1. Most irritating—》 silicate
    2. Irritating effect in Deep cavities —》ZnOE
    3. Least irritating —》CaOH
    4. Kind to pulp —》 Polycarboxylate
    5. Most Bio-compatible to pulp & best marginal seal—》 ZnOE
    6. Anticariogenic properties —》 Znsilicophosphate & GIC
    7. Antibacterial—-》 Copper oxide
    8. Copper oxide & ZnOE are bactericidal
    9. Use as a negative control—》 ZnOE
    10. Cement use in patient with high Carious Index—》 silicate
    11. Cement not use In mouth breathers—》 silicate
    12. Cermet is cement having GIC with silver alloy
    13. Material used for Temporary filling—》 ZnOE>GIc 4G nm
    14. Biomemetic —》》 GIC
    15. Most viscous cement —-》》 PCC

16. Best lining material for decayed tooth having sufficient dentine after trauma Is GIC.
17. Before GIC, dentin is conditioned by primer —>> (polyacrylic Acid)
18. Cement with high modulus of elasticity—》 Zn phosphate
19. Frozen slab technique—》Zn phospahte
19. Common b/w ZnOE cement and poly carboxylate cement –》 chelation and polyacrylic acid
20. For cementing porciline fuse to metal crown—-》 Znxilicophosphate.
21. For luting—》 Polycarbonate
22. UV light curing resin system, activator —》 Benzoin methyl ether
23. Visible light curing resin system, activator —》 camphor quinine
24. Chemical activated resin system,activator—》benzoyl per oxide
25. Heat cure denture base material activator —》heat
26. Light cure denture base material activator —》Di methyl P Toludine [3°Amine]
27. Intitiator for both of above is》》》 Benzoyl peroxide
28. Light cure denture base material cross linking agent 》》》Ethylene glycol Di MA
29. Light cure denture base material inhibitor 》》》Hydroquinone
30. Powder polymer–》POLY MMA have initiator
increase creep


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