Panoramic Blue


Panoramic Blue

DENTIX PANORAMIC Blue is a blue sensitized film of a high speed, medium to high contrast, allowing an excellent detail distinction on a picture.

  • Film is used for all extra-oral radiographic techniques, as
  • Panoramic tomography
  • Cephalometry
  • Radiography for orthodontic diagnostics

Film is to be used in combination with intensifying screens, emitting in ultraviolet and blue regions of spectrum. Film can be used with all standard intensifying screens of well-known producers (e.g. AGFA, CAWO, MCI OPTONIX, KODAK, FUJI etc.), emitting in above mentioned regions of spectrum. E.g. screens Ultravision Fast Detail (200), Ultravision Rapid (400) for UV, Rarex Blue Fast Detail (400) and Agfa Curix Blue 200 HC or Agfa Curix Blue 400
HC for blue part of spectrum can be used.

  • Universal applicability as a standard film
  • High quality of pictures, even in case of procesing the film no in fully optimal conditions
  • Resistivity against the desensibilization effectsusage of an antistatic layer, not allowing the creation of electrostatic discharges

Film is delivered in the 15×30 cm or 5“x12“ (12,7 x 30,5cm) sizes, eventually in non-standard sizes in a cardboard box, containing 100 sheets of film NIF.
DENTIX PANORAMIC Blue should be handled and processed under indirect olive-green or dark-red safelighting using a frosted 15 W bulb placed at a minimum distance of 1.2 m from the film. LED light sources with a wavelength of 660 nm are also acceptable.
DENTIX PANORAMIC Blue can be processed in roller processors in 90 seconds cycle time (or longer), or manually in tanks, using common chemicals. Optimum results is reached with FOMA LP-D Developer and FOMAFIX + FOMAFIX H rapid fixer for automatic processing and FOMA LP-T Developer and FOMAFIX rapid fixer for manual processing.
Unexposed film should be stored in an intact original packing (the boxes should stand in the vertical position) at temperatures of maximum 21 oC and relative humidity of 40 – 60 %, away from harmul fumes, gases, X-ray and other ionizing radiation. The inventory should rotate.

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