JCAT MDS Past Paper 2016

1.Bitemporal heteronymous heminopia..area damaged?

2.” No” response movement..action at which joint?

3.Moist heat sterlization at 125 C temperature,timing was asked?? a.36min
c.16 min

4.during toothsetup of posteriors, teeth set in edge to edge relation, results in?
a.lip bite
b..cheek bite
c..tongue bite
d..lip nd cheek bite

5. Boil fruncle causative bacteria?

6. Prognosis of tooth assessed by?
a.age of patient
b..amount of attached gingiva
c..level of periodontal attachment
d..probing depth

7. Anesthetic agent having vasoconstricor properties?

8.structure derived from occiptal myoblasts?
a: tongue muscle

9.question regarding correct pair of pharyngeal arches derivative?
a: Stylohoid ligament.

10.structure from 2nd arch?
a: styloid process

11. Near lingual papilla which is.?
a.opening of submandibular glands
b.opening of sublingual glands

12. Carotid body nd sinus supplied by which nerve?,

13. Which artery supplies thyroid and present at anterior surface of aorta

14. Type of collegen at basement membrane?

15. Statement about EDTA during root canal
a.. 17% Edta for 4 min
b..17% EDTA for 1 min
C.. 17%Edta for 1 min followed ny NaOCl..

16. Questn about post placement in mandibluar 2nd molar distal canal when half of root is resorbed?
a. 4mm below start of canal orifice
b. Upto mid of bone support
Othr options not remember

17. Mid root fracture..further action?
a: extraction
b. Apicectomy

18. Radiograph required when there is generalized extensive bone loss?
a. 12 perapical 4 bitewing
b.. 4 bitewing
c. OPG
d. OPG with selective periapical

20. RCT treated tooth..after 10 years pain on bite and sensitivity?

21. Radiopacities seen at periapical portion of tooth..further action?

22. 35mm radiolucency at periapical portion.. what would u do now?

23.. surgery done on mandible.. margin of mandible preserved.. what is this called? ?
a. Mandibulectomy
b.total resection
c.partial resection

24. With age and maturation..what happens woth facial profile??
a.becomes convex
b..becomes concave
c.. no change

25..line passing in sagittal plane through condyles?
a.condylar axis
b..terminal hinge axis
c..sagittal axis

26. During hypoxia vasoconstriction to which one occurs??
B.corony ..

27. Wedge shaped depressions at facial surfaces of teeth in gingival 3rd.. area of depression is perpendicular to long axis of teeth?
a. Abfraction

Q, on right tmj clicking sound is produced on both opening n closing what’s the reason
A, rheumatoid arthritis
B, tmj ankylosis

13 yr old Pt having class 3 malocclusion what value increases with maturity like that

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