Modification of LeFort‘s Fracture Classification

Modification of LeFort‘s Fracture Classification.

At the turn of the century, midface fracture patterns are seem to be far more complex than those produced in LeFort’s laboratory in 1901. Fractures involving the cranial base and other midface fracture configurations, including severely comminuted segments of the facial skeleton, are not accurately classifiable using the
traditional LeFort scheme. A modified classification system is therefore proposed by Marciani in 1993 to more precisely define LeFort, NOE (naso-orbital-ethmoidal) and zygomaticomaxillary fracture patterns.

LeFort I : Low maxillary fracture
Ia : Low maxillary fracture/multiple segments

LeFort II : Pyramidal fracture
IIa : Pyramidal and nasal fracture
IIb : Pyramidal and NOE fracture

LeFort III : Craniofacial dysjunction
IIIa : Craniofacial dysjunction and nasal fracture
IIIb : Craniofacial dysjunction and NOE fracture


LeFort IV : LeFort II or III fracture and cranial base fracture
IVa : +Supraorbital rim fracture
IVb : +Anterior cranial fossa and supraorbital rim fracture
IVc : +Anterior cranial fossa and orbital wall fracture

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