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Patients comes with deviation of tongue to
right side. Decreased sense of touch and
vibrations, the artery commonly involved in brain
Most common site of malignancy in patients
suffering from nuclear outbreak?
Least common site for ectopic pregnancy
would be at:
Most sensitive cells to hypoxia are?
Following is not a tumor marker:
Tyrosine derivative does not include:
Organ having least chances of infarction:
Least chances of renal stones is associated
Patient with injury to left 8th cervical segment
of spinal cord will not show following sign:
Patient with bone pains having normal Ca, inc
Alkaline phosphatase. Most likely suffering from:
Bile salts are reabsorbed from the:
In Turner syndrome, the genotype would be:
Presence of pancreatic tissue in gastric
mucosa is termed as:
Patient with old history of adenocarcinoma of
colon operated for polypectomy, on histologic
evaluation pathologist labelled it as benign growth
with no chances into malignant transformation, it
would be:
Man in suffering from testicular Carcinoma,
the lympahtic drainage of testicle is into
Mesothelioma is associated with:
Foetal period starts after which week:
Soldier comes with heavy bleeding. The ideal
fluid replacement would be:
Vertebrae is derived from :
Largest total cross-sectional and surface area
is of:

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