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Tips to cope with problems in FCPS Part 1


There are almost three types of students who are preparing for FCPS Part 1. 1) with better IQ level, sharp minded and intelligent , 2) who are average and who are not too much intelligent or sharp minded, and 3) are not too good to be categorized as average. So these 3 types of students should go with different approach.

Why to go for FCPS, Why not


Many people ask the question, Why to go for FCPS, Why not other Degrees? There are so many other educational/Career programs, then why not to go for all those options?

Answer will be an easier one. FCPS is the most difficult exam to clear, because it requires so many things/skills. First you have to clear FCPS Part 1 for it and after that you have to get attachment (which is a tougher task), you have to go for 4 years of training. Meanwhile all exams during that duration of training are required to be cleared as well. In last you have to clear the last exam of FCPS, after clearing the last/FCPS part 2 exam you will be awarded with the degree of FCPS.

Selection of Books for FCPS Part 1


For preparing any sort of exam, selection of Books is a very important step. With out proper Books it is impossible to pass any exam. The same rule is applied for FCPS Part 1 as well. If a person spends a whole year on a single book or the books which are not important, he/she can not clear the exam and he/she will waste precious time. By selecting proper Books a person can save his/her time as well as money.

There are so many books available in market by different names, but most important thing is that from which book a student can pick the concept, from which book a student can understand easily? If a student is using a book which is too much congested, by congested i mean the book which has only main points or summaries, it will be difficult for that student to pick the concept with out going through details of those “main” Points or summaries. so for the books which have only “main” Points or summaries you have to go through the books which have good details of those points.

Errata of different MCQs Books!


Errata of1


For the preparation of FCPS Part 1, there are too many MCQs Books available in the market by different names. All these Books are made on the Basis of MCQs shared by the candidates who appear in the exam of FCPS Part 1. So it is a long process of collecting all those MCQs and after compilling them Keys are made with hard work. So it is a difficult task indeed. All MCQs are collected through different groups in Face Book, in which there are many students who prepare their test there. After the Prep when they take the exam, they share all those MCQs remembered by them.

As it is the process of knowledge and memory of all those candidates, so it is not compulsory that all shared MCQs should be the same as that in the real exam of FCPS Part 1. There may be some changes in the statements or options. As remembering the same 200 questions is too much difficult. So keep in mind that whenever you enter the exam center, do not get confused if the statement is a bit different or options are not the same.

What Next after BDS? FCPS or …….?


After completing Graduation in Dentistry students are confused about their career, most of them have no idea where to go and what possible best thing to do? Some students go for the advice of Seniors or Teachers, while some feel shy to ask Seniors. Some students think that they can prove themselves with out the advice of seniors or fellows, but to be really fair each and every student should go for the advice of Seniors and Teachers.
After graduation there are lot of options available. But selection of all those options are best known by the candidate him/herself, because it is the candidate who is more aware of his/her own abilities, courage and most importantly circumstances through which he/she is going.
After completion of Internship/House Job one possible option can be to go for Higher Education, because with out Higher Education no one can lead from the front. What can be that “Higher Education”? well there is a list of it but i will shed light on few.

Important Topics For FCPS Part 1 Dentistry


All u Want18

FCPS Part 1 exam is based on complicated course, by using the word of “complicated” i mean any question can come from anywhere because Medical field is so much wast that it can not be covered completely. It is like “to build a bridge over the sea”. But all this discussion is not to make people scared about exam of FCPS-1, by covering the basics and important topics it will be easier for candidates to go for exam with confidence.

Important topics of different subjects are given as,

Anatomy is further divided into 1) Gross Anatomy, 2) General Histology 3) Oral Histology and 4) Developmental Biology.

Past Papers of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry




Past Papers of FCPS Part 1 are essential part of preparation of exam. If you want to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1 you have to do all past papers. Without Past Papers it is almost impossible to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. This paper is collected by different candidates who took their exams of FCPS Part 1. We always try to make sure the questions are the same to that in original exams. We will be posting all past Papers here on the Blog of fcps part 1 dentistry.

Exam of FCPS Part 1 consists of 200 MCQs. Paper A and Paper B each paper has 100 MCQs. i will share one important thing here, that in each paper of FCPS Part 1 there are repeats of Past Papers. Sometimes few questions come in exam and some times even complete paper comes in exam. In order to perform well in Exam, you have to do MCQs of Past Papers. With out going through Past Papers it will be too much difficult to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. In our Blog we will be regularly Posting Past Papers so that you people can have good preparation for your exams.

Try to cover all the MCQs of Past papers. It is bonus for you people. I have seen many people who cleared due to repeats of Past papers. So if you too wanna clear the exam with an ease, never ever skip Past Papers. One thing more i will share here is that, Online Paper of 16 April 2015 was a complete replica of Conventional Paper taken in November 2014. So this information will make you to realize the importance of these Past papers. We will try to post new and new past Papers here on the Blog. So always try to keep in touch with our blog for Past papers as well important knowledge about you preparation of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry.

Hopefully our small efforts will make your preparation too much easy. As it is our goal to produce more PGs in Pakistan in order to have competitive environment in the department of Health.

We will be posting past papers here.

We are sharing MCQs of exams taken by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for FCPS Part 1 Dentistry.

These MCQs are given in the form of Quiz, so that you can take these quizzes.

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