Online and Conventional Exams of FCPS Part 1

online and conventional

Most of candidates ask about the difference between Conventional and Online examination of FCPS Part 1. Many Candidates are facing difficulties to decide, whether to go for Online Exam or Conventional Exam.

Online Exam of FCPS Part 1:
Talking about Online Examination, major Significance is you don’t need to wait for result, it usually takes 2-5 Days for the result to be announced. Second, you will be alloted 1 min and 50 seconds for every question that is A LOT. You can easily solve MCQ in a single Minute maximum. During Online Examination You can skip a question only once and if you skip a question without marking it then OFF COURSE it will appear in the end but if you have skipped twice then it won’t appear again. So you have to mark it.  keep it in your mind that Skipped Questions reappear only once. Don’t worry, you have a lot of time to think over a question before solving it.

You can practice online exam before your exam as well, by going through the Demo Online Exam at CPSP Website by making your account. Below is the link given, you can click on it and take your exam.

How to take Online Demo Exam of CPSP?

There is no demo for dentistry, but MCQs from the Basic subjects are same, so you can choose any Specialty of MBBS. Solve these tests and you will get answers at the end. The answers given at the end are cpsp keys. Below is the image of CPSP Online Exam MCQs.


Practice Demo Test before Appearing For Online Examination but keep in mind, demo of online exam on cpsp website there is no way to go back to skipped questions. So Relax Its not gonna happen in actual Online Examination.

During Online Exam of FCPS Part 1, On page there will be only one Question, you can change your selected option before Pressing NEXT. NO QUESTION WILL REAPPEAR AFTER THAT! Once submitted you can’t review or change that Question. So be careful!! . Online and Conventional Examination Carries Equal Number ( 100 Paper 1 and 100 Paper2) and Same kind of Questions.

Queries from Candidates:

Is there any issue of limited seats for online exam?

Answer is NO!! Don’t Worry, CPSP takes it on multiple days according to number of candidates. That’s the reason why online exam was conducted on suppose 10 ,11 and 12th July 2015.
Keep in your mind, you can give Online Examination In JUNE, FEBRUARY and NOVEMBER ( MONTHS FOR CONVENTIONAL EXAMINATION).

Is it true that once one appears in online examination it is mandatory to sit in online for the subsequent attempts?

Answer is No. You can sit in both online and conventional.

Is there any difference Between Online & conventional Exam of FCPS part 1?

Answer: It depends on your Luck, Question pool is same, Don’t Assume Repetition of Question is just reserved for Online Candidates
Note that online exam is only conducted in Lahore and Karachi

To know more about Online Exam click on Online Exam of FCPS Part 1.

Conventional Exam of FCPS Part 1:

Regarding conventional Examination, Candidates are given a Set of Booklet consisting of 100 Questions for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 along with a Separate Mark sheet. Significance of Conventional Exam is, candidate can easily concentrate, review and skip questions according to their own choice. You can erase your answer If seems Incorrect.
Conventional Exam is conducted in Most of Cities Recognized by CPSP. You can check CPSP Website.
Months For Conventional Exam of FCPS Part 1 are February, June and November.
Major disadvantage of Conventional Examination is Candidate need to wait for at least 2-3 weeks for Result, which a bit torturing.

What I would say Don’t think about conventional and online if you are appearing in exam . Its all your hard work and obviously your luck. If it’s written in your fate you will get through the conventional one too. No conventional or Online paper would change it. So Pray and study hard. Have faith, you will get it at Right Time and at Right Place.
Dr Maryam Malik

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