Muscles Types and description

Comes from the Latin word “mus” meaning .little mouse.” It makes up nearly half the body’s mass. The only action of muscle is contraction or shortening. Muscles are responsible for essentially all body movement and can be viewed as the .machines, “of the body.

Three Types of Muscle Tissue:
1: Skeletal Muscle
2: Cardiac Muscle
3: Smooth Muscle
“These types of muscle tissues differ in their cell structure, body location and how they are stimulated to contract.

Skeletal Muscles:
Skeletal muscle fibers are cigar shaped, multi-nucleated and they are the largest of muscle fibers type. Skeletal muscles are known as striated muscles because its fibers appear to be striated. Skeletal Muscles are muscles that are attache to body skeleton. They help to form the much smoother contour of the body. They are also known as voluntary muscles because it is the only muscle type subjected to conscious control, however it is important to recognize that skeletal muscles are often activated by reflexes with out willed command as well.
Skeletal Muscle –> Striated, multi-nucleated and voluntary.

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