My Experience Regarding FCPS part 1 by Dr Vishal Dherwani

My Experience Regarding FCPS part 1.

I started my actuall study when the fcps forms were issued and i joined CPSP library after a day which is exactly 15th june. From that day onwards i studied 10 to 12 hours and after a week Ramzan started and the timings of library was cut short so it was difficult for me to study according to my schedule but i still managed to do it.
To be very honest i did my prep in library bcoz in home I cannot study in home.
In 2 months time i managed to cover major subjects like physio, patho, anatomy, micro, pharma and biochem alongwith revision twice..!!
First Aid for Usmle step 1 is what my seniors said the Bible for fcps part 1. I read it 4 to 5 times.
I also did bcqs from asim and shoaib both medicine and surgery, chandkians only medicine portion, rabia ali and ofcourse most important Dr Jahangir’s bcqs past papers.

I took risks of not touching Dental subjects, neuroanatomy, histo and embryo bcoz i thought they are minor subjects and hardly 2 to 3 bcqs will come and about Dental Materials i did it from Vijay Pratab and past papers. And thanks to God my luck favoured me and the exam went good as i expected smile emoticon
My advice to everyone is that dont loose hope and dont even think that fcps is 5 month or 6 month study with atleast 14 hours study a day.
Study smart and follow ur seniors guidance and also follow Dr Jahangir Khan’s blog inshallah u all will be successful.
I personally thank Dr Jahangir for making this platform and helping all of us and also the members of this group, to whom it would not have been possible for me to clear part 1 smile emoticon
Last thing i want to say, do as much Bcqs as u can and remember u can do everything whether u have 2 months or 4 months, just jave faith in urself and leave rest to God.

This was my experience i hope u guys will get a little bit motivation 🙂

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