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Indirect Restorations by David Bartlett (Author), David Ricketts (Author)

Books SERIES: Prosthodontics

language :  English


ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1850970785

Page: 160 pages

File type: Epub

File size: 8.1  MB

Publisher: Quintessence Pub Co

Author: David Bartlett (Author), David Ricketts (Author)

This easy-to-digest book offers expert guidance in each of the procedures involved in preparing for and placing indirect restorations. Written for students and novices, it walks readers through the steps of tooth preparation, shade taking, fabrication of the provisional restoration, impression taking, assessment of the occlusion (with and without an articulator), and crown placement. Clinical advice and expert tips for managing each phase make this book a valuable adjunct to the training one receives in dental school.

1. Introduction
2. Indications for Crowns
3. Retention of Cores
4. Choosing the Right Crown
5. Tooth Preparation
6. Shade Taking, Provisional Crowns, Impressions and Cementation
7. Managing the Occlusion
8. Short Clinical Crowns
9. When and How to Articulate







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