Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Medicine 5th June 2015

Paper wasn’t in easy words…

But I don’t remember their wordings…I only remember wch I translated n got to know wot actually examiner iz askng….

by Dr Afzal Haq

  1. what iss appropriate about denticultae ligament
  2. join dura with vertebra
  3. join adjacent vertebra
  4. extension of dura
  5. extension of filum terminale
  6. after hepatectomy what will help in regeneration in initial stages
  7. IL6
  8. endothelial growth factor
  9. hepatic growth factor
  10. red purple nodules on arm oral thrush diarrheaa …disease associated along with these in that person?
  11. hhv 8
  12. pneumocystis carini
  13. kallmann syndrome



c.arcuate nuclei involved

  1. d. Y chromosome with kLgi gene
  2. 5. which involves in histamine release
  3. morphine (ans)
  4. tramadol
  5. best fluoroquinolone for gonorrhea and chlymadia infection
  6. a. ciprofloxacin (ans)




  1.  h/k blocker
  2. omperazole (ans)
  3. cimetidine
  4. secondary center of ossification

. a. epiphysis (ans)

  1. epiphysial plate



9.Pt is taking warfarin. what shouldnt be taken together

  1. cimetidine


  1.  pt having lobar pneumonia what will confirm diagnosis
  2. sputum culture
  3. afb
  4. blood culture
  5. stain for sputum
  6.  metaplasia
  7. a. functional change

b.diff shapes

  1. diagastric has two belly between these two belly intermediate tendon is attached to
  2. a. hyoid (ans)
  3. styloid



  1.  true about thymus
  2. lie on sternohoid sternothyroid muscles
  3. arch of aorta is in front of it
  4. lie in front of thyroid
  5. extend from lower border of thyroid to forth costal cartilage
  6. single lobed
  7. coronary blood flow is maintained by
  8. adenosine
  9. NO(ans)

14.. about calcitonin

  1. cannot be given in pain of paget
  2. will be helpful in vitaminosis D (ans)
  3. absorbs ca from intestine

15.Patient has following tests Total bilirubin raised conjugated bilirubin raised diagnosis

  1. Wilson (ans)
  2. hepatitis
  3. hemolytic anemia
  4. crigler
  5. gilbert

16.when will left ventricular pressure will be highest with normal pressure

  1. isovolumetric contraction (ans)

b.isovolumetric relaxation




  1. crescent in kidney elm specimen formed by
  2. fibrin
  3. paracetamol
  4. poor anti inflammatory (ans)
  5. will not effect the kidney
  6. class three anti arrhythmic
  7. lidocaine
  8. quinidine
  9. amiodarone (ans)
  10. ElM granular appearance …..
  11. post streptococcal glomerulonephritis.(ans)
  12. membranous GN
  13. in epidydimus non differentiated cells at the BASE
  14. spermatogonia A(ans)
  15. spermatogonia B
  16. sertoli cell
  17. spermatids
  18. 22. pt with HIV says you are not to tell anyone
  19. u will keep treating
  20. call the police
  21. will persuade him to tell her wife otherwise u tell her (ans)
  22. say him to use contraception
  23. will u go with his will
  24. pt weight gain cold intolerance how will u confrm diagnosis?
  25. T3 T4 TSH
  26. TSH

c.anti microsomal antibodies and antithyroglobins antibodies (ans)

d.Anti TSH antibodies

  1. pt with protruding eyes heat intolerance..

wot typ of sensitivity is this?

  1. type 1 hypersensitivity
  2. type 2
  3. type 4 (ans)
  4. pt having HIV and having infection
  5. due to decrease in helper t cell (ans)
  6. decrease cd 8 cells
  7. pt with sore throat for six weeks … generalized lymphadenopathy biopsy shows diffuse polyclonal hyperplasia
  8. infectious mononucleasis (ans)
  9. HiV
  10. T cell lymphoma
  11. hodgkin lymphoma
  12. you working in ICU what thing you need to do to prevent iatrogenic infections
  13. wear gloves
  14. use extensive handwashing
  15. wear mask

d.stirilze used instrumnts

29.Drug of choice for gas gangrene

  1. penicillin

b.clindamycin (ans)


30.boy having hemarthrosis and driarrhea for last few weeks … none of his brother has such problem

  1. hemophilia
  2. vit k deficiency(ans)
  3. hepatitis

31.neonate having inclusion infection of eyes same infection mother has in her genital canal

  1. Chlamydia (ans)

32.which is appropriate

  1. nipple at T2
  2. lateral side of elbow C7
  3. costal margin in midclavicular line T8
  4. total bilirubin 10 unconjugated 8 conjugated 1
  5. hemolytic anemia is caused by it
  6. bilirubin will appear in urine
  7. stone obstruction by it
  8. it will lead to hepatitis ( very wierd q due to and lead to strange english )
  9. paraneoplastic syndrome
  10. RCC
  11. small cell ca(ans)
  12. smoker, worker in construction company reles in chest x- ray showing lower lobe plaques
  13. berylliosis
  14. asbestosis(ans)
  15. silicosis
  16. anthracosis
  17. lambda chains in kidney elm
  18. membranoproliferative type 2
  19. membraneoproliferative type 1
  20. most abundant immunoglobulin
  21. IgG(ans)



  1. pubic bones together by
  2. secondary cartilagenous(ans)


c.priary cartilagenous

  1. female is in labour..which joint moves during birth of baby which doesn’t move normally..
  2. pubic symphysis(ans)

b.sacroiliac joint


  1. tissue injury is due to which amino acid
  2. glycine
  3. choline



  1. women having non productive cough continously went to vacations and remained ok there for one month and then came back again to take care of her pets and the disease came back x ray normal ….
  2. histamine degranulation
  3. CRL at 17- 20 wks
  4. 13 to 17cm
  5. 20 to 25cm

43.DIC started with

  1. tissue thromboplastin
  2. which factor def will lead to bleeding
  3. factor 5
  4. factor 12
  5. pt came with cardiogenic shock how would u treat him
  6. adrenaline
  7. dopamine
  8. circadian rythum is controlled by
  9. suprachiasmatic nucleus

47.action of angiotensin 2

  1. vasoconstriction
  2. na absorption
  3. what angiotensin 3 will do
  4. aldosterone secretions


  1. RBC production will be coz of
  2. a. erythropoietin
  3. Growth hormone
  4. growth factors

50.pts oxygen saturation less…n tension also less..dx?


b.hypoxic hypoxia

  1. Pt came in E/R e pulse 120 bp 120/50.. what respone will help in overall survival of body
  2. a. brain ischemic respone
  3. generalized sympathetic activity

52patient having pain in chin area he took tegrel 200mg he didnt recover…he went to physician . physician saw eruptions at that area dx?

  1. herpes zoster
  2. trigeminal neuralgia(ans)

53.if main somatosensory area destroyed what will be effected

  1. dorsal column and trigeminal nucleus
  2. dorsal column and spinal area and trigeminal ( issi tarha kay mixed options theen )
  3. what is true about forth part of duodenum
  4. completely retroperitoneum
  5. mesentry starts at duodenojeujinal junction
  6. destruction of right optic track
  7. left homo heminonymous hemianopia

b.right homononymous hemianopia


  1. optic tract goes to
  2. lateral geniculate body

b.medial geniculate body

  1. which are parasympathetic nerves
  2. 3, 7, 9, 10



  1. minimum clearance of which substance occurs in kidneys?
  2. urea
  3. glucose
  4. what is present in umbilical cord at birth
  5. a. two umbilical arteries
  6. two umbilical veins
  7. allantions
  8. ductus venosus
  9. which virus causes ca
  10. retinoblastoma
  11. small cell ca
  12. prostatic ca
  13. colonic ca

e.Hepatic ca

  1. 61. digoxin is DOC for
  2. atrial fibrillation
  3. heart blocks
  4. with cold , cold recptors are stimulated when body will be cold which one will be stimulated
  5. nerve free endings
  6. krause bulbs
  7. what will be the epithelium of pre- terminal bronchioles
  8. pseudostrtified columner
  9. simple cuboidal
  10. 64. what is true about pseudocolumnar epithelium
  11. all cells are at base
  12. all cells reaches apex

c all have nuclei at same level

  1. axilla damage pt unable to extend her index finger and sensorey loss of lateral two third of palm nerve damage
  2. median
  3. radial
  4. right coronory artery arises from aortic sinus and it will give branch Posterior ventricular waht is true abt it
  5. two in number
  6. three in number
  7. supply to anterior aspect of right atria
  8. supply to pulmonary conus

e.2 in number n do inferiorly to supply ventricle

  1. trachea surrounded by
  2. pretracheal fasica
  3. physiological dead space
  4. reduce in exercise
  5. increase in lung injury

c.less than anatomical dead space


  1. inguinal canal
  2. absent at birth

b.roof formed by conjoint tendon

  1. from ant sup iliac spine to pubic tubercle
  2. How many bronchopulmary segments are in upper middle and lower lobe of right lung respectively
  3. 3, 2, 5

71.In which congenital anomaly pul trunk and aorta will remain attached

  1. a. Trunchus arteriosus

72.Inversion and eversion takes place at

  1. Subtalar joint
  2. Eversion is done by
  3. Peronous longus
  4. Horner syndrome
  5. Mydriasis

b.partial Ptosis

  1. What is true
  2. a. Cricoid is incomplete ring
  3. Cricoid attached to vocal cords
  4. Cricoid attached to phyrangeal?\laryngeal? Muscles
  5. purkynje cells presnt in


b.cerebellar cortex

  1. microcytic hypochromic anaemia apears in

a.iron def anemia

b.thiamine def

  1. strcture 2ft above appendix at antimesenteric border of gut

a.meckels diverticulam

b.peyers patches

79.olfactory nerve terminates on

a.cribriform part

b.inf temporal gyrus

  1. a woman taking oral contaceptives,increses risks of


b.breast Ca

c.uterine ca

81.Total iron in female body





82.spread by feco oral route

a.hep E

83.loss of eversion

Wch muscle involved?

a.peroneus longus

84.bladder Ca by

a.schistosoma hematobium

85.epicardium gets blood supply from

a.pericardiophrenic artry

b.coronary artry

86.clearance ki bht weird se definition thi…

87.about kidney

a.left renal vein ant to aorta n renal artry

b.dun remember more options wid pO2 60mmHg,pH 7.4,pcO2 40 Dx?

a.compensated metabolic acidosis


c.Copd at high altitude

89.what causes RBCS development?


b.growth factors

90.which hormone is necessary for development of brain in fetal life?

a.growth hormone

b.thyroid hormone

91.what happens when person has reached puberty?

a.increased gonadotrophins

b.increased gonadal hormones

92.wch mesoderm develops skeletal muscles?

a.paraxial mesoderm

b.lateral plate mesoderm

c.somatopleuric mesoderm

d.splanchnic mesoderm

93.wat is transferred thru feco oral route



c.hep E

94.loss of eversion

a.Peroneus longus

b.Tibialis ant

c.Tibialis post

95.when will pressure of interstitial fluid ll increase ?

a.hypertension capillary permeablty osmotic pressure

96.about pulmonary embolism

a.lungs involved area will get infarct

b.alveoli spaces will remain distended of 35yrz has megaloblastic anemia..cause?

a.intrinsic factor deficiency

b.cobalamin deficiency

c.folate deficiency

98.what will remain if whole brain stem is damaged

a.pain temp sensations

b.withdrawl reflex

c.Fluent speech


99.abt 3-4 Qs were from immunology dun remember exact statmnts..but findings were given n askd abt disease…

100.on endoscopy which lobe of lung is seen n why?

a.lower lobe coz itz wider…esa kch tha optionz me dun remem exactly

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