Orthodontic Brackets

Orthodontic Brackets

Product information:

Full Control
Ensuring full control, torque is built into the base of each bracket and anatomically contoured (mesial-distal/occlusal-gingival) for accurate placement on each tooth. Brackets are engineered with precise angulation, placing the long axis of the root  distal to the occlusal portion of the crown, allowing all roots to align parallel. The anatomically contoured design allows precise bracket placement with all slots aligning at the end of the treatment. The upper centrals and laterals incline in a “plus”  torque reading encouraging ideal contact point line-up and enhanced occlusion stability. Each bracket has optimum control to allow teeth to be free of rotations.

Combined Effort
Moving teeth in a combined bodily movement, our brackets and buccal tubes can quickly accomplish an optimal Class I molar relationship. Individual bracket thicknesses are built into each bracket and buccal tube (labial-lingual), reducing the need for  first order in-out wire bends and our buccal tubes are designed with highly accurate molar offsets. The combination of these features easily allow for a flat curve of spee.

Hype – Hybrid Resin Brackets
High-strength hybrid resin brackets are crystal clear and low-profile, smooth, rounded tie win for patient comfort. Large tie-wing area makes ligation easy and ourtorque-in base bracket design gives better control over tooth movement. Hybrid resin  material outperforms PCA ceramics, stainless steel, gold-lined, and even sapphire brackets in frictional force in newten/offset tests for low-friction control and comfort.

  • Crystal-Clear Transparency
  • Impervious to Stains and Abrasion
  • Fracture Resistant Hybrid Resin
  • Increased Retention Mechanical Locking Base
  • Maximum Tie-Wing Strength
  • Effortless Bonding and Debonding

Roth  Prescription
Ortho Classic proudly presents the UltiMIM™ nickel free mini-twin bracket. Manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards the UltiMIM™ is one of the lowest profile brackets available. Made from bio-compatible materials this  one piece, metal injected bracket is compound contoured with built in torque-in-base. The UltiMIM™ bracket features a rhomboid design that parallels tooth angulations, smooth rounded edges for patient comfort and color coded indicators for easy  identification. The UltiMIM™ proprietary Pad-Lok 100 Mesh Base™ provides a strong dependable bond.

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