Medicine and Allied FCPS Part 1 10 June Conventional 2015 Paper 1

This Paper is shared by By Dr . M.A and  Dr M.U.T.W .

1.Regarding Fat Stores (Adipose tissue)

 A.insulin cause lipolysis in size by dividing adipocytes [I marked]

C.Growth hormone cause deposition of fat

dont remember other options

2.Insulin causes

  1. dec ketogenesis
  2. inc lipolysis

C .inc glycogenolysis

3.Thorn prick…abscess formation..most likely organism

A.Strept Pyogenes

B.Staph aureus

C.Pseudomonas aeruginosa

4.In Pregnant lady blood, there will b increase of 

  1. ferritin
  2. TIBC
  3. iron


5.Pregnant lady normocytic normochromic anemia appropriate

 A.plasma volume expansion

B.iron def anemia

6.after total gastrectomy what occurs

A.iron def anemia

B.Pernicious anemia host defence system in alveoli


B.alveolar macrophages

C.nasal cilia

  1. IgA secretions

8.Most common cause of DVT ?

A.prolonged bed rest

B.After surgery

C.inherited thrombophilia


9.14 yr old child with 8%creatinuria BP 180/110.. what is damaged A.glomeruli

B.JG cells

C.Macula densa

10.Mechanism involved in RMP is mainly

 A.k efflux pump [I marked]


11.blockage of alpha recepters




12.dec arterial PO2

A.CO poisoning

B.anemic hypoxia

C.hyoxic hypoxia


13.4th Heart sound [S 4] due to

A.Atrial contraction causes ventricular wall vibration

B.aortic rebound

C.verntricular filling

14.which doesnt cross BBB


B.Dopamine beginning of 2nd week


B.epiblast and mesoderm

C.Epiblast and hypoblast

16.regarding Transitional epithelium


B.Stratified columnar

  1. C. Stratified with outer cells bigger n rounder

17.regarding Cerebellum

A.receive preprioceptive info from spinal cord

B.afferent input from motor cortex

18.regarding free water diuresis 

 A.positive water clearance [ I marked ]

B.negative water clearance

  1. palsma osmolarit ……. dont remember exactly


19.floor of 4th ventricle’s superolateral relation

A.superior cerbellar peduncle

B.middle cerebellar peduncle [ I marked ]

C.inferior cerbellar peduncle

  1. Lower Pons and pyramidal tracts

20.regarding atrial fibrillation

A.p waves prominent

B.regular rhythm

C.pulsus deficit


21.Most sensitive marker in  MI

A.creatine kinase

B.Troponin T [I marked ]




22.uterine leiomyoma. endometrium around the mass has few glands and a lot of stroma…wat has happened to endometrium around fibroid





  1. Neoplasm [ I marked ]


23.alpha sympathetic stimulation

A.pupils constrict

B.pupils dilate


24.parasympathetic stimulation

A.pupils dilate

B.sphincteric muscle of iris constrict heart rate

D.dec GI motility

25.Free radicals formed by radiation they will damage


B.cell membrane



26.virus cause disease action

B.altering protein synthesis

C.membrane damage ejection fraction causes

A.dec EDV



28.SA node location

A.superior aspect of sulcus terminalis

B.lower part of crista terminalis

29.tumor suppressor gene



30.Diabetic nephropathy diagnosed by blood urea nitrogen levels creatinine urinary albumin

31.Gastric lymphoma most common cause


B.atrophic gastritis

32.Host defence against neoplasm


B.good health family history

33.most common cause of neoplasm

A.overexpression of proto-oncogenes

B.non-lethal injuryof genes

34.abdominal aorta 

  1. divide at L5 vertebra

b.give renal artery at L2

  1. C. Give lateral branches to parites [ I marked ]

35.Regarding Down syndrome incidence with inc maternal age

36.Dorsal rami supply

A.Flexors of trunk

B.extensors of trunk


37.localized edema cause





38.Regarding Red cells

A.larger than all WBCs

B.Mean MCV is 85 fl

C.contain remnants of mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum

39.myeloperoxidase is present in





40.Succinylcholine toxicity in individuals having deficiency of

A.Acetyl cholinesterase




41.Lady had breast implant 2 yrs ago since then she is having firmness and shape distortion something . Now the implants are removed and implant fluid is leaking inside. Which cells will most likely be present

  1. Neutro
  2. Mast


D.Giant cell [ I marked ]

E.Plasma cell


42.vessel having 80% saturation in fetus

 A.umbilical vein

B .Aorta


43.which hormone causes extrahepatic protein catabolism and hepatic protein anabolism

A.Thyroid hormone



D.growth hormone



44.GFR is increased by

A.afferent artiolar constriction

B.dec plasma proteins

C increase pressure of bowman capsule

45.Patent lumen of allantois

  1. Urachal sinus

B.urachal cyst [ I marked ]

C.umbilical vein

D.urachal fistula ?


46.left adrenal vein is drained into


B.left renal vein

C.Inf mesenteric vein


47.Tissue not regenerated


B.adrenal medulla

C.lens lymphoid nodules seen in


B.Lymph node



49.pseudomembranous colitis caused by which

A.clostridium perfringens

B.clostridium dificile


50 a.most common cause of gas gangrene lower limb

A.clostridium birefrengens (this is the exact spelling as in paper)

B.clostridium welchii

C.clostridium septicum


51.joint b/w pubic bones allowing slight movement during birth of baby





52.Heart contractility depend on ions

53.Regarding thyroid gland

A.change in epithelium occurs with function


54.rapidly adapting receptors


B.Baroreceptors nerve endings


55.which of the following inhibits the muscle to stretch beyond limits

A.golgi tendon organ

B.muscle spindle


56.Dead space does not change in

A.standing [ I marked ]

B.old age

C.shallow breathing

D.Deep inspiration



57.max triglycerides found in


B.chylomicrons remnants ? [ I marked ]





58.most common source of SYSTEMIC arterial emboli

A.femoral vein thrombosis

B.pulmonary vein thrombosis

C.right atrial thrombus

D.portal vein thrombus

E.left ventricular mural thrombus


  1. pyruvate is intermediate between

A.glucose and acetyl coA

B.acetoacetic acid and actyl coa

C.Fat metabolism and acetyl coA

D.carbohydrates and proteins


60.pulmonary atery supply





61.Regarding bronchopulmonary segment

A.airated by primary bronchus

B.airated by secondary bronchus

C.airated by tertiary bronchus

D.not in touch with all other segments


62.A 45 yr old female presents with two years history of pruritis, months history of jaundice. On clinical examination she has bruises xanthomas and hepatosplenomegaly. The investigation which will confirm the diagnosis would be:

  1. ALT
  2. Alkaline phosphatase
  3. Anti-mitochondrial antibodies
  4. CT abdomen
  5. ultrasound abdomen.


63.ADH formed in

A.posterior pituitary

B.supraoptic nucleus

C.ventromedial nucleus


64..metaplasia is caused by

 A.chronic irritation


65.most common cause of PRIMARY HCC (I think I also add this q in paper 2 )

 A.hep C [ I marked ]

B.alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency



66.Two liters Normal saline infusion

A.dec urinary sodium blood volume

C.dec intracellular volume



A.Rapid dec in drug action

B.Gradual dec in drug action

  1. Is like Anaphylaxis


68.Fastest speed of impulse in heart conduction system

A.ventricular fibers

B.AV node

C.AV bundle

D.purkinje fibers cant open mouth which muscle injured


B.medial pteryogoid

C.lateral pterygoid



70.There are no blood agglutininns in which blood group .A.AB- [I marked] , B.AB+


C .O+

  1. O-

71.Insulin increased by


B.Growth hormone has Gonococcus infection what is quicked way to check it

A.ZN stain

B.Gram stain



 A.functional change in cells

B.change in size and shape of cells

74.Which artery has branches that are end arteries A.Coronary artery

B.Central artery of Retina

75.which are bipolar neurons

A.posterior root ganglion cells

B.anterior horn cells

C.posterior horn cells

D.Olfactory cells

76.memory function of which lobe?




D.Occipital E.insula

77.Pellagra caused by def of A.Vit B1


C.nicotinic acid

78.Area 3,1,2

A .All somatic sensation

79.Which hormone causes smooth muscle constriction In Arteriols

  1. Aldosterone

B.ADH [By V1 Recep ]

80.Ethics principle

  1. Autonomy ,Beneficence, Non-maleficence , justice

81.Regarding mean is some of all individual value divided by total number of values

B.its a good measure of central tendency

82.Brocas Area

A.Sup temporal lobe

B.afluent aphasia

83.infraorbital artery is a branch of




84.Ther is painful swelling at site of below knee amputation



85.Sulfur containing amino acid



86.pyogenic meningitis

A.dec glucose

87.Axillary sheath from

A.pretracheal sheath

B.prevertebral fascia

C.carotid sheath

88.hormone responsible for oxidative phosphorylation and inc in body temperature

A.Thyroid hormone

B.Growth hormone


89.Pt had severe headache…CSF showed blood tinge

A.sub-dural hemorrhage

B.sub-arachnoid hemorrhage

  1. Young pt has bleeding history from minor trauma and also had chronic diarrhea , with no family hstry of any bleeding disorder , PT deranged , platelets normal , hb normal

 A.Vit k deficiency.

91.Edema is caused by

 A.dec hydrostatic pressure osmotic pressure

C.blocked lymphatics

92.first response for bleeding

A.wound contraction

93.potent chemotactic factor




94.Left coronary artery divides into

A.LCX and anterior interventricular artery

  1. CSF wrong statement …..

A.valve of arachnoid villi stop working in high pressure  ?????

B.Lying on left lateral position pressure will b 60 to 150

C.pressure on internal jugular vein increase the CSF pressure.

  1. case in which 2 year histroy with HPV infection in female cervix + nucleus prominent and enlarged ??

A.Hyperplasia   B.   carcinoma    C.  metaplasia D.  dysplasia[ I marked ]

97) regarding VDRL wrong statement

Widal test in  best 1st week

98) XX + pseudohermaphroditism

  1. androgenital syndrome

99) Question  regarding……Gap junction

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