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Important Points of Pathology


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Pathology is among the essential Subjects for the preparation of FCPS Part 1. Many MCQs come from General Pathology. Almost 20 to 25 MCQs come from general Pathology. You should cover the subject of Pathology from the standard Books. you should also cover MCQs as well Important Points of Pathology. Important Points are essential part of preparation of the exam. So always try not to skip this step. We have made some important points for General Pathology. Hopefully it will help you people in the exam of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry.

Hour glass appearance -> Peripheral giant cell granuloma. *Ground glass appearance -> Fibrous displasia. *Chevron pattern -> Chracterstic epithelial feature seen in Tobacco Smokers. *Saw tooth pattrrn -> Lichen planus. *Hyaline shrunken bodies (civatte bodies) -> Lichen planus. *Butterfly pattern -> involvement of Nose and Cheek in SLE. *Rushton bodies -> Redicular xyst. *Kapolicks spot -> Measles. *Sulphur granules in pus -> Actinomycosis
*Drugs can cause gengival Hyper trophy -> phenetoin plus cyclosporin plus nefidapine ( best option is phenetoin)
*Lesion that can be wiped off -> Candidiasis. *Positive Nikolskys sign -> PV. *Tombstone pattern -> PV

Experience of FCPS Part 1 by Neuro Cranium


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i cleared fcps part 1 in my first attempt alhumdullilah. I remember while preparation i used to have all those chemical locha going on that can i be amongst those lucky ones who clear part 1 in first attempt? and believe me everybody can . An average candidate can! Here’s my study plan.
I started with Anatomy: Snells review Head and Neck thrice. It took a day to complete that section along with back (spinal cord and vertebrae) region. Thorax i did main things Heart is outmost important topic. You need to know all boundries, relations, supply as well. I did look at Lungs and Ribs etc but superficially. Abdomen region from First Aid and it was enough given in section GIT.

Experience shared by our Passing Member of April 15-16 FCPS Part 1 Attempt


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Starting from
Physiology , i did BRS whole.
Pathology: BRS start wale 7ya 8 chap jo thy wo + Blood wale chap k tables + First Aid, Hematology from First Aid. Immunology from First Aid + thori NBDE .
Anatomy: from Snell review Head & Neck+ Thorax. Head & Neck from NBDE as well.
NeuroAnatomy from NBDE.
Thora thora Embryology from Highyield + First Aid.
Histology from Rabia ali handypoints.

Experience shared by our Passing member, Dr Em Hash



All praise to Almighty Allah Who gave me success not just is FCPS but in all walks of life.. After paper, I was so tense couldn’t even tell someone read this or that, because I myself was not sure of clearing it… but now by grace of Allah as i have cleared so I feel like i am In a position to share my experience and time table with those appearing in June and all those appearing otherwise..

First the books which I would recommend that are a must..
Physiology:  Brs. ofcourse, but I found kaplan also very good.. I kept both books together and the points which I couldn’t grasp from brs were studied from kaplan.. and chapter of blood from baby guyton.. I did it from a guide I had used in my first year lolz.. and guyton

Random Points About Dentine


Primary dentin is laid down before and during tooth eruption.  Secondary dentin is formed after root formation is complete and Responsible for the reduction of the pulp chamber over time. Tertiary Dentin is responsible for responses to insults upon the dentin/pulp.

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Possible Short Course Pattern for New Students of FCPS Part 1



There are many new students who ask about the pattern of study, about the important Topics and Time.  Some students ask about the Topics to be covered as many students do waste their time by going through irrelevant Topics. So this article is mainly for all those students who are new and confused about their study.


First of all i will mention that you have to revise your course “Three” times, so divide your subjects in such an order so that you can manage to revise all your course “Three” times.

Online Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 16 April 2015 ( Second Portion)



In the Exam of FCPS Part 1 MCQs from the past Paper always come. These MCQs vary in number. As some time only few come in exam, some times much more and some times the complete Paper is the repeat of an Old one. You people should never skip Past Papers, as if you prepare from text Books and skip these papst Papers, it will almost be impossible to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1. We regularly provide our readers with these past Papers. In future we will also provide New Past papers. Always do these past papers. Below are the MCQs from the exam of FCPS Past Paper held on 16 April 2015.

Cimetidine mechanism of action? Ans: H2 receptor Antagonists .106:  H1 antagonists? a) Metabolism is slow In childern b) Metabolism is fast in adults c) Enzyme inducers d) Metabolism not affected by liver disease
Ans: c. 107: Taste carried by? a) Solitary tract b) Internal capsule Ans: a. 108: Which of theese not carry input of taste
a) Hipocampus b) Amygdala c) Ventro medial nucleus d) Parareticular pontine e) Ventral thalamic necleus Ans: c