Past Paper of FCPS 1 Radiology November 2013

Past Paper of FCPS 1 Radiology November 2013

Cerebral vein drainage ,

Vomiting center

Aphsia affected area ,

L5 nerve contribution in any reflex or ankle movement

Pancreatic inflammation fluid drained to wat area

Drainage of greater curvature of stomatch

Areas of porto systemic anastomosis

Heparin action

Bulb at posterior horn of lateral ventricle fomed by ?

Ureter most constricted area

Ureter muscle lining , and its epithelium

Sural nerve supply area

Lymph drainage of arm , breast

Prenial membrane

Support of uterus

Meningitis in new born

Noncaseous granuloma lymphnode

Prostatic urethra

Corpus callosum

Calcarine sulcus

Axilary artery doesn’t supply to which muscle ??? latismus dorsi or sratus anterior

Mid prone position of arm in injury whats the cause

Whle crawling in camp training in army … which nerve is damaged leading to medial forearm anesthesia

Hepatospleenomegaly , RBC nuclei , piokiocytosis , wat disease ?

Tonsillectomy leading to hypotension cause ?

Maramedian lumbar puncture , wat structure come in path

Sinal nerve come out from intervertebral foramina

Superficial structre in parotid gland ??

Types of joints

Pacratic neck , head , 3rdpart of deudenum relations

Supply of sigmoid colon , rectum

Urinary blader relations and supply

Vas defference retro peritoneal , intra or whats the relations

Dorsal rami function

Tendinous intersections level

Broad ligament and folopian tube postion size and relation

Mammary gland ligament attachment

Wat structure u encounter while taking out the lymphnodes from femoral canal

Easiest way to reach pouch of douglas through surgery

Thyroid , trachea relations

Reteropharyngeal space connections

Just lateral to Left side of sternum stab wound piercing structure

Facsia gerota

Muscle doing dorsiflexion

Supply of median nerve in hand

Bicep brachi is it strong flexor of elbow or is it supplied by musculocutaneous nerve?

Pulmonary segements opening with more alighnment , in every lobe

Openings and contents from diaphragm

Relations with kidney anterior actually

Info abt renal vein

Ventricular septum contribution and defects and shunting

Heart supply artries ,  av node supply interventricular septum supply , and venous drainage  , valves in veins of heart and formation of veins of heart  drainage of veins wich directly opens in heart etc

Lumbar triangle

Bulb of Posterior horn of lateral ventricle formed by ?

Trigeminal ganglion relations and coverings

Facial nerver entering wich foramen in skull

What are superficial and deep structures with in parotid gland

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