Mock Test of FCPS (dec)


Welcome to your Mock Test of FCPS (dec)

1) Q: which of the following does not pass through superior orbital fissure?

2) Q: Most Appropriate about Extrinsic muscles of larynx?

3) Q: An infected Surgical Wound of 72 hours duration, The Phagocytosis of Bacteria by Neutrophils is facilated by the opsonin?

4) Q: In which Hemolytic anemia, Splenectomy is the treatment?

5) Q: Which one of the following is most likely feature of reversible injury?

6) Q: The PH of fresh secreted saliva is?

7) Q: The Protein in Enamel Structure is called?

8) Q: Complete denervation of the small intestine would be expected to?

9) Q: The Minimum caloric requirement for an Adult man in bed without fever or unusual loss is?

10) Q: Painkiller used for gastric ulcers and Arthritis?

11) Q: What type of collagen is present in dentine?

12) Q: Skull bones are not formed by?

13) Q: Facial Nerve collects test information from ant: 2/3 of tongue through its Chorda tympani branch, functional component of test sensation is ?

14) Q: While curing denture, insufficient pressure is applied. Porosity will be seen at? 

15) Q: Area under stress-strain curve, the energy required to fracture material is?

16) Q: Which vitamin is necessary with protein intake ?

17) Q: False statement regarding dentinogenesis imperfecta ?

18) Q: Which of the following is not Carcinogen?

19) Q: A 40 year old male after road traffic accident had received massive blood transfusion. He is expected to have all EXCEPT?

20) Q: A 40 year old male presented with jaundice and generalized itching. His LFT shows Direct Billirubin 11 mg/100 ml, SGPT 75U/L, Alkaline Phosphate 2300 IU/L 500IU/L. The most likely cause is?

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