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1) Absolute contraindication of propofol is?
2) Taste sensation loss on post 1/3rd of tongue, nerve damage is? 
3) Total no of vertebrae? 
4) Patient taking MAO inhibitors should not use barbiturates because?
5) Function of cerebellum is? 
6) All the statement are true regarding glucagon except?
7) Propanolol is contraindicated in?
8) 13 years old patient comes to dentist with palataly erupting tooth,on examination 63 retained,palataly erupting tooth should be?
9) Edema can be caused by all of the following except? 
10) Plasma half life of drus depends upon? 
11) The histology of enamel may be best observed using which of the following methods of slide preparation?
12) A Y shaped occlusal groove is most likely to be present in which of the following teeth?
13) The lifestyle patterns of healthy persons from 20 to 30 years of age are studied. A subset of these persons have a lifestyle characterized by consumption of a lot of pizza and very little physical exercise. Which of the following tissue changes is most likely to develop in this subset of persons as a consequence of this lifestyle?
14) A 20-year-old woman had Goodpasture syndrome which progressed to chronic renal failure. She was 165 cm tall and weighed 55 kg. She had blood pressure measurements in the range of 150/90 to 180/110 mm Hg, but she did not regularly take medications. Laboratory studies showed her blood urea nitrogen was over 100 mg/dL. She required chronic dialysis. She died from heart failure. At autopsy, her heart weighed 540 gm. The size of her heart is most likely to be the result of which of the following processes involving the myocardial fibers?
15) In exercise, skeletal muscles blood supply is increased by ?
16) Glycoproteins are?
17) You have to choose color of artificial tooth in dental light, but the two color shades look similar in single light source, what type of phenomenon it is?
18) In a baby the velocity of air at constant flow rate from trachea to alveoli will?
19) On protrusion of tongue it is deviated to right/left side, which nerve is damaged in this case?
20) Present in dentine and bone but not in enamel?
21) Area under stress-strain curve, the energy required to fracture material is?
22) Old red blood cells are destroyed in?
23) Best impression material for partial denture, having deep undercuts?
24) Cervical branch of facial nerve supplies?
25) Norepinephrine effects on?
26) A pt came with pain in joint, high grade fever and malaise. He had received injection of diphtheria toxoid 2 weeks ago. RA factor is negative. What is the diagnosis? (Synerio was related to Rheumatic fever)
27) Antibiotic should not be administered to a severely immunocompromised patient unless?
28) Nerve of 2nd pharyngeal arch?
29) The safe exposure of nitrous oxide over 8hr a day in operating room is?
30) Graft from other species to restore skin for example burn patients is called?
31) Which type of bond is present between Oxygen and Hemoglobin?
32) Painful, redness, tenderness, swelling in right big toe, in metacarpophalyngeal joints, thumbs, fingers and bla bla. Nodules on same side of knee. Which factor is responsible?
33) Cells in repairing injured brain?
34) Most risk of cancer?
35) How Local Anesthetic Acts?
36) The organ/tissue that can not regenerate?
37) Most Radiosensitive tissue?
38) A patient complains of generalized weakness and palpitations. His pulse is completely irregular. ECG shows absence of  P wave, his QRS complex are normal but appear at irregular interval. The most probable diagnosis?
39) A patient had problem of swelling in parotid region while eating, duct obstruction of parotid gland was suspected, what would be the best choice ?
40) Absolute contraindication of adrenaline?

41) Which of Following lymphoid organ has no nodules?
42) Morphine causes?
43) Young woman is brought to emergency following home delivery with complaint of bleeding per vagina.duty obstetrician diagnosed her as a case of retained placenta and plans evacuation under G.A. her initial lab report shows Hb=9gm/dl, wbc=11x109,platelets=75x109, prothrombin time=13 sec(c=11sec), aptt=35 sec (c=32sec)..most appropriate blood component should be?
44) Cornea is opalescent due to which of the following?
45) True about internal acoustic meatus is?
46) NSAIDs that can be safely used in pregnancy?
47) Which of the following is water soluble vitamin?
48) A patient is having Atriial fibrillation ,he has given a drug and he develops disn of muscle weakness. Which drug is responsible?
49) Potent chemotatic factor is?
50) Most closely drug related to atropine ?
51) Smoking horness of voice laryngealscopy show nodule? 
52) Increase water to powder ratio in gypsum causes?
53) Normal hearing range of human ear?
54) What is the level of hyoid bone at cervical vertebrae?
55) Cell wall is protected by?
56) In human Saliva causes?
57) After giving which of the following drugs blood is regularly checked?
58) Which of the following is Chemotactic factor is?
59) Infusion of antibody in blood will indicate which type of immunity?
60) Which physiological event will occur when a person stands from sitting or lying position?

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