Mock Test for FCPS Part 1 (Mock Test 2)



Welcome to your Mock Test of FCPS Part 1 (Mock Test 2)

1) Q: Aplastic Crisis of Sickle cell Anemia is characterized by?
2) Q: Reticulocytosis is Usually evident in acute Hemorrhage?
3) Q: Regarding Hypersegmented neutrophils which is appropriate?
4) Q:  Which of the following has Increase MCHC?
5) Q: Presence of pancreatic tissue in gastric mucosa is termed as?
6) Q: In Turner syndrome, the genotype would be?
7) Q: Bile salts are reabsorbed from the?
8) Q:  Patient with bone pains having normal Ca, inc Alkaline phosphatase. Most likely suffering from?
9) Q:  Patient with injury to left 8th cervical segment of spinal cord will not show following sign? 
10) Q:  A patient with aplastic anemla is given Anti Lymphocytic Globulin (ALG). One week later he develops Skin rashes, mechanism for presentation?
11) Q:  Regarding SLE following are true except? 
12) Q: Hamartoma is ?
13) Q: Volume of distribution of Paracetamol is?
14) Q:  Out of the following viruses which have an animal reservoir?
15) Q:  All of the following statements about Heparin are true except?
16) Q: Anemia is a frequent complication after gastrectomy ,which of the following type of anemia being the most common ?
17) Q: A 31-year-old woman has irritation of the diaphragm probably due to gastric inflammation or distension.She has been symptomatic for the past 4 hours. Which of the following manifestations is she most likely to have?
18) Q: 75-year-old woman has significant back pain, leading to inability to perform activities of daily living, MRI revealed compression fractures of the vertebral bodies. Which of the following underlying diseases is she most likely to have?
19) Q: A 26-year-old man incurs blunt trauma to the chest causing severe rib fracture.Which of the following complications is he most likely to develop?
20) Q: Location of superior parathyroid gland in relation to inferior thyroid artery and recurrent laryngeal nerve is?

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