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In inferior wall Myocardial Infraction, which
artery should be blocked
Oxygen level in the blood will decrease in:
A male patient has antibodies against FSH
RECEPTORS. Which of the following will be lower
than normal in this patient?
Brucellosis is Transmitted by
25 week pregnant women has Irregular Ulterine
Contractions. Which of following drugs will be
beneficial for this lady.
The Diagnostic finding on investigations of
Metabolic Alkalosis is:
A 6 cm Lump in the breast removed. Four
Lymp nodes & skin were involved. Biopsy
declared invasive Dectal Carcinoma. This tumor is
called HIGH-GRADE because:
Which of the following is the characteristic of
Which of following structures in the mouth is
derived from Ectoderm?
A young patient’s blood pressure is 150/95.
his serum Rennin level is higher than normal.
Which of the following is the STIMULUS for this
increased level of rennin?
A young women, complains of Dry mouth &
Dry eyes. Which investigation will give clue to her
Regarding SA Node:
During the stretch in the Skeletal Muscle,
which of the following changes will occur in the
Nuclear Bag fiber?
which of the following structures is produced
in 3rd week of development?
Antibodies are produced by:
Pulmonary Artery pressure increases in:
Defect in the formation of Bulbus Cordis result
in all of following EXCEPT?
Regarding the vibration Sense all are correct
A patient with aplastic anemla is given Anti
Lymphocytic Globulin (ALG). One week later he
develops Skin rashes, mechanism for
The most common site of Fertilization in
humans is:

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