Important Points of Pathology

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Pathology is among the essential Subjects for the preparation of FCPS Part 1. Many MCQs come from General Pathology. Almost 20 to 25 MCQs come from general Pathology. You should cover the subject of Pathology from the standard Books. you should also cover MCQs as well Important Points of Pathology. Important Points are essential part of preparation of the exam. So always try not to skip this step. We have made some important points for General Pathology. Hopefully it will help you people in the exam of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry.

Hour glass appearance -> Peripheral giant cell granuloma. *Ground glass appearance -> Fibrous displasia. *Chevron pattern -> Chracterstic epithelial feature seen in Tobacco Smokers. *Saw tooth pattrrn -> Lichen planus. *Hyaline shrunken bodies (civatte bodies) -> Lichen planus. *Butterfly pattern -> involvement of Nose and Cheek in SLE. *Rushton bodies -> Redicular xyst. *Kapolicks spot -> Measles. *Sulphur granules in pus -> Actinomycosis
*Drugs can cause gengival Hyper trophy -> phenetoin plus cyclosporin plus nefidapine ( best option is phenetoin)
*Lesion that can be wiped off -> Candidiasis. *Positive Nikolskys sign -> PV. *Tombstone pattern -> PV

Steven johnson syndrome -> severe form of Erythma multiform. *Snow storm or cherry tree in blossom like appearance -> Pleomorphic adenoma. *Mucins or mucoids -> Pleomorphic adenoma. * Pulmonary edema -> Left sided heart failure.. * peripheral edema -> Right sided heart faliure.. * Bronchiostasis -> Cystic fibrosis. * Chronic bronchitis -> persistent cough+sputum production.. * Chronic myeloid leukemia -> Philadelphia chromosome.. * Neurofibromatosis -> cafe au Late spots.. * Squamous cell carcinoma -> prickle cells and keratin pearls.. * Nematodes -> Marked eosinophilia.. * Hodgkin’s disease -> Reed- sternberg cells.

 Ewing’s sarcoma -> Small blue cells.
*Bence Jones proteins -> Multiple myeloma
*Butterfly Rash -> Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
*Acute inflammation -> Neutrophils
*Chronic inflammation -> Macrophages ( Epetheliod cells and Giant cells)
* Ferruginous bodies -> Asbestosis
*Pink Puffer -> Emphysema
*Blue bloaters -> Chronic Bronchitis
*Russels & Moot’s body -> Multiple Myeloma
*Lipschutz body -> Hsv
*Civatte body -> Lichen Planus
*Osteogenesis -> Blue sclerae
*Lewy body -> Parkinson’s disease
*Negri body -> Rabies
*Erythema Muliform -> Target lesion or Iris or Bullas lesion
*Alberts bone Disease -> Brittle bones
*Spleen enlargement -> Myelofibrosis
*Bechet`s Disease -> Mouth sores ( chronic ), skin blisters
*Hemophilia A -> Deficiency of factor viii
*Osteomalacia -> Deficiency of vitamin D
*Purpura: (1) Small -> Petechia (2) Large -> Ecchymosis
*PAGET`S Disease of bones -> Increased serum alkaline phosphate
*Acute Gouty Arthritis -> Uric Acids Deposits
*Sever Hemolytic Disease -> Fetus has RH+ and mother RH-

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