Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied 10 June 2015

All MCQS ARE RECALL QUESTIONS.HUMAN ERROR IS POSSIBLE Special thanks to Dr Mairrah (Vagus Nerve & Dr Waleed (Hewho Mustnot Benamed) & Members of FCPS Part-1 “Academics” GoodLuck and may ALLAH help you all.

1.80 year old male NIDDM: tolbutamide
2.lincosamides: ??
3. dobutamine: beta1 and beta2
4. wrong:widal test in 1st week…one
5. peroneus longus: eversion
6.deltoid ligament: ankle sprain
7.external intercostals:increase transverse diameter during inspiration
9.hpv infection 2 years back: dysplasia…one
10.diaphragm: mucle of normal quite inspiration
11.sub arachnoid hemorrhage: severe headache, hemmorhagiic csf…papr one
12.external laryngeal nerve: most commonly injured during thyroidectomy

13.axillary sheath: prevertebral fascia….one
14. biceps brachii: supreglenoid fossa
15. abdominal aorta: L2 renal branch
16.uterine lyomioma: hyperplasia…paper one
17.cervix ca: inc estrogen
18. metochlopramide: LES compatibilty
19. barbiturates: enzyme inducers
20.all wrong except: metronidazole does cross bbb
21.hcg except: ?paper one
22. pregnancy except:?
23.gluconeogenesis: glucagon
24. aldosterone: vasoconstriction…one
25. rectus sheath except: superficial incision damages nerves
26. aedes mosquito except: dengue hemorhhagic

27.echovirus causes: meningoencephalitis
28.hookworm sideeffect except: macrocytosis
29.gas gangrene: clostridium welchii…one
30. qrs :ventricular depolarization
31. av node: no p wave
32.purkinjee fibres: fastest conduction…one
33. m cells: transport antigen across intestinal epithelium
34.CCK: gastric emptying dec
35. styloid process of temporal bone : 2nd pharyngeal cleft
36. pseudocholinestrase:succinylcholine…one
37. total pancreatectomy: steatorrhea
38. igM:doesn’t cross placenta
39. hand lump, melanoma: uv radiations
40. hb o2: dec ph
41. brown sequard syndrome: ? bcq from asim
42. pain and temperature lost on right: BSS
43. optic tract lesion: Rt HH
44.optic tract lesion: Rt HH
45. stroke , loss of motivation and depressed: frontal lobe
46. hep E: doesn’t lead to chronic disease…one
47.P. malariae :more than
48 hours schizont cycle 48. mouth open: lateral pterygoid…one
49. internal thoracic artery except: ends at 8th intercostals space 50. aspirin antidote: bicarb
51.least important cancer causing: trauma
52. tumor suppressor: p53…one
53. bipolar : olfactory…one
54. except: trisomy13 edward
55. downs : inc mummy age…one
56 agammaglobinemia: pyogenic infections warfarin montiring
58. LMWH: after surgery given
59. h pylori : ca stomach
60.cephalhematoma: under periosteum
62.angina: aortic stenosis
63. pseudomonas: tnf…one
64.optic nerve compression: thyrotoxicosis
65. drug by hakeem : ALT
66. no agglutinin: ab +…one
67.ANA : mctd
68. transplant rejection worst prognosis: thrombosis and vasculitis 69. sle:??
70.ureter: not palpable per rectal
71.magaloblastic anemia : oval
72.siadh scenario
73. cushing disease scenario
74. ace inhibitor: mild ccf
75.asbestosis: mesothelioma
76.trop T: sensitive marker…one
77. hydrochlorthiazide: treatment of renal stones
78.hypoblast epiblast: 2nd week…one
79.hpv: ca cervix…one..I doubt
80.wernicke: fast speech, no sense
81.athetosis: slow writhing movements
82.dna damage: radiations…one
83.gonorrhea: gram stain of exudate…one
84.hematopoetic cells: bomb blast effects
85.adrenogenital syndrome scenerio…one
86.jg cells…one
87.aschoff degeneration
88.ipsilateral chest spring out and lung collapse: pneumothorax…one
89.statins: hypercholestrolemia
90.csf except: 60 to 150 pressure
91.posterior duodenal ulcer bleed : gastroduodenal artery
92. na reabsorption: max in PCT
93.atypical mycobacteria: resistant to ATT
94.chlorpromazine except :porphyria
95.9, 22: CML
96. pallegra: niacin…one
97.bone marrow aspiration: aplastic anemia scenerio
98.monocyte: foam cells
99.urachal fistula: patent lumen of allantois one
100.scanty bar bodies : klinefelters

1.blood supply of heart:LCA has LAD and circumflex branches…one 2.heart muscle conductivity: Ca…one
3.infraorbital arter branch of: maxillary artery…one
4.carpul tunnel except: ulner nerve
5.pubic bones unite: symphysis…one
6.pulmonay artery supplies: alveoli…one
7.microbial destruction in lung: alveolar macrophages…one
8.mean: sum of observable values /total number of observations…one
9.ethical pillars: non maleficance, beneficence, autonomy, justice…one
10.bronchopulmonary segment: aerated by tertiary bronchus…one 11.duodenal irritation pain: neck and shoulder
12.cut on elbow: vasoconstriction
13.pregnant lady anemia: plasma volume expansion…one
14. pruritis, jaundice female pt. :antimicrobial antibodies blood flow to skeletal mucle: epinephrine/ alpha antagonists 16. superiolateral relation of floor of fourth ventricle: inferior cerebeller peduncle…one
17. p deficit: atrial fibrillation…one
18. arterial thromboemboli: left ventricular mural thrombi…one
19. preload: EDV/ CVP
20. venous blood reservoir: inc venous volume
21.left suprerenal vein : left renal vein…one
22. hypoxemia: hypoxic hypoxia…one
23.4th heart sound: vibration in ventricles due to atrial 24.uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation: thyroid hormone…one
25. protein catabolism in periphery ,anabolism in liver: cortisol…one 26. bells palsy scenario: facial nerve
27. triacylglycerides: VLDL…one
28. brocas: non fluent aphasia…one
29.muscle length: muscle spindle
30.thyroid gand: functional change in epithelium…one 31.gastrectomy: pernicious anemia…one
32. cotton wool: diabetic retinopathy
33.increase ejection fraction: decrease end systolic volume…one
34. breast implant: plasma cells…one
35.insulin secreted by: glucagon…one
36.edema:lymphatic obstruction…one
37. kidney flow incease: dec protein…one
38. local edema: allergy…one
39.resting membrane potential: efflux of potassium…one 40.diabetes mellitus: urine albumin…one
41.brodmans area 312: all somatic sensations…one
42.water dieresis: positive water clearance…one
43. increased Nacl intake: increase blood volume…one 44.chemotactic: C5A…one
45.umblical vein: 80% oxygen…one
46.cerebellum: affrent from cortex/ propioreceptors…one 47.muscles: aponeurosis is fibous and membranous…one bleeding, diarrhea: vitk deficiency…one
49. swelling on scar tissue: neuroma…one
50. propranolol on heart: beta 1
51.optic nerve fibres end: lateral geniculate body
52.high output failure: beri beri
53.low output failure: IVC obstruction
54.scenerio compensated metabolic acidosis/ C M Alkalosis 7.36 PH, PCO2: 40 hco3:18
55.end arteries: retina…one
56. cant regenerate: lens…one
57.thromboembolism: prolong immobilization…one
58.sulphur containing AA: cysteine…one
59. pseudomembranous colitis: perfringes deficille…one
60. pregnancy what increased: TIBC…one
61.smooth muscle:gap junctions…one
62.memory lobe: temporal…one
63. smooth muscle contraction: ADH…one
64. dopamine doesn’t cross: blood brain barrier…one
65.scenerio: vonwillibrand disease
66.fats: increase fatty acid by adrenaline…onee
67.dorsal rami: supply extensors of trunk…one
68.tachyphylaxis: rapid dec responsiveness of drug…one
69. thymus: no follicles…one
70.dead space remains same: shallow respiration…one 71.meningitis: pyogenic low glucose…one
72.thorn prick injury: S aureus…one
73.metalloprotease: neutrophils
74. 3 smooth layer: fundus of stomach
75. NA and water maximum absorption: jejunum
76. pyruvate intermediate of: glucose and acetyl coa cycle…one
77. sa node position: upper segment of sulcus
78. lung function: fev1/fec
79.transitional epithelium: stratified with surface cell larger and rounded one
80.phonation: vocal cord adduct
81. metaplasia: chronic irritation…one
82.catarct: uv radiations
83.metaplasia: functional change/ variation in size and shape 84.parasympathetic: iris muscle contraction…one adopting: pacinian…one
86.person exercise: propioreceptors
87.leprosy: nasal scrapping
89.pupillary dilation: alpha adrenergic…one
90.slow wave sleep:serotonin
91.primary hepatocellular CA:hep C…one
92.apoptosis: protective against cancer
93.virus: inhibit protein synthesis…one
94.measles scenerio
95.insulin: dec ketogenesis…one
96.RBC: mcv
97.osmoregulation feedback : urine osmolarity
98. wound contracture: difference in primary and secondary wound intention one
99. supraoptic nucleus: adh one
100. cancer: overexpression of protooncogene one

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