Medicine & Allied 14 August 2015

1. Blood supply of prostate
2. axillary nerve damage leads to …. a. loss of over head abduction b.loss of 0-20degree abduction c. loss of 20-60 degree abduction d.medial rotaio
3. scenario on abdominal trauma thatwhich organ will go into G0 phase… a. liver parenchyma b. fibroblast c.hepatocyts ( dont remember much options)
4. PURKINJE cells present in a. cerebrum b.cerebellum c.cerebellar cortex d.cerebral cortex
5.Sertoli cells most appropriate a. produce fluid rich in glucose and amini acid b. testis blood barrier
6. ESOPHAGUS a.related anteriorly to recurrent laryngeal b.starts at upper border of C6 c.commences at T8 d. continues with pretechial fascia
7. SCLENUES ARTERY third part sweling will appear in which area a. prevertebral b.supraclavicular c.axilla
8.posterior intervetricularr artery a. two in no and supplies diagphramatic surface of ventricle
9. tyical scenario on hepatitis

10. fracture shaft humerus damage ( repeated question)
11. accident, fracture of femur,tibia,fibula, pulse 110/min, bp 110/80 (shayd aisa he tha, it was near normal) BEST managemnt a. joint stability b. fluids

12. dr prescribing ANTICOAGULANTfor a lifetime, before that investigation is impotnt (repeated question)
13. lung ca., small cell (oat cell) biopsy will show tumor marker a. prathormone ralated protein b. ACTH c.serotonin
14. dont remeber exact question but it was repeated and answer is PROSTAGLANDIN
15. thyroid gland question (repeated)

16. lady has loss of little finger due to weakness of interrossei muscles ( kuch aisa he tha scenario) nerve involed a.ulnar nerve b.radila nerve c.median nerve d.dorsal interrsoe nerve
17. kidney mass can be metastatis due tto a invasion
18. primary esophagela reflex differnte from secondary reflex as in ano rleaxation of inferior sphincter ( dont remeber options aur mein b kya kar aai hn pta nahe)
19. pubic bones move during labor slightly due to joint that joint is a.symphysis
20. pubic symphysis is a a type 2 cartilagnous joint
21. scenario with reed sternberg cell mostly diagnosis a. hodgkin disease b. non hogdkin lymphoma
22. hic associated with a.kaposi sarcoma
23. related to ca. of bladder a. schistosoma japonicum b schistosoma heamatobium c. schistosoma

after gynecological surgery which anaerobic beta lactamase producing organism causes infection
C.Strept pyogenes

a 35 yr old man with megalobastic anemia . cause
> lack of transcobalamin 2
B. intrinsic factor def

Initial screening test for sle
Ana ,anti dna

Chronic backache,longest nerve frm which plexus…lumbosacral thoracosacral brachial

Pia matter ,invaginate gyri sulci,etc

anaomic aphasia dua to lesion of a. brocas b. wernickes

there was question of otic ganglion reation

C5-C6 damage,
Dorsiflex foot,
sciatic nerve loss,
transitional epithelim,
horner syndrome,
nasal smear,
remant of geburnaculum,
relartion of cbd wid doudenum (asim shoaib),
left renal vein relation to aorta,
renal artery sequence,

BIOSTATICS mein i dont remeber scenario…but i have marked VARIANCE in 1st, CASE CONTROL in second

dr patient relation faliure due to….(repeated)

most important to do in ICU

calculation of GFR

abdominal oblque digit insertion in which muscle

hydatid cyst human host

by mosquito filariasis

pregnant lady on latral side to avoid IVC

cold sensation (dont remember options)

accdient scenario, weak knee and ankle reflex and loss of flexion of arm,lesion at cervical area a.c5c6 (baaki option yaad nahe)

surgical neck humerus fracture

tail of pancreas goes into….

1st part of deudenum rupture would leak into




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