MCQs of Oral Pathology (3)

21. Papillary cystadenoma Limphomatosum, which occurs almost exclusive In the parotid gland, Is commonly called:
a. Cylindroma
b. Pleomorphic adenoma
c. Warthin’s tumor
d. Mikulicz disease
e. jaffy’s syndrome
Key: c

22. A normal clot retraction time, which is independent of coagulation time, Is indicative of a normal number of circulating:
a. Platelets
b. Lymphocytes
c. Monocytes
d. Red blood cells
e. Neutrophns
Key: a

23. The most likely diagnosis in a 23-year-old, mentally alert, male dwarf with disproportionate arm and log to body growth, prominent forehead, and retruded maxilla is:
a. Cretinism
b. Pituitary dwarfism
c. Acrornegaty
d. Achondroplasia
e. Eagles syndrome
Key: d

24. Osteosarcoma characteristically may develop in cases of:
a. Osteopetrosis
b. Osteogenisis imperfecta
c. Acromegaty
d. Osteitis deformans
e. All of above
Key: e

25. The blood of a patient with an acute infectious process would be expected to demonstrate:
a. Lymphocytosis
b. Leukocytosis
c. Monocytosis
d. Leukopenia
e. Erythrocytosis
Key: b

26. A biopsy would be of value in the diagnosis or oral lesions of
a. Amyloidosis
b. Carcinoma in situ
c. Tuberculosis
d. Lichen planus
e. All of above
Key. e

27. In an early carious lesions, the first structure to show evidence of destruction is the:
a. Enamel prism
b. Cuticle
c. Interpnsmatic substance
d. Lamellae
e. Dead trads
Key: c

28. The features of multiple skeletal radiolucencies reversed A/G ratio, Bence Jones protein in the urine, and solid plasma cell infiltrate In the biopsy In a 50-year old man indicate a diagnosis of
a. Metastatic prostaiic carcinoma
b. Multiple myeloma
c. Hyperparathyroidism
d. Miliary Tuberculosis
e. Basal cell Navi Syndrome
Key: b

29. Histiocystosls X, sometimes referred to as non lipid reticuloendothellosis, includes:
a. Letterer-Siwe disease
b. Hand-Schuler-Christian disease
c. Eosinophilic Granuloma
d. Histiocytoma
e. All of above
Key: e

30. The irradiations to the head region do not cause:
a. Xerostomia
b. Osteoradionecrosis
c. Radiation caries
d. Interference with tooth development
e. Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Key: e

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