Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry 2nd Edition PDF Download

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Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomyfor Dentistry 2nd Edition PDF free by  Neil S. Norton, PhD

BOOKS NAME: Netter’s Head and NeckAnatomy for Dentistry 2nd Edition

Books SERIES: Oral Anatomy

language : English

PUBLISH: November 17, 2011

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1437726631

Page:  672 pages

File type: PDF

File size: 141.76 MB

Publisher:  Saunders

Author : Neil S. Norton, PhD


Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry, by Neil S. Norton, PhD, uses more than 600 full-color images from the Netter Collection to richly depict all of the key anatomy that’s relevant to clinical practice. This new edition takes your knowledge further than ever with more Netter illustrations; addition of over 20 cone beam CT images; new chapters on the upper limbs, thorax, and abdomen; and more than 100 multiple-choice questions. Whether for your dental anatomycourse, board review, or as a handy reference in your dental office, this concise, visual guide is an excellent anatomy atlas and quick reference for students and professionals in dentistry anddental hygiene.
While providing readers with important images from the Netter Collection, the book supplements the art with important factual information teaching and explaining anatomic details. It marries form with function. While not at the level of a complete anatomy textbook, this serves as a worthy primary source for students, and would also be an excellent resource in the dissection laboratory. The additional factual information is concise, complete, and easily accessible. Of particular excellence is the clinical correlation section found at the end of each regionally organized chapter. The images (many clinical) here are very helpful and assist students in solidifying the anatomic concepts. It provides a memorable schema for the student to frame information. If there is any glaring shortcoming, it would likely be the compact size of the book. With all the outlines and tables, this book would be a bit less crowded given more space.

This is an excellent resource for dental students. Since students are typically required to purchase an anatomy atlas, this seems like a good all-around resource. It is packed with useful information, and has excellent corresponding images. The clinical correlations help with the mastery of complex material, and will likely be a useful resource for many years following graduation. I highly recommend it, and will be steering my dental students toward it.

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