MCQs of Oral Pathology (4)

31. Features of multiple bone radiolucencies, hypercalcemia, hypophosphatemla, and loss of lamina dura and indicative of:
a. Acromegaty
b. Hyperparathyroidism
c. Hypothyroidism
d. Multiple myeloma
e. Osteitis deformans
Key: b

32. All the following developmental cysts of the Jaws present as radlolucent lesions except
a. Median palatal cyst
b. Nasopalatine duct cyst
c. Nasoalveolar
d. Globulomaxillary cyst
e. Epidermoid cyst
Key: c

33. Koplik’s spots are an early intraoral manifestation of
a. Varicella
b. Variola
c. Rubella
e. Mumps
Key: c

34. Vesicles or bullae of the mucous membrane or skin are seen in all the following except
a. Herpes simplex
b. Herpes zoster
c. Agranulocytosis
d. Pemphigus
e. SLE
Key: c

35. White lesion of the oral mucosa are characteristic of the following except
a. Hyperkeratosis
b. Leukoedema
c. Lichen Manus
d. Medium rhomboid glossitis
e. Ancanthosis
Key: d

36. A patient with oral moniliasis that does not respond to nystatin therapy should be evaluated for the following except
a. Diabetes inspidus
b. Diabetes mellitus
c. Hyperparathyroidism
d. Malignant lymphoma
e. Raised Ca’ in serum
Key: a

37. The peak incidence of gingivitis in children occurs at ages:
a. Birth-6 months
b. 1-3 years
c. 5-7 years
d. 7-10 years
e. 10-13 years
Key: e

38. The classic triad of Hand-Schuler-Christian disease Includes lesions of bone, exopthalmos and:
a. Diabetes insipidus
b. Hepatosplenomegaly
c. Diabetes mellitus
d. Albuminuria
e. Hypothyroidism
Key: a

39. Oral cytological smears are of no value in the diagnosis of
a. Oral cancer
b. Primary intraoral herpes simplex
c. Recurrent intraoral herpes simplex
d. Herpes zoster
e. Lipoma
Key: e

40. The so-called “split papule,” an erosive lesion Involving the commissure of the lips, Is actually:
a. An aphthous ulcer
b. A traumatic ulcer
c. A mucous patch
d. A fever blister
e. Koplik’s spot
Key: c

41. The stigmata of congenital syphilis does not include:
a. Saber shins
b. Interstitial keratitis
c. Eighth nerve deafness
d. Rhagades
e. Cleft lip
Key: e

42. Intraoral carcinoma can not present clinically as:
a. Ulcers
b. Nodule
c. Cauliflower-like growth
d. Growth wth fungating margins
e. Abscess
Key: e

43. The Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is characterized by facial paralysis, Chellitis granulomatosa, and:
a. Black Hairy tongue
b. Scrotal tongue
c. Geographic tongue
d. Bifid tongue
e. White Hairy tongue
Key: b

44. The “Ghon complex “is associated with:
a. Primary of childhood tuberculosis
b. The adrenogenital syndrome
c. Uveoparotid fever or Heerfordts syndrome
d. Histiocystosis
Key: a

45. White, interlacing lines (striae of Wickham) on the buccal mucosa are a characteristic clinical feature of:
a. Leukoplakia
b. Lupus Erythematous
c. Lichen planus
d. Psoriasis
e. Carcinoma in situ
Key: c

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