straight from 1 hr..
    a. Inc CVP
    b.dec cvp
  1. Severe hypomagnesemia…
  1. Hard keratin found in…
    a.Nail bed

12: . Hyperthyroidism snerio

Inc T4 level etc what ll decrease…
b: reverse T3

13. Dec level of 0xygen in arterial blood but O2 tension not affected…
a.Anemia poisoning

  1. DNA also found in…
  1. Large no of Mitochondria found on the surface of…
    a. Cilia
    b.liver cells
  2. Platelate adhesion..
    a.Rough endothelium
  3. Regarding Dead space..
    a. humidification, warm the air etc in tracheostomy
  4. Anaphylactic & hypovolmic common finding..
  5. Cardiac cycle phase b/w S1 & S2…
    A Ventericular systole
    b.atrial systole
  6. Herneated disc compress…
    a. Posterior root
    b.postero laterally

21. Regarding root value..
a. Knee joint L5
b.biceps jerk c6
c.triceps jerk c8

22. Product enter Krebs cycle…
a.Acetyl CoA

23. Factor not involve in internsic pathway…
A. Factor Vll
b.factor X

  1. Regarding blood suply of heart which statement is correct…
    A. LCA gives LAD & LCX
  2. Spinal anesthesia.given person bcums unconscious.cause?
    A. Loss of vasomotor tone126. Drugs absorption icreased by…
    a. Inc Lipid solubility127. Secretion of Insulin stimulated by…
    A. GIP
  3. Old man died after schemic attack, atopsy of Brain Slice shows…
    A. Liquifective necrosis
    b.coagulative necrosis
  4. Brocas area
    A. MCA
  1. Meningitis dec level of Glucose found in…
    A. Pyogenic Meningitis
  2. Mucus acini highest in.?..
    A. Sublingual Gland
    b.gastric glands
    c.parotid gland
  1. Dec no of T Cells found in…
    a.: Autoimmune disease
    b.bacterial infections
  2. About Major/ dangerous disease of child admitted in ward.. parents of the child response…
    a. Denial
  1. Regarding CCK all are correct except…
    A. Inhibit pancreatic secretions gall bladder secretions
  1. Snerio: Loss of motor function on Right side…
    Lession at…
    a. Left internal capsule
    b.right internal capsule
  1. Loss of pain & temp on Left side, & loss of touch, vibration on Right side.
    a.Right Hemisection of cord
    b.left hemisection of cord
  1. Transport through cell membrane involving Actin, myocin & clathrin…
    a. Pinocytosis
    b.secondary active transport
    c.facilitated diffusion
  1. Jaundice on 2nd day after birth total bilirubin 9…
    a. Physiological jaundice
    b.breast milk jaundice
  1. Regarding Recurrent laryngeal nerve…
    a.Branch of vagus nerve.
  1. Regarding ECG all are correct except…
    a.P wave absent in Atrial flutter
    b.St segment is from peak of S wave to start of T wave
  1. Regarding cardiac blood flow..
    a.regulated by local metabolites
  1. Regarding Vagus nerve
    a.Left recurrent laryngeal nerve hooks around ligamentm arteriosis
  1. Thyroid gland enclosed in…
    a.Pretracheal fascia
    b.investing facia
    c.vertebral fascia
    d.carotid fascia
  1. Hypokalemia…
    Ans. U waves on ECG Complet Heart Block…
a.Fainting may occur bcz unable to pump blood into ventricles.
b.atrial rate is lower than ventricular rate
c.ventricular fibrillation is common
d.fainting occurs bcuz of prolong periods during wch ventricles fail to contract.

  1. Parknson pt on L-Dopa treatment eventually wears off bcz…
    A. Dopamenrgic neurons in Subtncia nigra continue to degenerate. (ganong mcq)
  1. Sq cell carcinoma on buttock lymph drain into…
    a. horizontal group of superficial inguinal lymph nodes
    b.vertical grp of superficial inguinal nodes
    c.popliteal nodes
    d.deep inguinal nodes
  1. Hormone of slow wave sleep..
    A. Serotonin
  1. Neonate with small eyes etc…
    A. Trisomy 13
    b.trisomy 21
    c.trisomy 16
  1. Regarding Kidney relations…
    a. Left renal vein is long & anterior to renal artery
    b: right renal vein is long & anterior to renal artery
  1. Diazepam+ chlorpromazepine…
    a. sadation
    b muscle relexation
  1. C-ANCA…
    A. Vasculitis
  1. Pt with uremic nephropathy, what would not seen ?
    a. Hypophosphotenemia
  1. Child of 6 week age presented with jaundice, his dipper stained with Bilirubin…
    A.Gilbert Syndrome
    b.biliary atresia
  1. Atheletic after injury unable to Invert the foot but able to evert, rupture of….
    A. Tibialis Ant & Tibialis posterior.
    b.peroneus longus& flexor hallucis longus
  1. Which of the f/w has highest PH…
    A. Pancreatic juice
    b.gastric juice

c.salivary secretions

  1. Loss of taste Post 1/3 of tounge…
    A. Glossopharyngeal


  1. True Regarding receptors..
    a: Golgi tendon activated by muscle tension
    b.muscle spindle activated by golgi tendons
  1. Deep sea diver rapidly ascend pain in joints…why?
    A. Emboli in Arteries
    b.emboli in veins
  1. All are the findings in the Pt of congestive heart failure except…a. capillaries refill
    d.pulmonary  compliance
  1. 6 yrs boy 17-ketosteriod in urine, enlarge adult size penis, hairs on body…
    a: congenital adernal hyperplasia
    b.adrenogenital syndrome
  1. Regarding staging of tumor…
    a: Extent of invesion


  1. O2 delivary to the tissues decrease by…
    A.Increase PH
    b.dec pH H+ conc

  1. Regarding circle of wills..
    a.connects internal carotid + posterior comunicating artery
    b.connect ant communicating to post
  2. Gastric acid activate…
    A Pepsinogen
  3. Regarding Esophagus…
    A. Begins at thyroid cartilage
  4. Buccopharangeal memb separtess

A.nasal cavity from oral
b.Stomedium from pharynx/ foregut

168. Regarding yolk sac…
a. contain initial blood marrow

  1. Catecholamine derived from…
    A. Tyrosine170. N.Meningitis DOC…
  2. Pencillin.G171. Cholera, Path physiology…
    a. Activate adenyl cyclase
    b.activates chloride channels
  3. Alpha-1 receptor activation…
    A. Mydriasis
    b.meiosis gi motility
  1. Thyroid cancer, tumor marker…
    a: Calcitonin
  2. Ectopic ACTH.from?
    a.squamous cell Ca
    b. Small cell carcinoma
  3. Proton pump inhibitor..
    a. Omeparazole1
  4. . Recurrent abortions, thrombosis etc not respond on treatment…
    a: Factor V laden
    b,Antiphospholipd syndrome
  5. Aspirin overdose side effect…
    b.metabolic acidosis
  1. in middle cranial fossa…
    a.Trigeminalganglion residing thre
  2. .wch nerve present inside Cavernous sinus…?
    a.Abducent nerve
    b.occulomotor N
    c.trochlear N
  1. Regarding serotonin syndrome…
    a: TCA+SSRI1
  2. .bst test for Asthma..
    a: FEV1
  3. . Dec GFR except…
    a. constriction of efferent arteriole
  4. . Pt with hirsuitism.on scan multiple cysts
    a.polycystic ovarian disease
    b.polycystic kidney disease


a.start of new genetic disease in the family

  1. Congenital anomaly failure of separation of aorta & Pulmonary artery…
    A.Truncus Arteriosis
  2. Regarding end arteries…
    A. Present in vital organs.
  3. Max amount of air inspired n normaly expired
    a.Vital capacity
  1. Neurovascular bundle..
    A.Lower border of Rib
    b.upper border of lower rib
  1. Counseling: the people to help themselves. ppl to help others

  1. Sharp pain not include
    a. medial laminscus..
    b.spinothalemic tract
  2. Pancreatic duct :
  3. Have sphincter..192. Active transport:
    a.not for all drugs.
    b.non saturable
  4. Voluntary micturation…
    a. by parasympathetic

194.Wch one of following is chemical carcinogen?
a.alpha anti trypsin
c.ethyl alcohol
d.propyl alcohol has undergone surgry for adrenal gland tumor.He will have increasd threshold for wch of following taste sensation?



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