Tips for the day of Exam of FCPS Part 1

All candidates who are appearing for the exam of FCPS Part 1 should stop their studies almost at 9 pm one night before the day of exam, because at that time your brain will not be in position of getting more, instead it will mix up everything. So try to stop your studies round about 9 pm. Try to relax at that time. Do not try to re-memorize any thing, it will be like “suicidal” attack on your brain at that time.

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For undergraduates of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

By going through all phases in BDS we come across with few useful Tips/Advices for our colleagues who are under graduates of BDS.

From the start of college life you should be punctual. You should always respect your time because it is useless to cry over split milk.  You should be obedient to your teachers, because without your teachers you people are nothing. These words will be looking so much bookish but believe me these words are “Precious”.

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Attachment/Residency in FCPS Part 2 and Problems

When candidates clear FCPS Part 1, they think that they have done everything and become glad that there will be no more difficulties and struggles. But when they apply for Attachment/Training all happiness fades away very soon. The reality is opposite to expectation.
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan is taking FCPS Part 1 exam six times per year. Candidates are passing in much more higher numbers than the candidates few years ago. But College of physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan does not provide their passing candidates with Attachment/Training. All candidates have to apply for attachment/training by themselves and they have to face problems.

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Tips to cope with problems in FCPS Part 1

There are almost three types of students who are preparing for FCPS Part 1. 1) with better IQ level, sharp minded and intelligent , 2) who are average and who are not too much intelligent or sharp minded, and 3) are not too good to be categorized as average. So these 3 types of students should go with different approach.

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Why to go for FCPS, Why not

Many people ask the question, Why to go for FCPS, Why not other Degrees? There are so many other educational/Career programs, then why not to go for all those options?

Answer will be an easier one. FCPS is the most difficult exam to clear, because it requires so many things/skills. First you have to clear FCPS Part 1 for it and after that you have to get attachment (which is a tougher task), you have to go for 4 years of training. Meanwhile all exams during that duration of training are required to be cleared as well. In last you have to clear the last exam of FCPS, after clearing the last/FCPS part 2 exam you will be awarded with the degree of FCPS.

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Selection of Books for FCPS Part 1

For preparing any sort of exam, selection of Books is a very important step. With out proper Books it is impossible to pass any exam. The same rule is applied for FCPS Part 1 as well. If a person spends a whole year on a single book or the books which are not important, he/she can not clear the exam and he/she will waste precious time. By selecting proper Books a person can save his/her time as well as money.

There are so many books available in market by different names, but most important thing is that from which book a student can pick the concept, from which book a student can understand easily? If a student is using a book which is too much congested, by congested i mean the book which has only main points or summaries, it will be difficult for that student to pick the concept with out going through details of those “main” Points or summaries. so for the books which have only “main” Points or summaries you have to go through the books which have good details of those points.

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