Past Paper for the Posts of Dental Surgeons by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission 2015

These are the questions which came in the paper of 05 October 2015.

1: Ugly duckling stage in child begins with the  eruption of which tooth .?
2: Rampant caries cause ..?
3: Plaque role …glucose . Fructose . Sucrose .
4: Most common disorder in a child ..overcrowding was in option .
5: Face bow
6: Extraction of 3rd molar ..which nerve might b damaged / effected ?
7: Sm scenario …but was voice change … laryngeal .


8: Fracture diagnose …one option was swelling n tenderness.
9: One jaw bone small . One large . Pressure applied for closing will b same . Less . More?
10: Inter occlusal clearance.
11: Massetric problem …most obvious would b ….trismus . Was in option
12: Abscess. Watt would u go 4. .. drainage was in option
13: Circum mandibular wiring.
14: Pseudoanadontia.
15: After insertion pt diff in swallowing .due to not Korrect occlusion . Sm other options .
16: After insertion denture bcm loose . Due to Larger space of post teeth. Small space of post teeth.
17: One q was of bruxism
18: Dry socket cause.
19: Dry socket appears after. 24 hrs . 2 days . 4 days
20: A child wd prblm in incisor . Incomplete root form . Apxfctn. Rct.
21: For cutting. …..incisors
22: A high thick wound . More in length. is. .. stab . Incis cut .?
23: Incisal cut / stab wound . Sm other options were olso gvn .
24: Straw colour fluid .in nasoalvlr cyst . Nasal plyp . Sm apical cyst
25: Wd Aging. Residual ridge . Widens. Narrows
26: Cause of instability of mandib denture .
27: Cow horn forceps 4…..?
28: LA acts on
29: After dental treatment dr observes pts pupil
30: Coz of damage to …..optic nerve or canal in option
31: Cow horn 4ceps. Premolars in option
32: A pt comes wd extraction of mandibular premolar n ist molar. …
33: Peridontomrtr or smthing like dat used for ….one option was to measure tooth mobility
34: A child ..ortho problems were given. Watt x best to do ….one option go. To orthodontist
35: One q was hept B . Along wd d risk of Spread watts other risk . I suprinfection . 2 bleeding
36: One q. On bleeding .watt to do …ligation of inf alveolar .

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