Mock Test of FCPS Part 1 for October Candidates 2016

Mock Test of FCPS Part 1 for October Candidates 2016

Welcome to your Mock Test of FCPS Part 1 for October candidates 2016

1) Regarding lidocaine, which of the following is more appropriate?

2) How does local anesthetic Agent cross Placenta?
3) A child was brought to emergency room who collapsed with in few minutes after receiving an injection of Penicillin given by his family physician. The most likely mediator in of illness?
4) Most Radiosensitive tissue?
5) Asymmetry of mandible growth .which of the following will be used?
6) Valsalva’s Maneuver initiator is?
7) Scenario of chain smoker having hematuria and passing black urine?
8) Which substance is responsible for binding of plaque to tooth surface?
9) After taking an impression from impression plaster, what separating media is used?
10) which important structure is most closely related to Ethmoidal sinus?
11) tRNA binds with?
12) ESR decreases when there is increase in?
13) Elastic cartilage present in
14) Patient feels heaviness in eyelids n gets tired while talking, all about “myasthenia gravis”.Motor activity also restricted. Which drug should b given to improve condition?
15) Renal blood flow best measured by?
16) First extracranial branch of facial nerve?
17) Hyphema is hemorrhage in?
18) Metal reinforced GIC is used for?
19) EBV infection with atypical lymphocytosis, increase in which cells will occur?
20) Tongue deviates on right side on protusion which nerve is damaged?
21) Crown and bridge is formed by which type of gold?
22) for the treatment of factor VIII deficiency which of the followings is given?
23) A 25 yr old female gravida was presented in opd with shortness of breath ,weakness and pallor ,her stool examination shows occult blood ,the most likely diagnosis will be?
24) Acidophilic pituatry harmone?
25) In Cystic fibrosis, there is ?
26) Buffer in blood ?
27) The baby is called fetus after which week?
28) Following is true regarding cell and epithelia ?
29) Regarding vagus nerve which is in-appropriate ?
30) Striations in the buccal mucosa ?
31) Which of the nucleus is NOT related to Facial Nerve?
32) Carcinoma prostate drain into?
33) pH=7.1,PCO2=44,HCO3-=12,diagnosis (pH = 7.36 – 7.44• PCO2 = 36-44 mmhg• HCO3 = 22-26 mEq/L)?
34) Regulotary pathway for high blood glucose levels is?
35) Early sign of calcium deficiency is?
36) Regarding the neurotransmitter,which is correct?
37) Which muscle is the primary dilator of the auditory tube?
38) Clavulanic acid added to amoxicillins?
39) Gastroesophagus reflux causes?
40) Chemochemichal process causes?
41) 13 years old patient comes to dentist with palataly erupting tooth,on examination 63 retained,palataly erupting tooth should be?
42) Infection most likely to spread in dental opd from patient to surgeon is?
43) Primary cartilaginous joint is?
44) What is trituration?
45) With respect to acid etching:?
46) A cyst occurring under the tongue, caused by obstruction of a salivary gland duct, is called a?
47) The calcium ions present in saliva are most likely to play a role in which of the following functions of saliva?
48) Long ridge on maxillary cuspid tooth is present on which surface?

49) During the swallowing which muscle closes larynx?
50) Cell swelling in hypoxic cell injury is due to?

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