Implant and Reconstruction Surgery Program by PAID


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Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry recognizes the fact that there is no substitute for the learning experience of live hands-on surgeries, thus providing an extraordinary opportunity to bring your own patients and perform surgical procedures under the mentor’s close supervision.

For the First Time in The 5000 Years History of Multan;; PAKISTAN ACADEMY 0 IMPLANT DENTISTRY presents 1 Year Implant & Reconstructive Surgery Program th Ulm Tgbitiott” The 4, Course in Succession A Clinical Learning Series Highlighting the Unique Philosophy of `Treating The Untreatable’
ZiteiTiUst9nrwvatiNti, asp titio kceldPkayinf zoftain, tito`fatatt, Heald, inti/ to gost-cquattate. tiv inpila4 genus!, Starting from October 16, 2015 at The QDC, Multan spread over sessions; 3 days / month, 240 Hours of Implant Education
(2): Nov 20-22 (3): Dec 25-27 (4): Jan 29-31 (2016) (5): Mar 11-13 (6): Apr 8-10 (7): May 13-15 (8): July 22-24 (9): Aug 26-28 (10): Sep 30-Oct 2, 2016 (Final Examination & Convocation)

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