Medical Specialist Required for Indus Hospital Sadiqabad




The Indus Hospital 4hazi Campus. (thong. Sodksibad
Tice Indus Hospital Is Pakistan’s lust State-ol.the An tottery healthcare centre, providing Quality Care • Free at Cost. We Mete excellence driven and Neon or*Mel IndMdua lc to fen us & take this Noble Cause further.
• Consultant – Pediatrics/Ramey Medlene/CHneacoleg • ObstetrIcs/Anestheslology/Radlology Knot eX..xsoot 15 tears Rog FPS ORtoteRe •Aen.s.ne0 hay am:mm.41450n na 0.0,0400 to the Comet MA Annttunto Spiolaist MOPS I Pea/MPS mamma
sonaogist PANS nub Deans n Street. rammmun M•S pewHwnds catattlotti MC’S
Senior Women Medical Officer/Women manta mow LISPS I to eerie ‘ecotone*
Team Lead – Human Resources MM-MR I Yartenven 4 mon of etkoantiopere/100 Team Load – Maintenance 13(./13Tmn t.O., TUT 4 rows otmrbwotettamee• The Irene. eters market cmmeetItte• salary MIA cemenhosave Maly CO4•1140 for sett sparse. Ides and par•at■
To apply, please SR www.MdulhO101taLOCCok Last date tor applications: September 25. 2015

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