KEMU Video projected clinical examination exam preparation

You must do all the common diseases in pakistan. There can be slides showing you a characteristic image of common medical and surgical conditions and you may be asked about spot diagnosis, differential diagnosis, investigations and clinical management. There is no specific book that we can name for it particularly. Xray and simple images can be there too………

CONTRIBUTION : 2015: Major Contribution By Dr.Arshad Nadeem Shah
2016: Dr.F Kazmi,<< Dr Muazzam Zimri…….

Tips by April 2016 Candidates: Prepare from Final year OSPE of specially KEMU and if you have time then do UHS OSPE too.

Best of luck.



Diagram of hand with swan neck deformity
Q1 diagnosis? ?
REHMATOID arthritis???
Q2 2 clinical findings in diagram ??




Diagram showing hand with whitish wrinkles
Q diagnose it??
Systemic disease?
Respiratory disease ??
Gastrointestinal disease?

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